Why There Is Little Conscious Blogging In Nigeria

As bloggers, if their is anything we owe society, it is truth. We owe our society a balanced analyses of events because we have the power to shape minds — conscious blogging. We could start a war with the words we inscribe on these pages. We could turn the masses to zombies and watch them drink from their own blood without remorse. We could start a terrible hate campaign against anyone or ideology, a campaign backed by neither logic or morality, and still have followers. We have got powers that could intellectually mummify a people and have them operating like savages. We could promote the animalistic nature of man and it would, over time, seem normal. Thanks to our society, such control mechanisms are effective.

Conscious Blogging is blogging that exudes life, reality, truth and justice. It is without illogical sentiments. It is an overt operation promoting the most moral of virtues. It is not something you do with terrified fingers. It is not something that exists to quell the rumbling beats of poor stomachs. It is not something that exists to massage the ego of the highest bidder. It is not something that exists to tacitly and directly support violence from either higher or lower powers. It hurts you with the truth. It is not politically correct. Conscious blogging exists to bridge that unpalatable gap between what is happening and what should be happening. It exists to go to the depths of the sleeping masses and wake up them up.

Conscious blogging is what happens when the political thief who steals from the masses is called a thief in the face and presence of applauding supporters. It is what happens when that criminal pastor and imam who dress in holy robes are called criminals and followers educated on how to beat their trick. It is what happens when you understand that the present crop of leaders in Africa are simply clowns who are not serious in getting their race out of the dark they and their forefathers plunged her into. It is what happens when the youths, child and man are properly educated. Where cultures and traditions do not tower over good behaviour simply because they are cultures and traditions. It is reasoning that is free. It happens because the man’s quest for truth and critiquing is limitless.

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Before writing this article, I surfed the net for Nigerian blogs that are conscious. Blogs that breath life into the soul of the man by touching the man where it matters most. A blog that is solely dedicated to promoting or preaching, if you like, the value, anatomy and physiology of truth. I used every keyword possible and all I got were blogs that only touched on that politically correct level pleasing the minds of every Nigerian. My intention was to share some of the blogs here to help readers interested in the core essence of being to try add other sources. The closest I found is the blog SecureAndSureNigeria. What the blogger basically does is reel out information on living a secured life in Nigeria. It is something conscious but I wanted something more.

I wanted something that was off the comfort zone. Something that challenged the powers and the poor structures we have here. Something that operates at the basic level where thoughts and actions are given life. Not necessarily controversial but something that hurts me with the truth. Something that was not politically correct and cared less about the irrational feelings it could generate. Honestly, I couldn’t find any. Maybe I used the wrong keywords. I wondered why we can’t really have that around here. Sahara Reporters used to have the face of conscious reporting until it turned out that they, like every other Nigerian media, choose the evil to talk about. So, why do we have such emptiness in that area requiring great input?

The reason we are lacking in conscious bloggers in Nigeria is simply because people are afraid of all the attributes of conscious blogging. People want to please everyone even those annoyed by any attempt at pleasing them. They don’t want to hurt their best friends by saying words that are true because those friends are hurt by them. They are scared for their lives even though the majority of these bloggers believe in God and heaven. They are scared of being cut short by people who think the words they utter in their blogs are too hurtful to warrant a reasonable debate. They are scared of the poverty that could be associated with conscious blogging in Nigeria. Because most bloggers run the blog for financial gains, they try to act the way of real life businessmen. They are motivated by money and not truth.

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Most Nigerian bloggers are too physically hungry with an empty intellectual stomach to concern themselves with making a change or talking about truth. That is why we are in the era of copy and paste blogging style. A blogger works so hard to think, to analyse, to edit and post a well researched content only for another blogger to copy it and paste on their blog without referencing the original writer. He’s too lazy to write on a niche and the most reasonable way to keep his readers updated is by copying the hard work of another blogger. He wants to make money through dubious means. If we probe deeper we will notice that hunger is not entirely his problem but poor morals. We could say that the general(by general here I mean major) poor behaviour, low intellect, poverty and poor sense of right and wrong is responsible for the absence of conscious bloggers in Nigeria.

Let’s address these issues starting with hunger, or better put, money. Generally people love the ‘idea’ of goodness. They love the ‘idea’ of the right way a thing should be done to work. They don’t hide it in their words but when they act, this idea and love for goodness is absent. Our words are usually entirely different from the way we act. Often times, we are just hypocrites giving advice we will never take. We profess our love for goodness but confess our love for vice. We also do not want to hear about those places we falter. We don’t want to hear that our words do not match our actions even though it is what is really happening. Conscious bloggers are like reminders to what we ought do as a people but failing to do. It reminds us about our ills, something we loathe. It doesn’t admire our unreasonable bias.

A blogger who is hungry or interested in making money in excess will act like a businessman in this context. He will write the things that will please the majority so that this majority will keep visiting. He will say what everyone wants to hear so that his peace with everyone with reflect with the peace in his bank account. He will not touch the heroes of his friends and majority of his readers. If calling the truth a lie will give him cash, he will call it a lie. A conscious blogger will do everything different from what he is doing. If touching people’s heroes will send the message he will touch their heroes. If standing alone is more logical he will stand alone. He knows that if he writes to please everyone he will have more visitors around and conscious blogging is antithetical to this.

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You can’t be politically correct and still be a conscious blogger. The two terms are diametrically opposed. By political correctness I mean using words like “Nigerians love each other” even when it is evident that Nigerians hate, kill, and wish each other evil everyday. When you use words like “Nigeria is the giant of Africa” when it is obvious even to the unobtrusive observer that we are a nation of dwarfs. The blogger needs to use those lies because the majority of Nigerians who hate, kill and wish each other evil use those words. They tend to treat progress like a Motivational Speech. As though that by merely assuming the erroneous it becomes true. As though wishing away reality changes their unsupportive hearts and reality. No conscious blogger will tell themselves that lie. Truth is the spice of conscious blogging.

The fear aspect could have some logic. If people who want to go to heaven celebrate escaping an accident(an accident that would had taken them straight to heaven) it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a young man who wants to enjoy this world to try avoid whatever could hasten his demise faster. Because, in this country, people are scared of criticism, they could try hard to move out those doing the critiquing and the young blogger is scared. Even the old blogger is scared. And as long as he has an atom of fear in him he can’t express himself to full capacity. He will always be jittery and call a spade a farm implement. He thinks, not just ‘thinks’, he knows, what could happen from telling the truth and he sticks to areas where no higher power will be hurt. So, a Nigerian blogger will weigh these things before going conscious.

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I’m hoping to see an increase in the number of conscious blogs in this country. It is through that basic education and thoughts conscious blogging explore, that great nations are made. We need conscious bloggers to expose the shame of a nation we are and how we can get on track. Hiding your political correctness in motivational speeches will only prolong your suffering. Before you begin to aspire to respire and transpire (like your motivational speakers will say) you must make sure your thoughts are not expired. We need conscious bloggers around who will excite and activate the neurotransmitters that will wake up our atrophied organ of justice and truth. Only when it is about the survival of human person, the survival of nature, and the promotion of good behaviour, will our growth will be limitless.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.


  1. Like ur articles bro. The thing Conscious Blogging was what I’ve been thinking but with the name ‘Legacy Blogging’ — blogging with an intent to make sth good outta life.
    Thumbs up man!

  2. I really like your article, your laid down points are enough to describe the failure of our bloggers today. I am blogger but I won’t say am immune to the reasons you listed in your article. Africa and Nigeria is a corrupt place, government are also trying hard so that they won’t be criticized using the term ‘hate speeches’. I once posted a story concerning the IGP and his concubine, Amina with a photo for proof, even most blogs that copied the story couldn’t even paste the picture on their blogs. Nairaland also did same thing on their forum, I wonder where the internet space in Nigera is heading.

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