Things We Can Learn From Our ‘Change’ Government

So much noise was made prior to the election of 2015, of General Muhammadu Buhari’s touch of magic and change. Nigerians, a people waiting for a Messiah, wrapped the man in God’s garments, erected altars in his name, worshipped him and fought those who opposed the second coming of this man. Friends and and family members had grudges with each other because of political differences. Business associates had issues with each other for their political alignments. All sorts of insults, denigration and crude words were used in passing messages across. The campaign, on both sides, was like the Americans’. It was primarily built on hate. The people were the tools while so-called good men and men of imaginary and nonexistent integrity saw nothing wrong with it.

It wasn’t like the dish the old general dished out in his first coming got the crowd dancing. He was not as spectacular as the Nigerian media packaged him to be prior to the 2015 election. Not only did a coup bring him in, he ruled Nigeria by decrees in his first coming in 1983. Make no mistake, their is no military government in Nigeria that bettered our democracy. The idea that Nigerians are very stubborn and must only be handled by the men on camouflage is inspired by a mind in asylum. If people knew that power, force, human rights abuse, military brutality, chaos, guns, etc., in that order, are not healthy, the thought of having an embodiment of that catastrophe at a place of control wouldn’t exist. The man hadn’t developed himself and most importantly, his mind, for about 30 years he left power but for some strange reasons they expected him to develop the country and our minds. Sorcery!

This is not new. On what basis did Nigerians even vote for the opposition candidate, Goodluck Jonathan, in the first place? He was a former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State before his boss, Alamieyeseigha, let himself and the people down and Goodluck’s luck was activated. What exactly did he do for Bayelsa to warrant our support? He was primarily voted in for the meek face he dons, for that gentle approach he follows in tackling issues, for that ‘luck’ he has and most important, for that strange and baseless divine agreement they voted Buhari for. Though he has more sense than this current man. On the religious side, prophecies of how he’d save us came like the prophecies that preceded Buhari’s victory. Even though, in modern times, there is no evidence of a supernatural deity picking a messiah, a human, to show the people light, we picked one and told ourselves a God somewhere endorsed him. Our choice was not based on previous record, or merit or performance.

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So, what have we learned? What can we learn? Are we a people with short term memories who easily forget and go back to the very diet that gave them running stomach? It seems so, unfortunately. What have we learned from the change mantra? What has changed? Should we change the torn change like some men with emergency love are asking? Should we endure the change to show the limit of that Nigerian spirit? That bad spirit that has infected the weak majority, weakened their intellectual and moral bones and marrows and their words and actions give birth to cretins. What we can learn from the All Progressive Congress’s, APC, change is the Janus nature of man. The double standards of the human beings in Nigeria. Their was change, obviously. But it is the type of change that tries to nip a man’s headache by cutting of the head. It is the type every passenger rejects from the driver. So, what we have learned? That’s ironic. More appropriately, what can we learn?

Buhari Is Not A Man Of Integrity.

I think this one was prominent a long time ago. Only that the people love tags and are afraid of thinking or making any research. They are afraid of having their nightmares alive in the room. Because the Hero of a typical Nigerian is usually a confused, empty, contradictory leader, a part of his conscience is afraid of embarking on that journey of examination. So, why would anyone think Mr Buhari has integrity in the first place? Simple. Media and the unwillingness to think, reason, read and a poor sense of morality. First, a Man of Integrity will not select men of questionable character to run his government. A man of integrity will not allow the Fulani herdsmen mayhem continue, calling them Libyan and Senegalese herdsmen and still refusing to send troops, as is the custom now, to handle these ‘foreigners’ for the crimes they committed.

At this point, anyone who still buys the integrity line needs our prayers and support. Buhari is not a man of integrity. The idea that it is not him but the people around him causing problems is utter nonsense. If the people around you are morons and you are different, you will act differently. Is he any different? I don’t think so. I think he is dragging the intellectuals around him backwards. Their is something about having a weak boss. His weakness rubs on you. Men like Fashola, Amaechi and co, may be corrupt but they are not dunces. Their intellect is been impeded by their head. The only thing you can be sure about them too is that they have no integrity either. A man of integrity wouldn’t work in a field where every form of crudity is displayed. The same goes for the Pastor Vice President. While he has sense and seems to understand temperaments, something lacking in his boss, what he has is baby integrity.

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Cowardice Is On The Rise

Where is the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, with members like the Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka? Where are the men who protested on that sunny afternoon after one demon told former President Jonathan to remove the fuel subsidy on that day of all days? The same man who warned us of a disdain for Buhari’s history championed his course. The same man who tore his green card because Trump was made President in another man’s country supported someone worse. Maybe a new sense of maturity and tact in handling issues have been reached. Maybe the method in the past was too crude and the wise men now know better. These days, people like Obi Ezekwesili, who lambasted the former President has gone soft. In the past, she used an atomic bomb to confuse the demons at the centre but now she uses a broken dane gun with bullets made of matches to pursue stronger demons. Cowardice is now palatable. Some will be angry I wrote this line.

They are afraid because the system has taken a step backward. We brought a mind with military orientation and wore him a civilian garment and for some reason we wanted his garment to oversee what happens in his mind. We forget that the mind is over matter. We forget that it is mind that controls what the body decides to do. We forget that it is from the mind that activities of a body is brought to light. We forget that we are minds. He planted fear through the use of force in civil and simple legal issues and the people are scared. Another reason is the sense of shame and ego. It is very difficult to admit you were scammed by a person whose intelligence you consider mediocre. It is difficult. So you go to a great length telling the world how he didn’t defraud you. Within, you know he did scam you, but because that will make you appear dunce, something you despise, you pretend he didn’t defraud you. You defend him instead. Only those whose goodwill are above their egos say the truth.

The Nigerian Media Needs Mental Emancipation

If it wasn’t for the Nigerian Media how would we have a man, whose secondary education is in doubt, as President? The Vice Chancellors of all Nigerian Universities are professors in one field or the other. You are not allowed to head if you’ve not attained that degree but look at us. Look at what the media made some of us do. They knew this man hasn’t developed himself for about 30 years, they knew he is corrupt and his anti-corruption rant a smokescreen, they knew he is very bad at managing people, they knew he is more tribal than national, they knew his position on Sharia but still went ahead and portrayed him as king of the righteous and the lover of all. The Nigerian media must not be trusted. They manufacture rumours, lies and sell mucus as canned food. That’s not all.

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Look at Borno State and Boko Haram. Has Boko Haram being defeated? No. Have they stopped killings? No. Do they still hold territory? How do they coordinate any attack if they are not holding any territory? What about the media reportage? Almost nonexistent. Lives are lost daily but the reports are not like what we had in the past when the PDP, Peoples Democratic Party, was in power. What changed? You be the judge. I also watched as Journalists on the TVC show, Journalists Hangouts, explained the fun side of the military brutality in Umuahia. These are supposed to be men with functional brains, men who ought understand how democracy works, but they saw nothing wrong in the madness that happened there. Speaking from both sides of their mouth, they preached peace on one side, and applauded the destruction of the institution of justice on the other. They shape opinions and saw nothing wrong promoting injustice and abuse of law. Their minds were trapped.

Lying Is Not Enough

Today, the legacy of the man, Lai Mohammed, is etched in quicksand. He used to be the spokesperson of the APC before they won and he was appointed Minister of Information. He contributed his lying skills in the victory. His person was generally identified as pitiable when he went into governance with lies. He confused actual governance for the opposition politics he played for many years. He tried telling a hungry man that he has eaten. He told people who are starving that they are suffering from overfeeding. How he expected that to work I didn’t know. Now, no one takes him serious. Whatever comes out of his mouth is generally seen as lies. What a legacy! That man have defined this government. He thought lying was enough. Propaganda is not enough. Lying could get you a contract but it can’t execute the contract.

The change, as an opposition party, was the sort of change Nigerians needed. They craved for it and some genuinely fought for it, even though the party presented a shortsighted candidate. They lied their way to power but that pillar is shattering today. Legacy matters and this change they brought is paraplegic. Lying is not enough. Preparing for governance is key. The President was never prepared to govern. He simply thought he could make change but that too is not enough. The mere thought of making change is not enough. He lied about his wealth status, his moral compass and we(I’m not a part of the we though) made him President because their was a powerful windmill generating gigawatts of lies. We bought into it because we felt disappointed. The sort of disappointment that makes a heartbroken girl call all men cheats. We don’t mind embracing the worst once disappointed. We embraced the worst, caressed her and put her in a family way.

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Nigerians Forget Too Easily

This is the biggest of problems. Like Wole Soyinka wrote in that article before he reneged, history is very important. It serves to guide our actions for tomorrow. It is important in determining what action we should take. It is very vital and could transform the mind of a nation. When we perpetually glorify men whose history are full of sojourns of immorality and injustice, we are building a nest for injustice and immorality to house their chicks. In this country, we forget too easily. The media have controlled the people to a certain level that their actions and thoughts are dependent on what the media choose to discuss. If the media forget it we forget it. The people don’t know the power they have. They don’t know the leaders secretly fear their renaissance. So, we act like sheep controlled by just one herdsman.

We have forgotten the Shia Massacre in Zaria, the NIS Stampede in Abuja, the Ozubulu Killings in Anambra, the Killings in Enugu, the School Girls in Chibok etc., and the Boko Haram attacks now seem a norm. We forget too easily and we build our future with the footprints of the past. We elect people based on their past performances, the very past we love to forget. I won’t be surprise if this current President contests and wins against a more credible candidate. I won’t be surprise. If we were conscious of the past our present wouldn’t look this gloomy. A man who has no respect for the people he’s supposed to serve will not be worshipped, glorified or sold the idea of a second tenure if we had sense. Until Nigerians learn to remember the things that matter they would keep voting in empty men and imaginary messiahs. Their is no messiah anywhere to repair this country. If you find one here just know it is an Apocalypse.

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