Why These Confused Religious Faithfuls Watch Big Brother Naija

Who Is Fooling Who Here?

That religion in Nigeria is watery is visible to the blind. Many are blind, few have sight and the few persons who understand use it for economic and political gains. It is not an uncommon sight to see a Nigerian Christian cheer Jungle Justice and neither is it a new sight when Nigerian Muslims envelop themselves with charms for protection. Mixing two or three religions to solve a problem is not something new and most of us don’t mind the source of our salvation. The norm is, power is power and the end justifies the means. We do not stop to consider the fact that for a program to be certified good, its means should also justify its end.

So, the Christian consults the Alfa when he is having issues with family or self and the Muslim consults the pastor when he is suffering same. All these point to confusion springing from inadequate knowledge of what they claim to know. If they really know what their faiths are about they would respect it, even if the faith is erroneous, or leave it. They fail to see that a sane person does not approbate and reprobate at the same time. On one hand they agree with all the requirements of heaven but on the other hand, a little fun, even if it makes mockery of heavenly requirements, wouldn’t be a bad thing. On one hand they single out the doomed and sinners who make mockery of God but on the other hand they go ahead and make mockery of their God.


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It is like the Nigerians who after showing disdain to the South Africans guilty of Xenophobia, go ahead and support the denigration and killing of fellow Nigerians of different regions and tribe. It is not yet apt. Like the Nigerian who insults Nigerians, these confused religionists tend to believe that only they are qualified to pluck the speck from their eyes and other people’s eyes. You are not spiritual enough. You are not sound enough. You do not have the gift or capable of having the gift to accuse them of sin. They fail to see that goodness is goodness everywhere and morality and the criticism of it is neither subjective nor selective and can be reached logically. This is why these confused Children of God watch Big Brother Naija.

The position of the Holy Books on shows like Big Brother Naija is quite clear. The Nigerian religionist knows this but like he acts in every scenario where principle and consistency are necessary, he doesn’t seem to care. He is both a child of God and a child of Lucy. He loves God and his commandments but he also loves soft porn and watching other people. He might be in church discussing with his friends about the reality show and still not feel a sweat of guilt. About two years ago I approached a so-called Minister of God gushing over the high quality content coming from the Big Brother House. He was both a Gospel artiste and a preacher and he believed that he is in that little space where spiritual things are so clear he counsels defaulters. So I asked this dude how he serves both masters well and he blocked me. I asked if Jesus will watch the show and he vomited gibberish before his spiritual level couldn’t tolerant my carnal lanes and he threw me out. He was not alone.

In the same period I also met countless children of God who were in the Preacher’s image. They preached and prayed to God on Facebook and their posts usually carry a litre of Holy Water but their lust for the lost in the House was genuine. They were not alone. It has started again. On my WhatsApp app is the girl who’s always on about the miracles of God and why yours truly should get closer to him and now her status updates confuse the hell out of me. Should I serve her God or her Mammon, I ask myself. Is her God a Mammon? Big Brother Naija promotes easy money, one of the means of enrichment the Holy Books abominate. It promotes laziness, another undesirable scriptural quality. A group of already rich or ‘almost famous’ people are brought together in a house to cohabit for 90 days. Within these 90 days, the poor Christian and Muslim guys and girls on the streets are evicting Housemates with their 100 Naira recharge cards. They are sitting, watching and talking about people who are just sitting, talking, thinking, trying to fornicate and eventually doing the deed. After their enjoyment, the winner is given a 25 million Naira cheque for being the viewer’s choice in the show.

Let me make this clear. This should not and does not qualify as an attack against the Big Brother Naija show. This is far from it. Any criticising of the show by me will be backed by a solid logical and ethical base and I do not consider some of the things the religionists consider immoral as one. This post is simply trying to raise some questions. The religionists in this part of the world are confused and do not know what they stand for. They are neither here nor there. The point is that irrespective of the nature of the God in the Bible or Koran, most don’t know him. They are simply Christians and Muslims because they were born so or forcefully converted and again the fear of hell is stopping many from taking a proper stand.

Because these guys are scared of going to Hell Fire they hide their dirty selves under religions and to please their friends and families, they pretend to be the children of God. But once that little temptation or even a distraction shows up, they stretch out a foot to the pavement of Lucifer and leave the other Athlete Foot on the corridors of their God. The reason these Children of God watch Big Brother Naija is because they are not honest or good enough. They wouldn’t take a stand and own it. They want to go to heaven while at the same time listen to the fine blues streaming from the superstars in Hell. They are not smart enough. If these people really know what the Holy Books stand for they wouldn’t stand on the very structures the books are trying to destroy.

But why Christians and Muslims, one might ask? Why am I concerned on what religionists are doing? How is this business? Simple. It is because we are a democratic country and numbers matter. Inconsistency and dishonesty will never birth a progressive outcome. The more the foolish people, the worse the already messed up system gets. The more dishonest they are the more the strands that tie the problems twist. And our Christians are Muslims are in the highest number. The reasons the Children of God in Nigeria watch Big Brother Naija is because they are not Children of God but confused people who run their lives on fear, fun, dishonesty and stupidity.

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