Where Buhari Goofed

The second coming of President Buhari in Nigeria exposed the weaknesses of the man and his cerebral emptiness betrayed both the intellectuals and mechanical minds who believed in him. On the other side, the prophets of doom were happy to be proved right. He was projected as a divisive character and he showed in clear terms the prophets were right. He was called the father of nepotism and deadly tribalism and he worked consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously to live up to the name. He was called an economic dunce and he showed disastrous ignorance in the business field as he took us on the journey of another recession. The first recession ever experienced in this country happened in his first coming when he hijacked the democratic government of Shehu Shagari in a Coup, yet, the disgust Nigerians had for the former President gave them enough energy to resurrect a terrible ancestor.

Everything the legendary Nigerian musician, Fela, sang in his first coming was repeated the second time and as though the Nigerian masses were bound in mental and physical chains, even though his works were more painful than what was experienced with the former President, no one dared to show equal craze. From calling Nigerians criminals to please his UK hosts, partitioning the country by 97 and 5% to the disdain for Nigerian life and solid hypocrisy. He has exhibited every form of behaviour unexpected of a human being, talk more the number citizen. His biased sense of justice did not go unnoticed as even some persons in his zombie camps saw that some animals, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, were more equal than others. Crime in his first tenure was given familial support and like we read last week, these breed of troublemakers are about to get a radio station of their own. We went from one of the fastest growing economies in the world to the poverty capital of the world but that is if you look at it, metaphorically, from the ‘inhumane’ angle.

Human lives became nothing. In every section of the country, the killings by herdsmen and ‘bandits’ were and are still competing with those of the established terrorist group, Boko Haram. At a point, the whole thing seemed like the Herdsmen were on the same mission as the Boko Boys and a better and more honest way to describe them was Boko Haram 2.0. While the Boko Boys bombed only the northern part of the country the new soldiers were tasked with inflicted death and fear into the minds of everyone. As this happened, their patron, who unfortunately was also the President of Nigeria, kept quiet and when he did speak, he blamed the madness on Libyan, Senegalese and other Herdsmen from every other part of the world. He also blamed the late Gaddafi but the ironic and crazy thing about it all was that though he claimed these guys weren’t Nigerians, he never saw the need to use force to handle this foreign invasion. Can he correct the mistakes he made in his first tenure? Are there signs he will correct them? Is he showing any signs of correcting them?


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I don’t think there is any administration that has insulted Nigerians more than the one we just had with President Buhari. It seemed like the Media Aides were simply given the job of insulting, denigrating and ridiculing Nigerians irrespective of the address been made. There is this other voice you hear in their words and you wonder the origin of the anger, why do they hate us this much? At the peak of recession, I still remember the once amiable journalist, Femi Adesina, who wrote for the Sun Newspapers before he was made a media aide for the government, call Nigerians wailers. Hunger was biting hard at the time and pots of stew, soups, rice, etc., were been stolen. Parents were dropping their kids in shops and supermarkets and running away with goods using their children as leverage. Inflation was at peak double digits and one Naira, which was equal to one hundred and eighty Naira, was at about four hundred Naira. The national power grid was collapsing in succession. Begging became less shameful for a lot of people and fuel price moved from eighty five Naira per litre to a hundred and forty five Naira. It was at this perilous time that this wonderful columnist who wrote for Friday Sun called the Hungry, wailers. To him, it was an opportunity to sell the blame propaganda. He was eaten live on the internet but it didn’t stop the administration from inventing more ways of insulting us.

Another Media Aide who I’m not sure what exactly her role is, is Lauretta Onochie. Her venom is out of this world and it makes one question the rationale for employing her. All she brings to the table are insults and more insults and right now she is embroiled in another round of it with Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in the last elections. It doesn’t seem like her area of specialization is just in dissemination of information like the others periodically try to do. It seems like she was employed as an attack dog to fight dirty against anyone with a contrary opinion of the government. She wouldn’t pass a chance to fight dirty and we have also seen that she likes to create dirty playgrounds. She could post a story on the recent achievement of government and then lace the last line with insults on enemies. She is a mad woman in every sense of the word and if Buhari wants to make a good third impression, people like her should be relegated to the abyss of things.

Abike Dabiri couldn’t hide her hate when she reported the story of Nigerians killed abroad. She insisted on calling their names to ‘shame them’ but the next time the same thing happened and the names of the culprits were not from the ‘wrong tribe’, she called them Nigerians and refused to ‘shame them’. Femi Adesina, Abike Dabiri and Ahmad Lawan periodically listen to their conscience and can be salvaged but Lauretta is a pig and shouldn’t be anywhere close to power. Another reckless character, who right, no Nigerian takes seriously, is the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed. He lied his way into oblivion and no matter what he says; most Nigerians have come to see him as a born liar who shouldn’t be listened to. If Buhari is really interested in making Nigeria work, Lai Mohammed and the mad woman, Lauretta Onochie, or any other heartless fellow shouldn’t be in charge of public relations.

In the hierarchy of importance, in Nigeria, the President has made us belief the Fulanis are numero uno while others third class citizens. If President Buhari wants to make change or like he claims, appalled by the rivers of blood flowing in Nigeria, then, nepotism has to give way. As much as I suggest justice, I don’t believe he will curtail this. The President has shown everyone that the Fulanis are first class citizens while the other Nigerian ethnic groups have been treated like conquered people. A situation where excuses are made for Herdsmen who kill Nigerians because they are Fulanis but violence is meted to IPOB members simply protesting because they are Igbos, is a recipe for disaster. These are some of the hard decisions he has got to make if he wants Nigeria to be a haven but whether he has the capacity to do that is questionable. He has been the spokesperson and patron for the group before becoming President and since his inauguration he has not done anything to piss the bad ones among them off.

The man Buhari filled with hate for other tribes other than Fulanis and such a mindset isn’t a prerequisite for good leadership in a complex country. You can’t hate certain people and do well as guardian over everyone. You can’t treat people from your hometown differently and expect the country to be united. While Unity is not necessarily good, it is a product of homogeneity and this homogeneity is a product of shared ideas and the shared ideas are what direct the laws and treating all man equal in the face of the laws arrived at by shared ideas, is how Justice is arrived at in a democratic setting. A situation where a man who only raised a placard was killed by zombies in military uniform while a man who killed citizens was protected by the same military zombies is what destroys a country and Nigeria has been paralysed by it. What exactly is the Nigerian dream and what exactly is the policy of the Buhari Presidency? There will not be peace until justice is done and seen to be done. The national television for Any Government In Power, NTA, can run more useless jingles on unity and war but as long as the persons in positions of power are building structures of hatred, the country will keep getting worse. I doubt Buhari, the ethnic and religious extremist; will do anything positive on this side though I hope to be disappointed.

In the Beast of No Nation, the late Fela Kuti asked what sane President says ‘My People are useless, my people are senseless, my people are criminals’. He just left the prison in 1989 and that was a fine song to explain the nature of the man who put him there. Like the typical Nigerian military officer, with an unsound psychometric health and disdain for civilians, Buhari turned his chronic ailment to an epidemic. In UK, he told their Prime Minister, who had insulted Nigerians, and the world that Nigerians are hated simply because of their reputation for crime. The President was supposed to counter the statement of the Prime Minister but in his deluded understanding of honesty and governance, he thought that confirming the position of Cameron is a sign of honesty and a requirement for nation building.

He failed to see that he indicted himself and put a question mark on his intelligence and if it is respect he seeks to achieve, it was laid bare to the ‘superiors’ he was trying to please that he is a man without sense. Next time he called the youths lazy. This same man also insulted his wife in Germany by claiming she belongs in the kitchen and ‘other room’. Nigerians have been killed by suicide bombers, SARS, military officers, and he responds with silence only to respond to a knife attack in Europe the other day. He needs to place more value on Nigerian lives and respect Nigerians. Maybe if he did, aides like Lauretta Onochie, the mad woman, would be in a psychiatric home and not in Aso Rock. The stupidity of it all is that whatever he seeks to achieve with his utterances is lost the moment he makes those dumb speeches. If it is more investors in Nigeria, the investor will be looking at a mad man and the criminals he has as children. If it is respect for himself, the white man he is trying to please will know that he is mentally incapacitated and can be easily controlled. If it is to appear honest to these governments, he is under some delusion because the western and eastern governments have Intel on him and know his true nature. They are not dumb.

Impunity has grown more wings and men close to the government in power have also joined. The judges’ homes have been raided against the law. The homes of Shia Muslims have been raided and the leader of a sect in Nigeria, Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, has been in jail for over three years now. The former NSA, Sambo Dasuki, has been locked up for the same time too and even after repeated court orders demanded his release, the President’s men have refused to obey contrary court orders. The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, have been killed simply for protesting and the President saw nothing wrong with it. An Internally Displaced Persons, IDP camp, has been bombed by men of the Nigerian AirForce and nothing happened. Over 347 Shia Muslims were recorded to have been killed from 12-14th December 2015 just for blocking the passage of the Chief of Army Staff.

In today’s Nigeria, what is legal is confused and dwarfed to a subjective idea of what is moral and what is objectively immoral and democratically illegal becomes the norm. I doubt he will make these corrections even though I don’t believe the bar will go lower. Nigerian lives have to begin to matter and his body language should encourage rule of law not disdain for it. He should begin with releasing everyone the courts asked the agencies to release. Claiming to have nothing to do with it is nonsense as our democracy is not mature enough to allow for independent execution of justice by government agencies. All the high profile prisoners today, from Dasuki to El ZackZacky, held against court orders are still in prison because Buhari doesn’t want to obey court orders. It is that simple. None of these agencies is really independent.

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