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Apartheid Lives

What could make man set fellow man on fire and then dance around with the devil as flesh is peeled off? What is responsible for a country’s government to protect elements that are homophobic and her policemen stand guard to police preys to make sure they don’t escape the necessary absolution? What the hell is wrong with the President of South Africa Ramaphosa and these jungle judges killing and looting human and capital investments? The human and capital investment of brothers who are first humans and then…human. Is South Africa the last huddle on the road to becoming a witch?

When you think about it, that is if you are human, you break. When you think about it, you are enraged and if you are not careful you lose strands of humanity, sharpen your spears and…You know, go South Africa. When you think about it you could regain consciousness and become a racist. I thought about it and simultaneously thought about negritude.

We all felt their ugly fangs sink into black bodies of fellow Africans and like cannibals, devoured their flesh. We (We? That is assuming the devils at home who think an ethnic group is a synonym for Nigeria have changed course) felt the fangs of the crude laughter on the faces of the executioners as they dragged, tore and touched the body of the Nigerian who became their clown in the circus show. Nigerian? Which successful person isn’t in the primitive minds of a South African judge? Remember Lucky Dube!

But what are you going to do, some persons asked, when the control of illicit drugs is in the hands of hated foreigners who are arrogant as well? What do you do if strangers grow cannabis in your land and sell to you and you do not even have the capacity to have the capacity to own a weed farm? When did the fastest away to own a business begin to negate the economic importance of looting? What are you going to do when the same persons accused of illicit trade are also the same persons taking up the jobs that are…well, not illicit? What do you expect when medical students take the jobs of primitive motherfuckers whose only relationship with education is Apartheid?


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Put yourself in their shoes! After all Apartheid was an educational institution that produced enough graduates to keep the award of Bachelor of Slavery degree running. And these people have got me rethinking everything again. Was Mandela like Mahatma Ghandi? Was the great Madiba a homophobe sold and awarded, like the eloquent second destroyer of Libya, Obama, a Noble Peace Prize? Who the hell is Malema besides the spirit of negritude he serenades when he touches our mental adrenaline? What was hidden in the kitchen cabinet of Oliver Thambo? Obviously, Ramaphosa is seeing one of his favourite shows and as ratings are hitting orgasmic Metacritic heights, he can’t pull out even if he needs to. He needs to but who is going to benefit from that?

But let’s think again, is this coming from a good place? After all even Yahweh often cleanse the earth with fire and brimstone. Are their hearts contrite? Forget the few hardworking Nigerians and foreigners in the anus of Africa, who are the ones in charge of sniffers republic? Are South Africans really purging their land of evil or this is just Purge Night and gladiators brought bloodletting to town? Are Nigerians, Tanzanians, Zambians, etc., really in control of the industry? Is the industry cheating the owners of the country? Is this fair? Are we guilty as charged? The message from the Catholic Church in South Africa answered these questions. There are as many from the South who push drugs and these killings are not without bias.

It is with dismay that we take note of the recent upsurge in violence against foreign nationals, starting two weeks ago in the Johannesburg CBD, last week in Pretoria, and this week again in the Johannesburg CBD, Malvern, Turffontein and Krugersdorp.

Once again we receive reports of the authorities doing very little to protect the victims. We received report of police standing by idly in Pretoria while shops were looted and people attacked. Not a single arrest was made on that day.

Once again the authorities resort to the old explanation: that this is not xenophobia, but the work of criminal elements. Let us be absolutely clear – this is not an attempt by concerned South Africans to rid our cities of drug dealers. And this is not the work of a few criminal elements. It is xenophobia, plain and simple.

If it was about drugs, why are South African drug dealers not being targeted as well? Are we really to believe that there are none? And why are drug addicts who rob people in our city centres to get money to buy drugs not being targeted?

If it is the work of a few criminal elements, why are South African owned businesses not being looted as well? The teaching of the Church is direct and uncompromising. More than 80% of South Africans claim to be Christian.

What are our religious leaders teaching the multitudes that fill our Churches every Sunday? Galatians 3:28 says: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” By the same token, there is neither South African nor Nigerian nor Ethiopian.

We are all one in Christ Jesus. God makes it absolutely clear that He has a special concern for refugees, migrants and strangers. Deuteronomy 10:18 says: “He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.” He isn’t just concerned about the foreigners. He loves them.

Jesus goes even further. Matthew 25 says: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me”.. He identifies directly with strangers. By welcoming a refugee or migrant, we are welcoming Jesus Himself. In his scathing attack on the inactivity of people of good will to do anything against the Nazi tyranny in Germany, Pastor Martin Niemoller said:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Let us take heed of this. We are facing a rising tide of hatred and intolerance, no different to the rising tide of hatred in Nazi Germany. If we do not take urgent action to stop it, there will be nothing left. I appeal to all people of faith, and all people of good will, to speak out and take action.

In the words of St Francis: “Make us channels of your peace”. My prayer is that God will fulfil his promise made in Ezekiel 36:26:” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI

These murderers are not inspired by the need to eradicate drugs but the desire to place their prime enemies in the dungeon. Envy and hate are the symptoms behind the original symptoms behind the attacks and pretending to sanitize the country is hogwash. The drug industry is sustained by the glutinous populace and when drugs pass the border, the immigration officers, who are mostly South Africans, allow it. So, irrespective of who is trading, supply happens because both demand and safe passage, largely controlled by South Africans, are guaranteed. So cut the bullshit! The exorcists are madmen and the benefit that comes with murder is a strong motivation for any lazy schizophrenic.

If these hunters had their way, they will do to us what the White Boars did to them. If they had their way they will subject our bodies and mind to eternal damnation. If they had their way? Nonsense! This is Apartheid. What is happening is similar to what happened in the country before Independence and just like the last one enjoyed Government support, this one is also enjoying Government patronage. South African foreign minister had justified it few days ago. A top police officer also justified it. In 2013 the homophobic Zulu King, Goodswill, called for foreign heads and like the rudderless Government of Jacob Zuma in that time, todays is led by a Cro-magnum.

All of Africa played a role in the liberation of Africa but it seems what actually happened was exaggerated. What happened was actually the transfer of government from a white racist to a black racist but we thought it was an ideological shift. There was a change of government but there really wasn’t change in governance. What we got was a shift of oppressive power from the white people running the country to the black people who fought against them. All the love preached by Mandela has been thrown to the gutters and if there is anything they followed in that speech it is that ‘we can learn to hate’.

Zulu and Xhosa can go to war but nationalism evoked by common enemies keeps the numbers alive for the continuance of intertribal conflict. One Nigerian said an eye for eye and the world will go blind but he will pay the cinemas to see it. Igbos and Yorubas can go to war but when the brutish Southies strike, we place our wars on strike and strike back. Interesting! Unfortunately, South Africa is a partial image of Africa. Skyscrappers, jungle justice, skull miners, private parts plantation, albino harvesters, dead protesters, irresponsibles in power, this is familiar folks. Who are we to criticise the mad men if we also show a different form of madness? Who are we to spit the retarded if we are also retarded? The truth is, South Africa is a different level. Apartheid ended in 1994, imagine how much education has gone round compared to Nigeria 1960 or 1958.

If there is anything we can learn from here it is that the Apartheid regime in South Africa and other colonialist conquest didn’t do the people well and is largely the reason for today’s Xenophobia. I have seen some ridiculous arguments but few beat the argument that if the British had stayed longer, Nigeria will be better. South Africa and the rest of Africa are proof to that. The carriers of these arguments look at the physical structures in South Africa and then talk about development. Unfortunately, for them, civilisation is not in the building of fine physical structures. Civilisation is not in driving fine cars or using expensive phones. As long as the mind is still in prison and its understanding of humanism is at the level of wild animals, cars, phones, houses or wealth wouldn’t civilise the man.

The minds of most Africans were knocked out by colonialism but in the case of South Africa, the minds were knocked out and then draped in coma. The longer these criminals stayed the messier the minds of their victims got and in South Africa we can see what would have happened if these trespassers were never expunged in other African countries earlier. Xenophobia is a product of Apartheid. If they hadn’t destroyed the minds of these people over the years they wouldn’t have seen the same persons who contributed to their liberation as their enemy. In almost all parts of Africa, whatever is allowed to happen has the backing of the President or Leader. The Nigerian police stopped the thugs from destroying South African investments and franchise because the Government is not interested in reprisals. More persons will be killed and roasted while the police watch because the South African government, as shown by their actions and inactions, is sympathetic to the Xenophobes. Ramaphosa is still enslaved.

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