Dear World Leaders, Who Told You Guns And Bombs Will Give Us Peace?

Dear World Leaders, as long as their is the existence of guns, bombs, warships, missile launchers, fighter jets and soldiers, peace will elude the human race. As long as nations budget more for lethal weapons used to establish and create ‘world peace’ than great weapons of human relationships, wars will never end. As long as nations continue to spend more money on building weapons of mass destruction we will never see the light. As long as their is no reconciliation and no attempt at reconciling, reconstructing and rehabilitating, the injured, the families of the dead, the homes destroyed, the minds shattered, etc., the world will always be in a sorry state. Dear World Leaders, as long as the mentality is that killing human beings who are troublesome will provide us peace, we will keep killing troublesome people created by our attempt at killing troublesome people. It will NEVER stop.

Before his death on 18th April, 1955, the famous Physicist and mathematical genius, Albert Einstein, had one regret. He had written to the President of The United States at the time, Franklin De Roosevelt, requesting the United States to build an atomic bomb. Engineer, Leo Szilard, had met him at his residence to tell him of the possibility of applying the equation of Energy, E=MC², created by Einstein, and Nuclear Fission, in releasing the power of the atom. Szilard thought that since he could theoretically figure it out, the Germans, America’s enemy at the time, must have scientists with the same knowledge. On further suspicion of stockpiling Uranium, Szilard convinced Einstein to write that letter that changed everything.

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On August 6th and 9th of 1945, the US dropped two bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, respectively. The bomb leveled the two cities and killed 129,000 people. The effect was devastating. Both cities were destroyed and what was left was the dangerous radiation lurking and looking for more living things to destroy. The effect of that attack is still evident today in various forms. The intention was to end the war and get the world peace but the world was not peaceful after it happened. What the world had was a cold war between nations, nations pretending to love each other while wishing the demise of the other. Nations using economics, politics, education and information to demonize one another.

The fights didn’t stop too. The US army afterwards were on an unofficial world tour of military incursions in the guise of trying to make peace. They were in Korea in 1950, Guatamala in 1954, Indonesia in 1958, Cuba in 1959, Vietnam in 1961, Laos in 1964, Guatamala again in 1967, Iran in 1980, El-Savador and Nicaragua in 1981, Grenada in 1983, Libya in 1986, Panama in 1989, Iran in 1991, Bosnia in 1995, Sudan in 1998, Serbia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq again in 2003, Haiti in 2004, Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2014. In North Korea, Kim is working very hard to achieve ‘peace’ with his own missiles and battle weapons. All these military incursions and inventions and the world is still messed up.

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Dear World Leaders, I don’t know really know what you want. You seem like you want peace but you act like peace is just your code to chaos. In the history of human existence, no nation has ever had peace through the work of a gun or military arsenal. All peace pacts were gotten by having healthy discussions. By nature, peace is not something you can get with force. These days, you send the soldiers in the morning and discuss in the evening and you expect to have peace. You send troops to shot at night and you send relieve in the morning. How thoughtful of you, World Leaders! I don’t really know what you want. Do you want a truly peaceful world or a world where people pretend to be peaceful? Do you really want an end to wars or you think an end to wars will put an end to your relevance, Dear World Leaders?

The things that happen during war will never allow for the existence of a society or world where peace exists. Peace is different from calm. Peace abominates chaos. This is what you are doing: You send a thousand soldiers to look for ten men in a city of ten million. Because they are hidden among the natives, you don’t hesitate to do what you call ‘collateral damage’. You kill over hundreds of thousands because you are looking for ten men. Your intention was to achieve world peace through killing these ten men but you killed hundreds of thousands instead. Those you murdered included children, parents, disabled and able men and women who had no knowledge of the crime you are raining those bombs for. Is that what it means to be a world leader, Dear World Leaders?

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They knew nothing. Your soldiers kill more hundreds of thousands just to achieve ‘world peace’. By the time you finally kill the ten, you’ve created a million genuinely angry people. You’ve created millions of enemies who now agree with the ten you killed, that you are a monster that should be discarded for a better world. They have a point. It takes a monster to do what you sent those soldiers to do. It takes a monster to call the death of millions ‘collateral damages’. But you don’t care. You do nothing to salvage the situation. You don’t ask for any forgiveness. You don’t serve any penance. You don’t show them that you care. You simply treat them like conquered people after killing their innocent brothers and destroying their homes. The most amazing thing is, you are looking for ‘world peace’, Dear World Leaders.

How does anyone achieve peace by killing and making millions of people angry? How does anyone curb terrorism by teaching people that terrorism is the fastest means to achieve a terror free world? How does anyone create peace by the use of force? Why are you surprised that the citizens of this people you killed hate you now? You expected a pat in the back for killing their people? Why are you shocked that despite all your killings and force to achieve peace, the world keeps getting hotter for everyone? Don’t you think that any person raised in the place you attacked, irrespective of country or religion, will hate you so much that he or she could do anything to attack your own people? Don’t you think you’d also respond the same way if you were raised in such environment, Dear World Leaders?

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Dead World Leaders in the United Nations, if you are really interested in world peace you will be building monuments of peace. You will look for a way to end the use of arms in resolving any conflict. What it does multiplies negatively. Today’s terrorist was created by yesterday’s terrorism. Today’s disobedience was created by yesterday’s abuse of human right. Everything you have today is a result of all the actions taken yesterday. The operations of our world is karmic in nature. Series of negative events opened up this wound we have today and only series of positive actions can close the wounds. You are intelligent men and should know this but you act like you don’t. You pretend you don’t know more enemies are created when you attack innocent people in the name of peace.

What if instead of spending tens of billions of dollars yearly on building weapons of mass destruction you cut that down and spend so much in creating a peaceful environment? What if instead of killing millions looking for tens, you put all your machinery in education, information, politics, science, etc., to capture this ten without destroying innocent lives? Is it easier to build technology for war than technology for peace? What if you asked for forgiveness for your country’s treatment of other countries? What if countries who attack each other sit down on a table and ask for forgiveness from one another? Your egos, right? What if more money is reserved yearly for restoring world peace than ‘strengthening the military’? What if you rebuilt the countries you messed up looking for few criminals?

What if you set up a team that will work with countries and persons you injured and countries and persons that injured you, tracing the timeline of the injuries, the nature of injury and asking for forgiveness? It could take years and decades but if done with sincerity it will be achieved. Is that too much to ask for? Is that more expensive that the money you dedicate on your yearly budget for security? If that is done, there would be no reason to budget that stupendous amount for security. Their would be less or no reason to hate because their would be nothing to hate on. Their would be less or no terrorism as their are too many structures preaching peace for that to happen. Dear World Leaders, the only reason this cannot be done is your insincerity. Nothing else. You have the tools to do that. You have the powers to make it happen. You have the support too.

In 1891, when Ludvig Nobel, brother to the inventor of the Dynamite and the originator of the Nobel Prize, Alfred Nobel, died, a French newspaper wrote Alfred’s obituary instead. The obituary reads: ‘Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday”. He was described as a merchant of death by the paper. Alfred was a chemist who worked with the chemical, Nitroglycerin, to create the Dynamite. He also invented the Gelignite which was more powerful than the dynamite and made so much money. After reading the obituary, he thought of a way to revive his shattered reputation and set aside 94% of his total assets to establish the Five(5) Nobel Prizes for people who “have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding and promotion of peace conferences”. I only wish humanity doesn’t realise the value of peace and the futility of these forces and weapons after she has destroyed all means and hope of her existence.

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