Is God a Good Person?

From the civilized to the uncivilized, the developed to the developing, the influence of God in the universe is evident in our lives. There are few who believe he doesn’t exist, that what religions and theists are working with is nothing but a figment of the imagination. My argument here wouldn’t follow that pattern but if we want to be honest we must admit that Religion has not really been able to prove the existence of God and neither has the nonexistence of God been proved satisfactorily by an unbeliever. The occurrence of strange manifestations suggest the existence of powers, for example, the Speaking in Tongues of the Christians and Fighting Jinns in Islam, but the qualifications theists ascribe to the maker and the source of these manifestations, on critical examination, does not hold water. Neither has the atheist been able to tell us if he arrived at his position through logic or the absence of faith. In that sense, none of the two sides could be said to be logical enough.

The Theist believes in a deity but can’t prove the existence of this deity and an Atheist doesn’t accept his prove and hence God doesn’t exist. It is important to understand that the lack of proof or poor presentation of ideas does not amount to the absence of existence. While the Theist holds a belief that God exists, the Atheist doesn’t believe that he does and both often conclude the other is deluded. On critical examination, none of their positions is really backed by logic and if the Atheist claims that what he has towards God is not a disbelief but logic based, I will like to know the factual premises that led to the conclusion. The truth is, we do not know if these Gods like Yahweh and Allah exist but if there is anything we have that matters more than the rest, in fact, the basis on which religions and societies stand, it is morality.

What is bad or good? Whether Allah and Yahweh are ideas or entities that actually exist, our appreciation of these Gods in our so-called battle for good must be based on their resume. The Christians have the Bible and Muslims, the Koran, and these two books are the inspirations for the worship of the Gods in both faiths. An analysis of their works in these books will clearly tell any brave and honest mind their positions on the morality scale. To a typical Theist, who is often a zombie, unfortunately, this venture is dangerous, evil and a challenge to the Most High God but if man was given a brain to spring thoughts, freewill to make decisions, why will it annoy a creator who knows the destination of truth seekers? It wouldn’t piss a good and wise man off when innocent teenagers search for truth and when Theists insist on this position, it boils down to either ignorance or an admittance, even if they don’t see it so, that this creator is malevolent.


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Both the Bible and Koran talks about Lucifer or Shaitan, the one God sent to hell to burn forever that will be joined by other children of God who fell out of love with him. On a surface level, the unthinking mind sees nothing wrong in a creator punishing his creation how he deems fit and the eternal fury of hell isn’t that bad. In fact, in religious places, this is often used as a tool to keep dissenters in check and most believers wouldn’t really believe in God if there is no hell. Many religious people worship God because they are afraid of going to hell and when you place your hands over candlelight for just thirty seconds you will understand why any brainwashed person will want none of that eternal flame. They fear God and just like Nigerians treat the madmen on camouflage, they don’t respect or love him. The question is will any good man burn his enemies forever and ever? Even if he has lost much of his humanity can’t he just stop at the first burn?

We are not even talking of enemies here to begin with but wayward children and we are supposed to believe that a good man will burn them forever and ever. The weight of the sin doesn’t matter. Lie to your wife, lie to little children or kill over a million people and the penalty is the same. Fornicate with your girlfriend, sleep with someone’s wife, snatch a husband or kill a thousand children and the penalty is the same. What sort of justice system is this? As a human being, can you burn you worst enemy? Can you watch a human being who stole from you burnt for just ten minutes? We (and by we here I refer to the Nigerians who love to identify with civilization) often call people who execute such Jungle Justice, Demons, and the such scenes even break some uncivilized ones among us. A lot of us shun Jungle Justice and some can’t kill a rat disturbing the peace but we see nothing wrong in this judgement.

We wouldn’t give our worst enemy such treatment if we have the chance but here we are not only worshipping the being who does that but we also praise him and call him a good man. A Good Man! It is almost as annoying as watching educated and civilized Nigerians call President Buhari a man of integrity. The truth is, if God as described in the Bible and Koran truly exists, then he is not a good person but a monster and wouldn’t be worthy of the praise given to him. A monster should be despised by every civilised person and shouldn’t be worshipped by any sane. No good person will send his children to such hell for eternity for a crime he or she committed within a period of hundred years or less. No sane or good man will see all sins or crime in the same light. And that is another place we show double standards. Even as humans, who by the descriptions of the Holy books are not good or smart enough, we still show empathy and our conscience is troubled when a judge exerts excessive punishment on guilty persons. We are not afraid to say that the punishment is severe for the crime committed but in church we worship a being who is worse. We are actually worshipping a monster and we pretend that his monstrosity is not there because he can do whatever he wishes with his creation. The truth is that humans are better than the Gods they worship. Stop fooling yourself.

Do you need to pray to a good man to do well? If there is a good man around and a child is drowning but will only act when that child begs for support, then there is something wrong with our definition of good. Some will say that intervention without permission goes against the freewill man was equipped with but we know that most drowning men need a hand. All over the world we see charity homes dedicated to the less privileged but a charity home that we have to beg to take in an infant orphan will not be treated as one. We don’t exalt such a place or even contribute because we witnessed wickedness. We do well without the intervention or plea of people (because we know the downtrodden need a hand) and no sane person sees it as encroachment on those people’s freewill. They are already down and need help and we know they need help. If we can’t see their thoughts but still know when they need help and then act, how much more is the one the Koran and Bible call omniscient?

Only proud and arrogant men will want the world to kiss their feet before they do something good. Blaming it on freewill is just a mischievous attempt at dodging the problem. God as described in the Bible and Koran is a greedy, arrogant man who is probably a sadist. Worshipping such a creature is worshiping a monster. No well informed person is supposed to worship such a character. He is neither good nor nice and attempts at trying to turn logic on its head are part of the reason the world is messed up. He also claims to be jealous and people see nothing wrong with it. The hypocrisy of God is mountainous. He detests jealousy among his children but he is proud to say he is jealous. He asks his children to forgive one another even if the one who wronged them doesn’t ask for forgiveness but he will never forgive his children until they ask for forgiveness. He hates fornication or incest but his best way of repopulating the earth after the flood was through incest. The God the Bible and Koran are both hypocrites.

Whenever I think of a good man, I think of Socrates and even Jesus Christ. These days I wonder how Jesus became the son of the man who did and encouraged such evil in the testaments. Something is amiss if we are meant to accept that the father and the son are one. Was the Son fooling us or is he a decoy for his alien parents who feed on worship like we saw in the ‘Wrath of the Titans‘? It is not in the position of goodness to denigrate a person or shed them of value but that is what worship does to us. An all-knowing good person wouldn’t crave worship and wouldn’t be a feudalist either. He wouldn’t see the weak and downtrodden and all he expects from them before uplift is worship: a reminder of what he is. He knows what is in our minds, say the Holy books, and one wonders why he needs to hear it. If I can read your mind why would I refuse to help? I am a wicked person. A tyrant wants all praises before he execute projects in his capacity. He wants the world to know who is in charge and because his egocentrism is part of his life-force, he will always want his tainted ego massaged. Socrates wouldn’t do that. He knew so much and was also humble. His ideas defined fields but he never saw a challenge as a sin. Doing the right thing always, for him, was the most important thing.

After God created the world and saw that it was good, the sons of men and angels who came down from heaven intermarried and messed up the world until God stepped in. To shatter the argument of the Freewill-ers, he showed that he can intervene whenever he wants but unfortunately the intervention wasn’t an attempt to make bad people good but Genocide. Noah was asked to build an Ark and the male and female versions of all animals were to be brought along because God was angry with man and had decided to destroy with water. After the flood only Noah and his family and the animals survived and God was happy about it. One would expect that when a man who is good chooses to intervene in a case, that is, when he chooses to use his almighty powers to change the world, he doesn’t need to wipe out the entire people in it to do that but that was what God did. How will anybody who is sane see this as something good? This is genocide. Our hypocrisy though.

Hitler is hated for the Holocaust but the same civilized people who hate him for this find it easy to love a monster that did more than the Fuhrer. Is the idea of asking the Israelites to take Cannan even with the indigenous people there supposed to be a good thing? It does not seem like God was angry with the spies walking into a land, befriending and gaining favour from the natives with plans of attacking them later. That is backstabbing and doesn’t sound like something a good man will encourage. God was encouraging stealing and arson and on Sundays these verses are read and interpreted as good by preachers. Are we still okay in the head? It is easy to see the evil in the other religions but not in your own. It is easy for the Christian to agree that the Muslim is worshipping an evil God but tell him that Yahweh is a monster like Allah he wouldn’t see it from the same neutral position he thought he stood on when analysing Islam.

The typical Muslim will also tell you that Jesus is not God but tell him that Muhammad was a bad man and he wouldn’t dare look from the same neutral position he stood on while commenting on the saviour of Christians. I think both followers are deluded on the moralities of the deities they worship. They are both afraid of hell fire, of looking into the faith and logic like this is seen as blasphemy. They worship monsters they are better than. God, as seen in both the Christian and Islamic faith, is not a good person and the persons who worship him are better beings. They wouldn’t burn their enemies but God will burn his children forever and ever. They wouldn’t watch motherless babies die but God sponsors the creation of motherless babies. They wouldn’t see a man drowning and wait to be begged before acting but they see nothing wrong when God does it. Cowards and men afraid of thinking, aren’t we a unique race?

To be continued…

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