Who Exactly Is A Good Soldier?

Battle of Aleppo

Who exactly is a good soldier?

There was pandemonium in Borno State, Nigeria. A new terrorist group against western education had emerged. They used western tools to fight the presence and increase of western education in the land. They killed everything they touched. They messed up the environment, they messed up the lives of the people and they also messed up the psyche of the people. An army of soldiers were sent out to clear the place, free the people and restore sanity. The soldiers went out and tried their best. Day and night they toiled and worked to see this evil force come to an end.

Day and night they built a great fortress to guard the cord that binds the country. Some of them died for their country. Some were injured while some are still in the hospital receiving treatment. They went into the Sambisa forest every night and day, trying to clear the terrorists from the land. They tried. Sometimes they had nothing to eat and hunted any living thing around. Raw or cooked, they swallowed whatever was caught. They tried their best to eliminate these men who have bombed off the limbs of their countrymen. Seriously, they tried and are still trying.

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But, who exactly is a good soldier?

A man in a land, besieged by terrorists, was troubled by the military men sent to guard him. They saw him walking with his trouser sagged and corrected him with some ‘Koboko’. They asked him to move over a hundred blocks to the end of the road and back. He did. They asked him to jump like a frog and he did. They told him to smile like a he-goat and wave at passing cars and he did. After they used the Koboko on him, they used their boots to massage his back. He cried in pains. They pointed at a nearby gutter and asked him to swim in it and he did it gladly.

Battle of Aleppo

They were supposed to protect him. They were supposed to protect him from people who were out to hurt him. They were supposed to protect him from the fiery hands of men who are interested in antagonising his humanity. They were supposed to be at his service. They were supposed to be his workers, serving and treating him with the respect he deserves. Working day and night for his health and sanity. But you can see that the stripes on his back disagree. You can see that his shirt, stained with black water, is a testament of his demotion. You can see, that the Soldier who was supposed to protect him from torture now turns around to give him torture. To train him and teach him what it means to be a responsible citizen.

Who exactly is a good soldier?

There is a new terrorist group on earth. There is a new and powerful group of men who have sidelined Al-Queda. Their is ISIS on earth. They killed and burnt the land. They turned young boys with bright dreams to walking dynamites. First, they gather them in a school of similar thoughts and rewire the understanding of their young minds. They tell them who are their enemies. They tell them whose death will bring them happiness and peace. They teach them how to die smiling. The soldier leaves his wife and young child to prevent this from worsening. He fights and fights and fights against these terror and evil that has enveloped our new world.

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The soldier loses his eye, his legs get amputated but his zeal is still there. He knows that fighting against evil is something that must be done. He knows that he has to do what he was trained to do to sustain the existence of his people and humanity. He crawls with his bleeding leg into a save zone in the battle ground. He fights and bleeds to stamp out evil men and their trace in the community. He loses his best friend in the process. He losses his brothers in arms. He loses a lot but because he knows that he is fighting for a greater tomorrow, he is willing to sacrifice his life if that will bring an end to the menace.

But who is a good soldier?

He invades a country because he wants to make peace. He doesn’t know why he had to make peace. He doesn’t understand what is the meaning of this peace he was asked to bring back home. He drops bombs on the homes of some innocent people because he was looking for one evil man. He drops bombs on a million innocent people because he was looking for one man. Families lose their breadwinners. Families lose their only child, the only source of joy in the home. Families lose their parents and in one day millions of orphans are born. Families lose their properties, their means of livelihood and lose the meaning of being. The one man terrorist has been gotten and killed.

Starved Girl In The Nigerian Civil War

Finally, the one man whose hunt led to the death of families was bombed off. The one man whose hunt led to the destruction of a million families shattered to pieces. But the orphans left are angry. Genuinely aggrieved, they hold strong grudges against the man who tried to make peace by killing a million while searching for one man. The man who lost all his children is given a renewed hate. He hates the one who killed his children. He hates the one who sends the one who killed his family. His children were killed because some good soldiers were trying to achieve peace by killing one man. They killed the one man and got a million enemies. They were trying to make peace.

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Seriously, who exactly is a good soldier?

The one who takes orders even when the orders negate the propagation of human existence? The one who fights the wars of corrupt men for them? The one who kills the father, son, daughter, mother and village because he was looking for the humanoid? The one who makes peace by shooting down people harmless to the human race? The one who talks about collateral damages like the way you will talk about dead mosquitoes? The one who is interested in establishing peace through the message in a bullet? The one who doesn’t reason things or have a say or have a choice in executing any war? The one who must fight a war even if it is against his conscience? The one whose countrymen call a hero because he killed a million innocent families while hunting for one man? The one whose countrymen call a hero because he angered a million people and created a billion haters for his country? Who exactly is good soldier?

Lifeless Body of Three-year-old Syrian Boy, Alan Kurdi, Who Drowned While His Parents Tried To Escape The Syrian War

He stands at the border defending his country against invading evil. He stands with the downtrodden offering help to them. He is a patriot and not a zombie. He is a patriot but his patriotism is to humanity and not to a man who nationalised his problems. A good soldier is not good because he takes orders but because the orders he takes are for the good of the nation and world at large. He is not anyone’s puppet. He bullies no one or twists our understanding of service. A good soldier is one who promotes, through his actions, human and healthy existence. You will never find him on that camo.

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