Politics Controls Everything

From business, governance, religion, science to art, the systems of politics control every activity of man. A grip on the political structures of any institution usually translates to control over this institution and whoever directs the political movement technically controls the adherents of the institution. While the adherents and partakers think their actions are the products of independent thinking, it is actually a product of controlled thinking. In the ancient times when might was the most important attribute of man, our ancestors engaged in battles with one another for political control and whoever misses out doesn’t get to sit at the table when spoils are shared. Within individual nations there were also political skirmishes between the people for the same reason.

At first, there was no structure and man couldn’t control man without structure and so had to invent one. The same way some governments today fund disorders and proffer themselves as solutions in elections, our forefathers created problems for each other and both the mischievous and honest indigenes came together to establish a system and code for society. The selfish ideas of a man were then presented as the idea of nationalism and every concept of human life was built on the beliefs and aspirations of this man. To keep people in check and under his control, to avoid dethronement or disgrace from the people, he created distractions so he could influence the outcomes of things. War had to be given a nationalistic and patriotic colour so that the master can make subjects see his personal enemies as state enemies and fight and treat them accordingly.

On the spiritual angle, people had to be occupied with religion and a devil was brought in to take the blame for every negative thing going on in their lives. The leader was supposed to take the blame, he was supposed to be thrown out for incompetence but because, at the time, leadership was based on preservation and preservation was based on physical strength and physical strength was not based on mental agility, morality or intellectual prowess, the only intelligence the vast majority of the leaders knew then was oppression. Hence, a distraction was necessary to keep the balance. Religion, Gods and Satan had to be recreated and made guilty of the crimes and weaknesses of the leader. On the business front, creative destructive inventions were not promoted because they could create disorderliness and push the people beyond their tolerance levels. Business had to be controlled and trade items certified by a body. Education was to be guided in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the system and as in their battle for leadership and political control, the educational environment was politicized and educationist were to give a quality of education without the ingredients for ‘chaos’.


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Like our ancestors before us, we still hold unto primitive political structures of control. The United Nations, UN, is supposed to be run like a republic but a situation where one country has power other countries do not have, why wouldn’t there be occurrences similar to George Orwell’s Animal Farm? At the core of the United Nations structures lies politics. The UN is run on a structure and the structure was erected on a system and whoever created the political system that created the structure controls the United Nations. The UN Headquarters is located in New York, United States, and it is no wonder the US control the UN. They created the politics that founded the UN and in turn created the structure and while other countries are simply members, they are the Chief Executive and Directors of the Union. Politics is all about control. Control over what people believe, control over what they think, control over the progress of countries, control over what they do and all these is jeered towards the goal of being above all men.

The new generation of Nigerian churches are run by good politicians and masters of control. Mind you, a good politician is not a good person but simply a man good at manipulating everyone, destroying their psyche and eating the victims for lunch. While Christians believe there is a reward in heaven and that the coming of Jesus solved the middle man problem, these pastors tell them they are the middle men and that earthly reward wouldn’t damage the integrity of heavenly reward and then milk them. If they were not good political animals they wouldn’t have the power to make people, like we saw a pastor do in South Africa, eat grass. When they play good politics, they are rewarded with power and Like Varys said in Game of Thrones: power resides where men believe it resides. It is a trick. A shadow on the wall and a very small man can cast a very large shadow. Nigeria and Africa are typical examples.

The ideas of those at the helm of affairs control the direction of the country and the result as we have seen is a mad house. Take something as simple as power or WiFi in our Universities. While few Universities provide these two basic necessities, many, because of politics and not because of ignorance, deny their students these basic amenities. There is no amount of suggestion you will provide that will solve the problem. Write to a school that has rivers about Hydro energy and you are only wasting your time. Write a University of Technology on Solar Energy if you like you are only wasting your time. Think of a solution, or even create one and tell the institution to use it and you will also be wasting your time. It is all about Politics. It is the reason why a man who claimed to have found a cure for AIDS was told he didn’t seek permission before embarking on such shameful journey. It is the reason why you can’t repair a bad road with your money. It is the same reason why oil is drilled in the Niger Delta and the oil companies have their companies in another state. It is the reason why there is only one fully functional seaport in Nigeria. It is the reason Nigeria is not working. Once you learn and master this, you will become the master of your fate.

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