Prayers Have No Political Might

God and Prayers! The politicians favourite excuse for performing woefully and they make sure, vessels suffering from poverty and unavailability of basic amenities are worshipers of the church. Let us pray to God to make a right decision in the choosing of a leader. Let us pray to God so the right people get into power. Let us pray to God for the growth and direction of our leaders. Let us pray to God to give them uneven intelligence to govern the nation. Pray that the almighty God make our leaders hearts as soft as water, their resolve for good as hard as rock. Pray that God help this nation and direct us. The Christians, Muslims and Traditional worshipers all engage in these watery things but keep wondering why there is still more evil around. Pray that Jehovah Jireh provide all we need. Let’s commit Nigeria in prayer that the good Lord in all his infinite mercy grants us all that is good. Is God dead, some ask or he lives in their heads?

The prayers continue…Insha Allah our dear country, Nigeria, will get better. Let’s recite a prayer for this broken country and ask the most high to come down. You hear holy shit in the name of God and even though they are illogical, downright stupid and ineffective, thinking or trying to make sense of the words is a sacrilege. Somewhere in Nigeria someone is reading this post and shuddering at my stupidity of the knowledge of the power of God in the affairs of countries, the same knowledge that bent Nigeria. Every minute someone somewhere in Nigeria is praying, binding, casting, destroying, incinerating and scattering the power of the evil one over Nigeria. Every time we are speaking in many tongues; Yoruba, Igbo, Tiv, Nupe, Ijaw and even spirit tongues and every time the results have been loudly muted.


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At the same time, somewhere in Nigeria, someone is dying as a result of the failure of government. Every minute in Nigeria, someone is been cast out, destroyed, bound, incinerated and scattered by the chaotic system. The Christians prayed and fasted but were in Church when Boko Haram bombed the place and many lives were ruined and paralysed. The government or prayers couldn’t save anyone. The Muslims were in the mosque when the teenage girl carrying bomb under her holy Hijab bombed the place.  The government or prayers couldn’t save anyone. The Shia Muslims who prayed for the success of the country were massacred by the Nigerian Army. Prayers couldn’t save them. The traditional worshippers had their shrines destroyed, their shelter pulled down and the weak Gods, yes, weak Gods (and when I think about their silence towards British invasion I am more pissed) did absolutely nothing about it.

Some say it is the will of God but if it is the will of God why pray? If prayers have the capacity of changing the will of an omnipotent God, his divine plan, what sort of ‘omnipotence’ are we talking about then? Aesop Fables? The pastors, who are often business men or better put, Pastorprenuers, on their own, stand on the pulpit and declare Twenty-one (21) Days of Fasting and Prayers against every demonic force in the country and tomorrow and the day after it they repeat the scheme. Who is really fooling who here? The crusades are often organised after collecting ‘gifts’ from the same politicians ruining the country and then the church embark on prayers leaning towards raising the IQ and conscience of our elected officials. Bravo! The politician knows that these prayers don’t work. He has seen how the inefficacies of prayers helped nations to grow. He knows countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Burma. He knows that God, whether he exists or not, has shown to have no interest in the politics of countries and even if he does have one, he is not influential.

The bottom line is, prayers, Gods, etc., have not uplifted any country, will not uplift any country and as long as a people choose to call on them for simple things within the human physical capacity they will continue to suffer. This is not an argument on the existence or nonexistence of a God and other deities; that will be discussed someday. This is an argument for the reality of our time in relation to prayers. To begin with, no country in the list of the most civilized countries of the world did it by simply praying to any deity because they know that the idea itself is lazy and ineffective. Most of these countries did that in the past before coming to the realization that such a thing doesn’t work. The Scandinavian Gods were influential but the Swedes, Danes and Norwegians didn’t pray to them to get to the top.

Prayers, like placebos, are good for mental wellbeing, for fine tuning the psychological state to normalcy and for the spiritual or immaterial aspect of man but good roads; availability of basic amenities and sound health care systems cannot be prayed into existence. It has never happened and it is high time we stopped wasting our time and copy, if we have given up on our creative energy, what others did. Let’s take a look at some of the ridiculous things we do that prayers cannot help us with. Nigeria as a country was founded by foreign invaders, hardened criminals who used all brute, intellectual and mental forces to subdue the different people they tied as one. They stole our resources; mentally enslaved us and finally, forcefully, brought us under one banner and gave us the name Nigeria. That was the root of all Nigeria’s problems.

This forceful and alien unification of a heterogeneous people is the foundation and pillar of this country’s major problems. Nigeria was never negotiated by the people that made up Nigeria and the overrated crop of men who have ruled and still rule didn’t see the need for one and prayer sessions are often used as distraction. A country of heterogeneous zombies united by a homogeneous religious blindness was created. The invaders created a fine flu and passed it down to everyone, especially the leaders, and today the flu flow both from the general to the particular and vice versa. Nigerians, on purpose (after the mental re-engineering), brought the unfit to power. They were not forced (at this point you don’t need force), except in cases where a Maurice Iwu writes the results. They had freewill (at this point were they still in control?) and in most cases they choose idiots.

When these idiots come to power, both the Nigerians who voted for them and those who didn’t, begin to hold prayer sessions and crusades for the idiot to pull a cat out of a nonexistent hat. In crusades, they pray and bind every spirit of darkness, that stubborn Persian Prince holding the country back is trampled upon today, tomorrow and yesterday. But in reality, they are the spirits of darkness holding the country back. They elect people whose manifestoes and lifework does not show a desire for homogeneity, the desire to tackle the monster the Brits created on purpose. They elect people who are not capable of governing themselves to govern the entire country but then call on a God to come to their rescue. If I was the God they prayed to I will be disappointed and mad. What is the brain and freewill I gave these guys for? Why should I make them different and better than cows but still watch cows do better than them? If I was the God they prayed to I will be angrier when they put their annoying incompetence and laziness in a prayer request. Maybe that is what is happening.

How do you pray for things you have the ability to do yourself? A boy writes badly in an exam but in his room at home, he solicits for miracles from the Most High God, isn’t that another form of examination malpractice? It is like a trained Mechanical Engineer begging his boss to help him work a screw. It is not just annoying; it is also a dangerous form of emptiness. We trash our refuse in the gutters but still wonder why God has refused to stop the man-made flood that kill us whenever it rains. We have prayed and cried enough to the Big Man but nothing is working. We have lost properties and family members in the flood, our prayers have not been answered and some of us wonder if this God we serve exists. I don’t know but a creator will be pissed to see some set of his creation act like a bunch of idiots. It is painful.

Some of us smash our remotes on the wall, chair or floor when they misbehave even though we know that remotes are mechanical and nonhuman or animate, imagine how the same people will feel and react if these remotes are actually alive and choose to annoy them on purpose. Maybe that is how God feels about our prayers. We make choices based on tribal and religious lines and we go back home to pray that the ineffectual one we just made King do well. Afterwards we act as if we are blind. We notice that prayer doesn’t work in that manner, that it doesn’t gift intelligence overnight, that it doesn’t make bad leaders good but on the next election we go back to put more bad people in place and kick off with the prayer sessions. Let’s think about it. If prayer worked in governance and those in government need them, then it becomes illogical to have a change of government.

Prayers don’t work that way and that is why there is always a change of government. Any idiot can be on seat while our prayer warriors go on dry fasting to heal the land. USA, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Germany, etc., were built by men who overlooked the emotional aspect of governance. They didn’t pray for Berlin or the leader and a God somewhere waved a magic wand and the city appeared. They knew what was needed for the growth of their country. Prayer doesn’t save any country, it will not save Nigeria. Africa prays more than every other continent and we suffer more than every other. On the logical font, if prayers worked, countries that prayed more will be more developed and countries like Denmark and Britain will be third world countries. The truth is, prayer is the excuse a country of weaklings offer in the face of catastrophe.

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