Most Governments Are Terrorist Organizations

Thousands of years of brainwashing has helped to lock and twitch the mindset of majority of humanity. Minds have been reprogrammed and the norm — our idea of it, that is, has become degenerate. No matter the level of civilisation, we still spring more victories from and for our lower brain. From the monarchies of the ancient world to the aristocracies, democracies and oligarchies intertwined in the present and past, the goal has been the same. In all a myth pervades all systems of government and the fuel for its sustenance is vested on the people but unfortunately they are not aware and where they do, seem not to understand the implication of this power.

Governments in this myth equal ‘Authority’ and this authority of the government is equal to legality and legality tantamount to goodness. A group of hoodlums could loot a place and set up every structure of government and the people worship them because they have authority over the stolen landscape. A bunch of Armed Robbers could rob a place of both its resources and identity but covered by the banner of the tag ‘government’, they wouldn’t be seen in that light. They will be hailed for instilling Justice and when we discuss their deeds in history class, we don’t dwell much on the evil they created except their name is Adolph Hitler. Like the British, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish governments scrambling for the world three centuries ago.


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For years, man has empowered his oppressors by this blind belief in authority and the men who form government all over the world have drawn from this power. In the first place, it was man versus his environment and survival of the fittest within nature. The weather he mastered and defeated and the strong passed sensual experience to the next generation. This new generation of men were better equipped to face their environment and they fought, survived and dominated the wild animals. After putting others in check, it was time for man to fight, defeat, dominate and put fellow man in check. From personal lust to dominate, personal wars with fellow man to the formation of the team and the construction of society.

From the family to the families to the clan, the establishment of hierarchies to the delegation of duties and to the formation of the societies; there was the preservation of society, the preservation of hierarchy (or authority), the preservation of clans, the preservation of families to the preservation of family and the preservation of the man. The selfish man saw the need to dominate and clothe personal interest with the attire of national or societal interest and with the authority the hierarchy guaranteed him; he could destroy his enemy and still feel no guilt or pressure. Coordinated and under the illusion of the people’s creation (or government), the same crime that warranted death sentences in modern societies like killing fellow man is seen as neutralization of targets.

Today the United States of America is the most powerful country in the world but truth be told, the Government of the USA, besides faring well on other development index, is also a terrorist organization. ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Quaeda are terrorist organizations because established governments want us to see them as such. The moment these same governments clothe them in fine attire and change one or two lexicons, our perceptions about them begin to change. Muammar Al Gaddafi was killed in Libya in 2011 by REBELS armed by NATO and till this day, though the death of the tyrant at the hands of these TERRORISTS recognised obvious terrorism, no media house or person feels okay calling his killer terrorists.

You see, if the United State government or the other governments who control the media had called them TERRORISTS, the world will recognise them as such. If the roles were reversed and it was Libya, as powerful as that day’s US doing the attack, the world will buy the Libyan narrative too. In the case of Gaddafi’s Libya, who was really the terrorist? Just Gaddafi (obviously, by terrorist standards, Gaddafi was also a terrorist) or NATO too? Same thing happened in Iraq between Saddam Hussein and the same US Government but no one dares to call the US government terrorist even though in the real sense of the word that is what they are. But that is terrorism versus terrorism but there is also terrorism versus civilisations.

The maltreatment of people by their government is also terrorism. Just last week, the Nigerian Police shot at and killed about eleven (11) protesting Shia Muslims and lost a Deputy Commissioner of Police in the process. Four years ago, over 347 of the same Shiite group, the IMN or Islamic Movement of Nigeria as the sect is called, were killed by the military. Somewhere in South Sudan, Rick and Salvakir have helped to kill thousands of their people. In Uganda, it is Yoweri Museveni and Family unlimited. In CAR, Central African Republic, Balaka soaked many in blood. In North Korea the emperor and God, Kim, rules with an iron fist.

In China, the communist party decides which business is allowed to grow or killed. In The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, the Punisher, is killing drug lords both legally and illegally and collateral damages are just…well, collateral damages. In Venezuela, despite the giant height inflation reached, Maduro is still President. And besides the direct oppression of the people by their governments, these terrorist governments too, because it is in the nature of evil to despise all, are against terrorist governments and the innocent in both countries suffer. Israel Vs Palestine, Saudi Vs Yemen, China Vs Hong Kong, India Vs Pakistan, Russia Vs Ukraine, USA Vs Everybody else.

What is government? Democracy often described as the government by, for and of the people is simply government of the majority by the majority and for the majority. Even this too is an illusion. Once the new guy gets power he uses state apparatus how he deems fit and we have to respect him and his use of these tools even when he breaks the law. Breaks the law? That is a sentence that is not existent in African governments and a look at the number of those in government, or better still, a look at those who have become what we call government, shows the weakness of our people. In Nigeria, for example, we are about 200 million human beings but the numbers of persons terrorising us, the number of those in government who allow this torture to go on, either by participation or negligence, are not up to five million.

Our governments have been terrorist organizations but you dare not call them that and while Boko Haram kills thousands, our governments have killed millions. The policemen who kill on daily basis on the road are part of the government and our rage in the face of these killings is not good enough. We can’t even pretend to be angry for long. We have just experienced terrorism but we neither consider it as one nor see what our babysitter just did. Some of us even go as far as praising the babysitter while blaming the dead child for refusing to follow the instructions of the same babysitter we employed. That is the great illusion of authority Larken Rose was talking about in The Most Dangerous Superstition.

A gang of thieves have their meetings and decide to increase tax and we simply comply because they go by the tag we are familiar with. A gang of never do wells congregate and shoot us dead for simply protesting and we crawl back to our rooms because another of our employee pronounced shoot-at-sight legal. When oil is found in your backyard it is a property of the government and drilling or refining it locally, instead of calling the government, is against the law but when weed, banned by government, is found in your house, it belongs to you and jail calls. They make laws that are in line with their flaws and even with the number of people outside government; the brainwash is so strong that no one dares to dismantle the painful and useless structure. Once a government begins to attack its own people whether physically with weapons, mentally with ideas that diminish them, or inaction, it becomes a terrorist organization and going by this, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or Boko Haram is nowhere in the top ten list.

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