The Nigerian Youth We Should Make President

Two Necessary Requirements

Their have been calls for a youth president from different voices in Nigeria. We can hear it from the mouths of the men who ruined and still ruining Nigeria, from the voices of youths who are ruining Nigeria in their own little way, from the angry youths and men who are genuinely disappointed in this country and want to make change. I am not talking about the APC type of change. The old men have failed and the youths, who are not entirely different from these old men, except in physical appearance, are asking to have a taste of leadership. The youths hold the key to unlocking the battered and hidden potential of this country, they sad. They have a point. A glance at our music and video industry will show you the footprints of a Nigerian youth with no government support.

Before I proceed to that youth we should make President, I would like to first define who qualifies to be called a youth in the political context in Nigeria. It is not unusual to see an old man leading a youth organization in Nigeria. It is not unusual to see a grandpa making a statement on behalf of a group of youths. The word has been abused and employed as a source of income, control and power by people in this location of the world. While the United Nations, UN, recognises anyone between 15-24 years as a youth, in Nigeria, the government identifies only those between 18-35. Here we’ll stick with the Nigerian definition. If you are above 35 or below 18 you are not one. Let’s leave the logic behind that and proceed.

So, what should this Nigerian youth vying for President has to be voted into power? What psychological, mental and intellectual skills should he posses to be crowned king? Should this Nigerian youth be voted President simply because he is a youth and we want to make some youth president? Does his appearance matter? What about his words? How should his words sound? Charismatic or uncharismatic? Should that even matter? What about his actions and history? Was he a thief in the past, a demonic SUG President or a good mannered fellow? Does he even need to be educated or have the required SSCE certificate like some integrity challenged leaders? What about his ideas and dreams? Are his ideas as large as white elephants? Does he understand people? Etc.

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His Mind Is Sound:
The first tool he or she has is a sound mind. A clear idea of the value he places on himself, the value he places on humans and the value he places on the lives of Nigerians. Is he in any way a mental slave? A mental slave is someone who is mentally trapped in a prison. Not physical prisons but the deadly imprisonment of his or her petty mind. It is a nonphysical prison but controls everything he thinks. It is worse than a physical prison. It is worse than any physical sickness because it is through his mental prison bars that stupidity and bad leadership is given shape. He judges the world from an imprisoned point of view. He talks down on himself and his people. He strongly believes that he is not genetically able to challenge certain people of the world. He hero worships ordinary and overblown men who ruined his country. These are examples of some of the theories of a mental slave:

  • He strongly thinks, and most often claims to know, that blacks can never be as good as whites. He judges intelligence by skin colour. If he is a mental slave, their is no way he can rise above the predicament dwarfing his sense of self.
  • He doesn’t know his people, the Africans, the Igbos, the Yorubas, the Ekets, the Hausas, The Tivs, The Ibibio’s, etc., had a history before he was colonized. A history of great prosperity, invention and thinking. His education ends where western education begins. He is a member of that Nigerian society who use the words ‘After God, Na Oyibo’.
  • He is aware of nothing. Not the news in the country he wants to govern or the news in the world he is trying to join in giving direction. He is among those who brag about the worthlessness of the news. He neither reads nor reasons. He questions nothing.
  • He worships failures. He looks at a sick failing leader and sees the light of God. He thinks divinity has anything to do with political power. He thinks the God in heaven will give him freewill and still choose for him. He is timid and a coward to the truth.

The first step to liberation is mental liberation. For the body to be free, the mind has to be outside the jailhouse. For the country to move forward, we need sound men with sound minds to lead the way. A healthy body with an unhealthy mind is doomed for failure. When a doomed mind lead the people, like we’ve had, that nation is destined for failure. The Nigerian youth we must make president must have a sound mind. It is a must. He must be that Renaissance man that believes in himself, the people and the world. He is not a slave to anyone or any people. He reads, he thinks and reasons. He is not a dunce. He is enlightened. So, before you even begin to consider that Nigerian youth for president check if he needs to do a test in the leadership psychiatric hospital. He must have emancipated himself from that form of slavery.

If he has a sound mind, he will have dignity and respect for Nigerian lives. He will know that our healing process can no longer wait to begin. It will be difficult for him to cheat his people, it will be hard to find him reneging on his words and his soul will ooze out abundant life. He will know that all Nigerian lives matter. He will know that all lives matter. The idea that all the fallible Nigerian leaders we’ve had are infallible wouldn’t be found in his menu. The idea that the old failed leaders are good simply because they are old wouldn’t be found in his menu. He knows the anatomy of the truth, of leadership and of Nigeria. Without this(a sound mind), he can fall at any time. Without a strong mind he can’t build a strong people. Without an emancipated mind their can be no emancipation. This Nigerian youth must be mentally equipped to run this country. He must be at peace in the head.

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Someone who sees something wrong with the leaders abusing their rights and privileges is the Nigerian youth we need. A youth who knows that the served are more powerful than the servants is the Nigerian youth I will vote for. A youth who knows that, in a democracy, the people are the most powerful. I’m not talking about the PDP type of power. Someone who abhors every form of unholy brutality is what we need. Not one who, like the Taxi driver I spoke with yesterday, believes only military force can save Nigeria. A mentally sufficient leader will know that no matter what happens, no matter the craze around, his people do not deserve to die by his hands. He will spark up the brain that will spark up the country because his mind is already salvaged. Can you find such youth vying for President here? Can we have a Prisoner of Conscious contesting for President? Currently, we are expecting a miracle from a mental slave.

He Must Have Mastered His Fears:
If he is ready to make change he must be ready to die for this country. He must be ready to get this country working again(Again? Like it has ever worked) or die trying. If he is not ready to do this, then he will end up like every other overrated President we have had here. He must have mastered his fears and sees life for what it truly is. He must know we are just passing here and the best we can do with our time is to better our environment. If he loves his life so much he will lose this country and his life. He will just be like every other overrated ‘god-choosen’ President we’ve had here. He will indulge in easy and safe fights and lose the war. If he is afraid, he will find it hard to take very hard decisions. He must fear no one or anything under the sun. That’s a necessary tool. A ghost wearing a body shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

In the mythology of Achilles, his goddess mother, Thetis, gave him a prophecy. Thetis explained to his warrior son, how his life and legacy will unfold if he chooses one of two scenarios. One. To live forever, with his legacies intact, Achilles will have to partake in the Trojan war in Troy. He will die in the war but he will never depart the lips of men for thousands of years. Two. He may remain in Greece, marry, have many children and die as an unknown old man without any legacy or name. No honour. No legacy. Nothing. Achilles choose the former. He embraced his death and ditched fear. He conquered fear by letting a pinch through his heel. He died but his legacy lived. He knew he had more to gain by dying than living. The American President, John F. Kennedy died through an assassination but he’s still spoken of till this day. He knew what he signed up for. He made both powerful and pregnant speeches of dismantling the ‘system’. In 100 years time, let’s raise it to 130, everyone living now will be dead.

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Are you getting scared now? You plan contesting and you are scared? You want to vote a Nigerian youth but you don’t think this is necessary? You want to make very tough decisions but you don’t think you need a high degree of toughness? You are not ready. Go work on that before you carry placards demanding for a youth president. Are you even sound? I mean you the voter. Do you have what it takes to identify a presidential material? How did this Nigerian youth you want to make president handle threats in the past? Was he that coward easily pushed to the corner? Did he resist the threatening hands around him for the lesser good? If he is a coward or has a history of cowardice, it won’t be strange to see him sneak his cowardice into governance. If he has not mastered his fear, the truth is, good governance is scary and the fly will be clapped away. If he doesn’t have the guts for that he should sit down.

That Nigerian youth must be smart enough to know that for Nigeria to work, we have to be spiritually homogeneous. We must think alike, behave alike and have one vision and goal. He or she must be ready to dismantle structures that communicate division. He or she must be ready to create a nation of citizens and not a nation of tribes. He must be willing to replace state of origin with state of residence. He must be ready to do things differently. If his mind is sound and he has no fear, he already has two vital ingredients to see this through. With these two ingredients, nations are made great. With these two requirements he will conquer and prosper. It is their absence in our previous leaders that got us here. Take a look at our resume. Men who are neither sound enough to think for themselves thinking for the entire country. Men with hernia of the testes confused for strong men. Men who deserve an entire ward in the hospital to avoid an epidemic prescribing drugs. I hope that Nigerian youth you are promoting is not an offshoot of these men.

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