RidiculousNess III: Success Is Now A Millionaire and Broke Bloggers Are Angry

The Strange Rise Of Success

Jealousy is a bad and deadly thing. When it shapes you, it bends you, breaks you and then ruins you. When little Success fulfilled her kiddie dreams, many haters stood on the other side wondering why in God’s name the government did her the favours, why the government had to play to the gallery, why the Radio stations interviewed her but we the people know these lettered and loud sophists were jealous. If they were in her shoes, they will drink to it and probably hold a feast in honour of the generous government of Delta State whose competence was elevated by that singular act. In one genius stroke, little Success became a Millionaire and a Celebrity and she didn’t have to submit any resume or do hard or soft labour to be blessed. The Nigerian God was paying attention to the suffering of her family and the genuineness of her desire to return to that Chicken House, even if it braids more canes on her tiny body, is an incentive to the millions of Nigerians travelling her way.

Video of Success and Stephanie

From the side of the generous Delta State government, the message was clear even to the blind: what she did was extraordinary, exemplary, exceptional and exquisite. How many children out there have the hunger to dig such passion for education? If there is a child in the entire state in need of sponsorship or emergency wealth, one wouldn’t be harsh to ask what he or she is still waiting for. The government was loud and clear and a look at the beautiful landscape that was her primary school is a testament to that. The torn roof is clearly not a product of the government and even if mischievous bloggers and other hate-filled columnists want to think so, it is not the responsibility of the State Government to make the dead Chicken House beautiful. It is not the responsibility of the Governor of the State to concentrate in one school, person or area out of thousands and millions but Success is a different story, a force of nature, an enigma and natural laws bend once divinities arrive.



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She showed she had the resolve to learn, she knew how the system worked and would have loved it to remain so judging by her choices, and who knows, she may have invented one or two domino effects to stir up the responsive Governor and praise-singers. In Delta State, there are millions or hundreds of thousands crying for the experience of Success. There are many without the funds to enrol their children to Primary and Secondary schools and even though the State’s monthly allocation is one of the biggest in the country, factoring sound education and other twenty-second century ideas and white elephant projects, honestly, will hurt the economy real bad and we need to chop before we have the energy or time for school. Isn’t that logical?

There are more important things to do with money, there are many projects to execute and there are many to be paid for their consistency and patience is the key, as the government can’t be in all places at the same time. Asking why the government didn’t grant free education in the primary, secondary or any level at all is a stupid question that deserves no answer as we all know where it will take us. Asking why they have to show up like Super Man in a problem they created is undeserving of answer too as the question itself is inherently wrong. We know ourselves and if this was done to us, we wouldn’t become activists. These guys fronting as activists for sound education do not even know what sound education means. They are hungry and advertising themselves, like Charley Boy and Deji. Una MuMu Never Do.

Hate filled and broke columnists are already spitting their usual venom of hatred. First, they blamed the State Government. Imagine that! The State Government! For once a Nigerian government is doing the right thing and some bloggers and columnists pretending neutrality are filling our ear drums with wickedness. Five million is too small for the government to doll out and car gifts are nothing to them too. When God remembers you, no human being can do anything about it and that is where Success and her parents are operating from. Their hustle finally paid off and we must commend the state government for thinking positively for once. They don’t deserve the insults or the negative remarks these bunch of haters are spewing as these may dull their spirits, making it difficult for such a gesture to be shown another time.

What talent does Success has, the poor haters ask? Why is the government acting like they care, they ask? Why should this show be rewarded by a state government? Typical of the everyday Nigerian. Always trying to bring out the worst from the best and possessed with a spirit that repudiates positivity, embarks on turning Gold to Brass. If the government responded with silence, they would blame her and if she acts, they will also blame her. No side is safe from their bitter venom and Nigerians hailing the extraordinary act are regarded as simpletons by these few never-do-wells. The same haters wouldn’t ask for talent if the person making the money is Kim Kardashian or a white person. They will glorify her, worship her and write theses for replication in the country.

Many stupid arguments from the typical hate filled Nigerians deserving no answer, have been shared. The school fees of hundreds of children or thousands out of school can be settled with the five million Naira; the girl didn’t do anything spectacular or groundbreaking and rewarding her with cash and car gifts shouldn’t happen in a serious country; students in quiz competitions get less than what she got even though their activity is healthier for the growth of the country; the government is simply playing to the gallery and other ridiculous nonsense. Many ridiculous arguments floating around are just trying to take away from little Success but they forgot that whom God has blessed no man can curse. The Slay Queen who did the video should also be adequately compensated for peace to reign. Without her, we wouldn’t have known little Success. Without her, the family wouldn’t have been paid by the State Government. Without her, Success’s family wouldn’t have been invited to Radio and Television to inspire others. Without her, they will still be broke and angry like the columnists trying to remove from a glorious exercise. Two and Half Million Naira was given to her but that is too small when you consider the publicity and money she gave the poor girl’s family. We have to be grateful when approached with good deeds and courtesy demands the Radio and Television stations invite her like they did to Success for peace to reign.

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