RUGA: Why The Fulani Herdsmen Will Conquer You

RUGA is the end

Most battles between good and evil in history, have seen evil come out victorious after leaving good with a bloody nose. The most violent character, the vilest creature, the scum of the earth, the crudest specimen, the most brutal species in the Kingdom Animalia, have always run the show. As it is in the wild where the strong animal is king, the weak, nonviolent and if I may add, more civil animals like the Zebra and Kangaroo, are just the producers in the food chain. The consumers take whatever animal they want, whenever they want and do with them whatever they want. And like the Knight Templar, all the strong animal needs to win and occupy territory is just to show up.

Humans love to believe that they are very far ahead the wild animals. We love believe that civilization is the product of technology and science and our inventions blind us to our true natures. In reality what we are doing is simply what most of these wild animals are doing: survival. The few civil ones among us are just like the Zebras and Kangaroos in the forest waiting for a lion to choose a prey or territory. As we often see in NatGeoWild, one Lion can chase tens of Zebras without resistance. The act of lions pursuing Zebras is not much worse than what we do to the animals around us in search of varieties in our diet. We cage them, milk them, fatten them and keep them clean for our own use.

Plant can give us all we need but just like the carnivores in the wild, we want more. More power, more food, more of everything and the most favourable territory and our kind is not spared. That there is justice in this world is an illusion. Obviously, there are repercussions for wrongs committed but the disaster that ensues from it is similar to what happens in a nuclear fission reaction. The effect is the production of radiation that messes up the environment it was released and not on the scientist and engineers as in the Manhattan Project. How is that for justice? Just like the extractive governments that destroyed our continent, we cannot call whatever issue they have today the manifestation of Justice.


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As a military dictator, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, also known as Maradona, and IBB, immensely contributed to Nigeria’s woes and today, people call his little sickness Justice. His legs are swollen because he ruined Nigeria. He is been flown abroad for treatment because Karma finally got him. Really? It is like the celebration of the fool who stroke a car’s tire after the driver gave him a black eye. This could be what Thrasymachus was talking about in Plato’s The Republic, when he said that Justice is the Will of the Stronger. The most uncivil and aggressive have been the most rewarded in that period. The most chaotic states have been at the apex. From ancient Egypt, Babylon ancient Iran, Sparta, the Roman Empire, Western Europe, Hitler and the Aryans and the United States of America. The most aggressive groups are the most successful. From the Pharaohs, the Christian Church, the Catholic Church, Catholic Popes, Islam, the Moors, the Masons, Slave traders, Imperialists and to the Fulani.

Because it is in the anatomy of good to go only against evil, evil has an edge because it goes both ways. A good man will only attack an evil man but an evil man doesn’t mind attacking both good and bad men because it is the nature of evil to do so. A good man wants to advance in prosperity and health but he has boundaries his nature is not allowed to pass but for an evil man, there are no boundaries and he does what winners in contests do. In history, these are the winners. In the second return of President Buhari, we saw the sympathy to the violent Herdsmen and a disparity in the pursuance of evil. When people of other ethnic groups disturb the peace or are ‘planning’ to disturb, their fingers are burned and dead bodies follow suit but when the Fulanis do worse, the President, who is their patron, is sunk in hypocrisy. They are Senegalese Hersdmen! The Herdsmen are from Libya! They are not Nigerians but at the same time, these foreigners deserve cattle colonies.

Today, the colonies even seem better packaged. In the States, eight (8) Local Government Areas could be created for the program even when it is not a state with Fulani natives or interested in cattle rearing. The RUGA plan involves the acquisition of about 31,000 hectares of land, per state, for these ‘foreigners’ to settle. This is the best way to stop killings by the Hersdmen according to Buhari. Creating reserves or RUGA for livestock for personal business wouldn’t have posed much problem if these Herdsmen are not violent and have not shown incapacity in embracing multiculturalism. But that is to put it mildly. Strike the culture problem out and you will see a bigger problem: Islamic Fundamentalism. Sharia laws, Sharia police and all other attractions you can find in the handbook of Boko Haram will become existent and gradually the home culture undergoes acculturation, contamination, conversion and death.

With RUGA, they become serfs in their own country who pay homage to the feudal lords who engineered the feudal system. Indigenes of the place will become second class citizens and the victorious, like we have seen in all of history, rule and apportion land to whomever they deem fit. How do I know these things? RUGA has happened over and over again in history in another form but men gladly repeat history. Before the country Nigeria was created what is today known as the North have Kings, their own religion, their own attires but all these was to change with the coming of Uthman Dan Fodio. The violent Jihadist gained the trust of the masses with Taqiyya as ally and with their help, carried out a coup on their corrupt leaders. That word again! The word corruption has been used by men for treacherous purposes. Dan Fodio won the battle and the war. The same thing happened between Alimi and Afonja. The methods and the goals are the same. The signs are always visible but the goodness in the preys always blind them to the evilness in their attackers just like Germany is doing with Merkel.

Crudity has been the tool of conquerors and civilization and carelessness have been that of the conquered. That is why I think the Fulani will win. The typical Jihadi Fulani strongly believes in his values and wouldn’t change them or allow any acculturation no matter where he lives. The other ethnic groups on the other hand are mostly liberal and because they were not raised with the ‘Born to Rule’ mentality, they don’t crave political domination like their rivals or have the means to spot it. Like Machiavelli Niccolo advised in The Prince, the good Prince ought to learn evil not for his use, but to know when not to use it. Like Robert Greene wrote in the 48 Laws of Power, mastering the laws is like a mental bullet proof against manipulators and the people who want to use us.

Unfortunately for us, we do not have the capacity for ethnic manipulation or protection but the Herdsmen (or Fulani) have both. You go where they want you to go. The Southerners and other groups antagonist to the Fulani Jihadists are mainly Christians, Traditional worshippers, atheists and freethinkers whose religions and Weltanschuung made more civil in comparison to the Herdsmen. They are not perfect or close to but there is something in their religions and worldviews that conflict with communal lynching or control. Such nepotistic and unpatriotic words you will find in Nigerian leaders like Ahmadu Bello, Muhammadu Buhari cannot be found in other corrupt non-Fulani leaders because they don’t have such plans or try to inspire people of the tribe towards that direction. Neither their faith nor ethnic group promotes such path; hence it is easier for them to be Nationalists.

They conquerors use crudity as ally and we, the semi-civilised, confuse their threats with their illiteracy and lack of education and we watch as they gradually take over little territories. The movement of the Jihadists wouldn’t have posed a threat if they assimilated but their goal, as we have seen in the last 300 years is not to blend but to take over and subdue societies. Luckily for them, the faiths they often encounter have been polarised by civilisation created by a little window for that in the faith or view. Atheism and Agnosticism have a very low probability of striking back because there is a large room for civilisation to happen there and even Christianity, with all its barbarism, has more room for civilization than Islam, the religion of the Jihadists. The Jihadists feel inspired and destined to take over and whatever land they grab, in their mind, is the will of their maker. The tools to win lie in the hands of the people they conquer. They have not failed and to be honest with you, I don’t think they will fail.

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