I Think My President Is A Hypocrite

Their is nothing under the sun that is new, says the holy book. Every habit and contradictions happening now has graced the earth at a certain moment in her history. Men, for selfish goals, have always exhibited double standards. Men have mastered the art of mischief and hypocrisy taken to new heights. They have boldly held two contrary opinions on two situations that are alike. It is not unusual to see a man attack a person today for making a demand and defend another man tomorrow who made same demand. A hypocrite! We have also not been short of praise singers. Men and women who applaud and exalt these men practising these contradictions. Grown adults who are afraid of telling the truth and annoying their masters.

On the 19th of September, 2017, when the 8th speaker gave his speech at the United Nations(UN) General Assembly in New York, USA, hypocrisy was in full swing. A hypocrite spoke like an old sage dishing out words of wisdom to the earth. A special breed of wisdom that is revealed to us earthlings only by a super primate or an alien trespassing our planet. Or better still, that kind of knowledge Jesus of Nazareth told the leader of his disciples, Peter, transcends the highest point of human intellectual capability. He was putting on a human garment and his words serenaded the assembly with a rare humanism. A humanism you will only find among people of strong character. A humanism you will find in that Buddha who have come to realise that violence is never an option.

First, the hypocrite said, “to restructure or not to restructure” the UN is no longer the question. How it should be done is the number one priority. Obviously, the UN needs some restructuring and all that ‘sage’ spoke of was true. Then he spoke of “bequeathing the next generation of Africans” with law and order. Another great point and something every rational person agrees with. As an African, I agreed with him. He was on point. He spoke of tackling ”any glaring unfairness, like the Palestine” case and making the world a peaceful place through dialogue. That dialogue is very important if we must have a peaceful world. He spoke of the ‘humanitarian’ crises in Myanmar where their is, in his words, ‘a state-backed programme of brutal depopulation of the Rohinga” Muslims.

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At this point, my shock meter moved a bit. Don’t worry, you will see why. He said that the world cannot remain silent and pretend the lives of these Rohinga Muslims are not under any threat. That is actually true. The world has been very silent on the abuse of human rights and the UN need to do more. He spoke of North Korea and Mr Kim and the employment of the strategy of negotiation in calming the ‘God’. That the might of the United Nations and the world is entrenched through negotiations. He asked that the UN send delegates to North Korea on a peace mission with their supreme leader, Kim. He spoke of respecting Democratic tenets and other blah blah blahs. The only problem was that at the bottom of his speech read “Muhammadu Buhari, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

Now you see why my shock meter, which was already dead as a result of overuse, signalled me one last time. To be honest, everything the hypocrite said that day made sense. Everything he spoke of has within them that stream of life that flows in unbroken continuity in the heart of good men. Everything he said carried the seed of life and his calm on that platform added to the humanity of the words he uttered. He spoke of negotiation in the face of violent provocations. He spoke of care and love in the face of hate actions and killings. He spoke of the absence of humanity in the war in Gaza and the need for a turn around. He spoke like a human being but has he acted like a human being? A hypocrite?

He is my President and I think he is a hypocrite. Help me tell him or I will tell him when I see him. His double standards stinks of things you will find in the cemetery. President Muhammadu Buhari is a hypocrite. Everything he said at the UN contradicts everything he has done in this country. He knows what is good for the world, Palestine, Rohinga Muslims, North Korea and Africa’s Democracy but he has not done or initiated any of those thoughts in his country. His speech at the General Assembly is the perfect portrait of how to be a hypocrite. His contribution to the field of hypocrisy will live forever more. The thing is, a man who says two different things for two similar scenarios is integrity-challenged. A man who applauds a man who says two different things at two similar scenarios is also a hypocrite. They are good partners. One washes, the other dries.

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Let’s look at the actions through which his hypocrisy status was etched in the sands of time. I will start with his call for the restructuring of the United Nations. In his own country, Nigeria, their have been calls for the restructuring of the system of governance. The feeding-bottle system where all the state governors go to Abuja to collect allowances for their respective states on monthly basis is lazy, parasitic and harmful for the growth of the states. Their have been calls for a return to Regional System of governance or the implementation of resource control by the states. This was the promise made by the campaign team and Party of the President when he ran and was voted for in 2015 elections. He has done nothing to restructure the country or shown any sign of possible restructuring.

These days, his spokespersons, who were once advocates of the restructuring mantra, go as far as calling those calling for restructuring thieves and insincere persons. One wonders if the actions of a insincere human being could stop a sincere man from doing the good thing he promised yesterday. Excuses only arise if the man who showed sincerity yesterday was never sincere in the first place. Like the politicians, whose character the President never endorsed as an opposition member, he is not in any position to speak of restructuring of the UN. The leader of the restructuring team he formed some months back, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, who once called for restructuring, has also used insulting words on people simply asking that they respect the agreements they had with the persons who gave them those votes. It is a show of shame and double standards for a President to exhibit such behaviour.

Secondly, let’s look at his call for a two-state solution to the Palestine crisis. I will not try to delve into the legality of who owns what portion or not in Gaza strip. Let’s look at it from a position of equity. President Buhari is approaching equity and justice with a soiled hand. You can’t be asking that Palestine or any country be created to solve a problem and at the same time hold that the Unity of your country is nonnegotiable. You can’t say Mr A and MB are quarreling and should be sorted out by allocating them boundaries, and still say it is a grave crime for Mr C and Mr D who are quarreling, to think of being bounded separately. With the handling of agitations and calls for referendum that is the height my President took hypocrisy to. He brushed it up, cleaned it with some muddy dirty water and placed a ring on its nose and some praise singers are applauding.

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Kim Jong-Un posses a great threat to the entire human race but my President didn’t ask that he be crushed or battled. He asked that the United Nations send a delegation to talk him out of developing more dangerous weapons. One wonders why the President has refused to follow his advise in the current agitation for Biafra by some people from the South Eastern part of the country. Why is he advising the world to follow a path he will never thread? Why is he advising that dialogue be used to quell the violence that could result from North Korea but fail to use the same dialogue to quell the violence in the South Eastern part of his own country? Hypocrisy. Charity ought begin at home and extend outward. You can’t be a good father to kids outside and be a nightmare to your own kids. You can’t send armed soldiers to go quell an agitation in the South East and still advise that the world use dialogue to handle Kim. That’s pure hypocrisy.

I was scrolling through social media when I saw a girl share the words “Say No To Rohinga Killings but KillAllTheBiafrans”. She was asking how it is comfortable for the same friends(Nigerians) on her friend’s list, who have been asking the Myanmar government to stop killing Rohinga Muslims, to rejoice over the senseless killings, by soldiers, of some Igbos and IPOB(Indigenous People Of Biafra) members in Abia State. They went quiet. Nobody replied her. When the President of Nigeria used that line on Tuesday, as a Nigerian, you begin to wonder who ordered the military on an operation on the streets of Abia State. An operation that was meant to safeguard the people against arm-robbery, kidnapping and stealing. Something within the purview of the Police. You wonder who gave the soldiers permission to shoot at youths and people provoked into pelting them stones.

Hypocrisy is the word. When he knows what is good for the world but wouldn’t do so in his own country, it simply shows he has a bias against those persons in his country. The same bias the handlers on social media, who called for prayers for Rohinga Muslims but death to the Biafrans, have. If we dig further you will notice their is a religious coloration to it. I hope you don’t get too emotional. This is what I mean. Nigerians are more bounded by religion than Nationalism. For example, the Christian population of Southern Nigeria have a bias for anything Israel. To them, most things Israel do is right. The Muslim population of Northern Nigeria have a bias for anything Arab. To them, any perceived oppression on any Arab country is an oppression to all Muslims. They both has a special disdain for each others bias. As a boy growing up in Northern Nigeria, I remember seeing muslims protest against an event that took place in faraway Middle East.

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Our President is not free of this bias. Rohinga is Muslim. Palestinian is Muslim. And his reaction to North Korea is a reaction without any interest. So, it is easy for him to support Rohinga Muslims in their time of pain but order soldiers to arrest an agitation, in a democracy, with force. It is easy to identify with the Palestinians because of that bias you can find in any average Nigerian religionist. It is hypocrisy and at the centre, pulling the trigger, is religion. That is the simple truth. You may not like it but their could be no better explanation. Every act of hypocrisy exists to further the bias of their initiators. Every display of double standards has at its core, a great bias that doesn’t care about sacrificing commonsense and reason. It is deadly. It is not something that should be encouraged or clothed with fine words. It is not something that should be supported by any progressive human being. Unfortunately, it is not a big problem here.

Speaking about respective Democratic values is the height of hypocrisy for a man who couldn’t do same in his own country. The invasion of judges homes, the invasion and massacre in Abia in the name of chasing kidnappers, the failure to release people granted bail by the courts, shooting and killing of at least 348 Shia Muslims who blocked the passageway of the Chief of Army Staffs, the shooting and killing of IPOB members who were simply celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump in Port Harcourt, the tacit defence for the weak men who attacked Charly Boy and the love shown to rampaging ‘Libyan” and “Senegalese” herdsmen are probably a way to improve on Democratic values. Don’t tell me it has been happening, or that it happened in the time of former President, Goodluck Jonathan. Evil, no matter the timeline, cannot be justified. Someone should tell my President Muhammadu that all lives matter. Better still, share this with him.

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