The New People in Power and Matters Arising

After the inauguration of the newly elected politicians in the last elections, interesting dramas have been playing out. It began with President Buhari in his typical disdain for the Nigerian people failing to give a speech after his swearing in and jetting out a day after to a meeting of the member states of the OIC, Organization of Islamic Countries. Is Nigeria an Islamic state? That is a discussion for another day. No word on the imaginary achievements so far. No word on the plans for the future. Just silence.

In Imo State, the Iberiberism master was nowhere to be found on the handover day as he, prior to the day, held a press conference where he spoke of strange things like reconciliation and the demerits of witch-hunting. The man who arrogantly and ignorantly allocated to himself the title of the Father of New Imo, have degrees in the act and his new words are like the breath of a trapped man.

Ihedioha, the former Nigerian House speaker was sworn in and signs of more drama were evident. A day later, the badly erected Akachi structure was almost brought down if not for the intervention of the Brand New Governor; though we are still asking who then is responsible if the command didn’t come from the People’s House. In typical fashion, the photos taken by the new Governor’s team showed the People’s House was badly looted and damaged by the aides, staff and other former occupants in Okorocha’s administration. If there is anything to take cognisance of, anything to be wary of within these few days, it is the rise of Fake News. Who claimed that the Governor sent the tractors to demolish Akachi after just one day? Who saw the Governor signing a Five (5) Billion Naira cheque to renovate the People’s House? Who claimed the Governor already started work?

In Lagos, the outgoing man, Ambode, was also absent for the handover ceremony and who will, considering the humiliation he experienced in the hands of the Godfathers of Lagos and his party. He was thrown out for familial incompetence and in his desperate words; a mental case was made Governor. How can it be that a Nigerian Governor was refused second term? I see the logic even though it is not consistent with the game played at the federal and Nigerian level. Lagos stank and needed fresh air. From Ikotun, Ejigbo, Iyana Ipaja, Okota, Orile Iganmu, Yaba, Oshodi, Surulere, Lawanson, to Obalende, Lekki Phase I, Victoria Island, to Ajah, dirtiness was advertised. I never bought the propaganda reeled out at any time even though the logic of the Godfathers stank. So far, Sanwo Olu seems ready to correct his flaws. Seems! With Nigerian politicians, you can never tell.


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In Rivers State, the incumbent set out to initiate an exorcism after his swearing in. The road to power was littered with the blood of Rivers people and he insinuated that the military, as in most cases of human disasters, had a hand in creating the corpses on the street. He wailed and spoke of the plans by the federal government of Nigeria to have the ruling party, or just another party, in control of the oil producing state. The army denied the allegations but any Nigerian with a little understanding of Nigerian affairs understands the army’s defence is hogwash.

The army is feared by the people and not respected and senseless comedians glory their uncivilized behaviour towards Nigerian people with dry jokes. In Imo State, Rochas, the master of Iberiberism, was tortured for anti-party activities when he supported his Son-In-Law, Uche Nwosu, in AA, Action Alliance, in the gubernatorial race but the same punishment did not apply to Rotimi Amaechi who also supported the candidate of the AA in Rivers State. Is Rivers very important that antiparty activities can be used as weapon?

In Kaduna, despite the bloodshed that happened and the perceived disunity of the people, the short guy, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai showed you can win with a Muslim-Muslim ticket. While he is hated in Southern Kaduna for funding the violence of Fulani Herdsmen, even if indirectly, in the North, many still see his usefulness. You would think it will be impossible for a man who claimed to have given violent Herdsmen money for ‘peace to reign’ to come back a second time but he did. This guy is one of the men who disappointed many.

Following his ruthless reshaping of Nigeria’s capital as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory hopes were high and he was expected to replicate the feat, even if ruthlessly. Even his enemies couldn’t argue against his emergence but if there is anything he has ruthlessly messed up, it is the lives of the people and peace in the state. Is it going to be better? Is the second tenure in the life of an elected Nigerian politician in this country ever better?

Another surprise was the bullion van carrying, the dollar stashing, the creator and the inventor of the New Babanriga Banking System, Holy Gandollar. Kano gave a fight and at a point voting was paused and after we returned from the week long commercial, a miracle happened and Holy Gandollar rose again. We thought he was already nailed and his body burnt to the ground but as is his trademark, he made a way where they seemed to be no way and his opponents, in ‘Sifia’ pains, threw up words like rigging, vote buying and malpractice. The video and audio evidence of the dollar stashing exercise was not enough to lock him out.

In Abia, a miracle also happened and Governor Ikpeazu won even after owing the civil servants for many months. The substandard roads Chief Zebrudaya was paid to wow about in that despicable advert are Rochas Standard and like the acid rain did to Rochas’ poorly constructed roads, Ikpeazu’s will follow suit. The dirt still ooze in Aba and Umuahia is still a shadow of a capital. Will anything change in the second tenure? Honestly, it doesn’t seem so.

We will be seeing more surprises in the election tribunal in the coming weeks and months but if there is anything that is constant and wouldn’t surprise us, not because we are pessimistic but because we are realists and Nigerians, it is that not much will really change for good. There could be pockets of positive changes but the vast majority of things that will change will lean on the negative side. This generation of recycled politicians have shown us that winning an election is evidence of membership to the elite class and membership to the elite class requires both mental and financial corruption and subtle, overt or covert hatred and denigration of the people. These cannot birth growth or inclusive governance.

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