Dear Nigerian Bloggers, Forums and Nigerians, Please Stop Promoting Stupidity

A people is as healthy as the content they consume. This is both true for material food that nourishes the body and the immaterial, mental food that illuminates the soul. Whatever crop we sow we harvest. This is both true for material foods and the psychological imprints that grace our inner man. When a people choose to perpetually talk about stupidity, raise the vessels to quantum heights and treat it like entertainment, their is bound to be a rise in the number of clowns who want to be given spotlight. A people are as sick as the poison they consume. This is also true for both the activities that happen in the alimentary canal of the stomach and what transpires in the cerebrum of the brain. We may be cheats but mother nature is honest. She returns to us what we sow. She ingrains in us what we find attractive. Unfortunately, we’ve found stupidity attractive in this part of the world.

I thought of using the topic “Dear Nigerians, Stop Making Stupid People Famous, Please”, but I changed my mind and used the current one after a little thinking. You know, the initial topic could be interpreted to imply that the people making stupid people famous are free of the stupidity trait themselves. It could also appear rude(as if this is not). It could create the assumption that the people making stupidity famous are free of the ailment themselves. To cut down on that ambiguity, I used this instead. If the bloggers, forums and Nigerians promoting stupidity were few in number and had pretty looking grey matters we won’t be in this mess. This country won’t be this broken intellectually, mentally and spiritually. We have a large percentage of people, bloggers, and Nigerians with stories having zero value on wellbeing and proper behaviour.

Some of what we blame on tribalism, religious extremism, etc., in this country is sheer stupidity (and wickedness). Stupidity has eaten so deep into the soul of this country that the carriers of the ailment can’t carry out a proper diagnosis to help themselves. It has eaten so deep into our intellectual immunity that we give our sicknesses wrong tags and go about solving them with the drugs that mutilate these wrong tags. We always fail. A week ago, I saw the photo of a girl flouting money she withdrew from an ATM and the photo trended on Nigerian blogs and forums. Stupidity was around. I’ve seen celebrities trend on account of their farting skills. About three days ago, I saw a photo of three girls on school uniforms, one pregnant, who promised never to get pregnant until they leave school. Their is a certain popular homosexual with a bleached body who also got popular through stupidity.

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We’ve read stories of celebrities washing their dirty linen in public and we’ve made it trend. Why should Peter or Paul complain to us about their business partners online? How do we help? We’ve seen meaninglessness being promoted and we added our voice to raise the argument. Our subconscious minds have been programmed to seek for the vain, for the silly, for the least reasonable and less beneficial. These tell on our poverty stricken life. It shows in our governance and educational level. It shows. Were you among those who asked why a State Governor will erect the statue of the South African President, Jacob Zuma, and says he owes no one an apology or an explanation? A man who is not known for any positive virtue, a man who watches while some xenophobes in his country lynch Nigerians and other nationals on the accusation of drug peddling, a man with a corruption case hovering over him?

Look no further. It is because he knows we are a people who offer lip service to stupidity. He knows that behind our rooms we sit, create and distribute stupidity pills. It is because he knows that our subconscious have threaded so much on the land of the imbeciles to revolt against walking on familiar terrain. He knows he is one of us and thoroughbreds have been known not to betray their own. And don’t confuse this with entertainment, humour or just our good sense of sarcasm because it is not. When a man makes jokes with his predicament, joins the Nigerian Society of The Stupid and pimps a dark humour(what I like to call SadCasm), it only shows that he is sick. In truth, if we are to follow the WHO’s, World Health Organisation, definition of Health, you’d see that finding a healthy person here is like picking water in the desert.

I was thinking, what can we do to eradicate stupidity in our blogs, forums and society? How are we going to promote healthy thoughts and ideals in our society and world? How do we help Nigerians to reduce the number of insanity been viewed everyday all over the country? How do we stop making people who have done nothing to promote the society popular? How do we reduce and stop this demonic circulation of stupidity in Nigeria? How do we stop making stupidity loved and practised? Is lip service enough? Will the demotion of stupidity in our daily life automatically guarantee a healthy people? Our bloggers and forum owners have a great responsibility here. It is through these blogs and forums that stupidity is evenly distributed. It is through them that a people are taught what and how to think.

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The bloggers and owners of forums can do better. You don’t need stupidity to sell. Their are a thousand rational and true stories that could give you that traffic you desire. You don’t need turn the figment of your imagination into real events. Before you share anything, before you like anything, before you follow any page, ask what you stand to gain by doing so. Don’t join the broken bandwagon because the majority are found there. Don’t be found on the side of stupidity. Don’t be found sharing messages asking people to resend to 10 persons to get blessings from God. THAT’S BULLSHIT. Don’t join in making stupid people famous. Don’t sow the fruits of stupidity into this arid land. We’ve had enough to last us a century. But first you must cleanse yourself. You must make sure you’ve taken the right medication for stupidity. Our country is messed up and we need to cut down on the stupid pills we inhale. We need fresh air.

Stop Sharing Stupidity Pills.

Dear bloggers, Nigerians and forum owners, please stop this sharing and admiration of stupidity pills. You wondering what stupidity pills are? I coined it. Stupidity pills can be defined as those stupid behaviours exhibited by either men, women, boys or girls on the internet or real world. That’s just one definition. Another describes them as those actions, involving, but not limited to, inventing, nurturing and mummifying the thinking faculty of a human being. In simple terms, it is the promotion of stupidity through the sharing of stupidity, either invented or copied. Stop sharing those things you consider degrading and unhealthy. Their is no point showing the entire world the various anuses of everyone who just used a restroom. We don’t need such negativity in our life. We don’t need such in this country. We shouldn’t admire fecal wastes.

Stop Endorsing Stupidity Pills

Dear Nigerians, if you happen to come upon a stupidity pill, their is no point liking the story on social media or taking sides. Hold your ‘Like’ stingily, and if you could spot an unlike menu, click on it and UnFollow that page if they make no attempt at changing their behaviour. Warn them if you can. I’ve seen a page talk about the smell of the underwear of ladies from a certain section of our country. You don’t need such pages in your life. Their is a difference between sarcasm and stupidity. Sarcasm ends when it begins to deride and destroy a person or people. It is not found in the home of the oppressed. I’ve seen a page play with the death of people from a certain section of the country in the name of sarcasm. That is utter stupidity and shouldn’t be endorsed or encouraged. Your likes and shares for such posts and presence in such page motivates the creators of that stupidity pill. And you know how motivation works.

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Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Their is a certain daughter of a former Governor of a Nigerian state who became popular through stupidity. I think she must think that stupidity saved her life. She is not known to have created a vaccine or a cure for AIDS but she is popular for stupid reasons. She is popular for inventing and supplying stupidity pills on social media. Could she had become popular if many of us unfollowed her? Could she had become popular if forums like Nairaland, Nigeria’s largest forum and LindaIkeji Blog, Nigeria’s number one blog, pretended she never existed and kept her comments in the back page? If bloggers and forum owners had acted like she never existed, could she had been glorified through stupidity? She could had become popular only through positive means and not some negative pill. But we sacrificed growth for traffic. It is not like their are no intellectual material that will give us same traffic or more. Maybe it is just that innate attraction to stupidity.

Stop Manufacturing Stupidity Pills

Because people want to trend, because they want to be talked about, because they want some attention, they create imaginary stories and distribute the pills. They have seen that you can be popular through stupidity and they are trying to capitalize. If you want to be popular be popular for something great. Men like Steve Jobs and Jack Ma did not become popular by offering the world a basketful of stupidity. They offered a service. A service that impacted the world and the world had no option but to try associate with them. Stop creating and nurturing senseless shows like the Big Brother Nigeria, BBN, that adds nothing positive to the ailing society we are in. It rather dwarfs the mind and over time, reduces the quality of its reach. If you have nothing meaningful to say just keep quiet. Like the Bible wrote, a fool who keeps quiet is considered wise. Don’t purposely convince us that you are stupid. I don’t want to believe that.

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Everyone is looking for peace, or claims to. Almost everyone is obviously looking for money because our idea of peace coincides with being materially wealthy. The leaders of this country and Nigerians claim to be looking for high productivity, positivity, love, high intellectual presence and most importantly, peace. But peace and well being is not something money can buy. It is not gotten through wishes. We forget that peace is not a material thing. The masses want responsibility from the government even when they are irresponsible themselves. So, when we create chaos through stupidity because we want to trend or make money we are indirectly creating chaos in the system. When we honour and endorse stupidity, we are indirectly killing the level of intelligence around here. When we adore stupidity with roses we are indirectly creating hatred in this country. When we live in stupidity, we will keep producing leaders like us who have no eyes with their brains sitting on their shoulders. You think your actions doesn’t affect you? You think your neighbors stupidity doesn’t affect you? Look around you! What do you see?

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.


  1. Wow!this is really insightful. Trust me,you’ve got me hooked. I will definitely come back for more. I really wish we have more bloggers like you,you write so well and also try as much as possible to pass your message across. Good job mister,God bless was an interesting read.

  2. Hi Reyginus,
    What a great post!
    You spoke my mind about the foolishness we exhibit in this country. In Nigeria, abnormality is now the new normality. Our stupidity has no limit. Sometimes I found out what some people are famous for, and then question how their actions has contributed to the reputation capital of this nation. Most often, instead of boosting it, it reduces the reputation capital drastically, and the reason is that all that such people emit is nothing but nuisance values. Things has gone so bad that the new way to be famous is to start doing stupid things. Most young people who are wealthy and famous in this country today attain such feat through the creation and promotion of stupidity. If you doubt it, just take a look at things.
    Sometimes when I read your works, I wish every young Nigerian could visit your blog and add some sense to the one they already have, but on another thought, it occurs to me that they rarely embarce things that challenge their thinking.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I will share the link to this post on my facebook timeline.
    Keep it up.

    • Thank you, Taiwo. It is always great to see, around, minds that identify with truth and reason. Thank you, Taiwo. You have a great blog too. Just bookmarked it on my browser.

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