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Imagine yourself years from now. Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is over and you are reminiscing. The markets are open again and the floods of human sweat fill up the streets. Imagine that sporting activity is back. The NBA, NFL, Formulae One, Wimbledon, and the Champions League are back and the ozone layer is back to suffering as well. You have forgotten how close we were to extinction. What did we learn?

Now imagine that they never return. Imagine that this is the end. The earth made it but we didn’t make it after all. The nuisance of the planet and the most dangerous creature in the observable universe almost disposed of. Over 80 percent of us died from the Coronavirus and the remaining 20 percent are back to the Stone Age.

An age smote by the taste of milk we’ve had. An age of broken men, conquered women, hunters and garnerers and the epileptic destructive memories of a splinted past! Angry, dejected, heartbroken and depressed, the majority are content with not trying. We lost everything. Families, countrymen, great men, and women whose impact changed the course of history! The ozone layer sparkles again because the most dangerous animal in the universe is depressed, unfortunately.


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Depending on how we handle Covid-19, any of the two scenarios is likely. Isolation is the key but where poverty exists, like in Nigeria, how long can you hold the people inside? Could this inspire the Revolution the world needs? The rich can afford to stay in their homes for years but what about the poor masses whose daily bread is tied to daily hustle? How do you isolate a hungry man? How do you keep an angry poor man quiet?

The churches are closed and even though the poor man erroneously sees the place as the fulcrum of religion, the opium works to an extent. When the government failed him he became his own government. The government failed her by refusing to provide jobs but when she created one, she is forcefully asked to isolate when isolation guarantees death.

Some persons with strong immune systems have survived the Coronavirus but there is no immunity for hunger. Once it makes the demand for its needs and the victim denies it, death is imminent. No one under the earth can survive it. It kills at a hundred percent all the time but this virus, with good food and strong immunity, can be survived.

For the poor, it is easy to choose between these two options and whoever stands in their way is waiting for death on speed dial. This could be the end of the world as we know it. Coronavirus could have been prevented from spreading at this threatening speed. Our leaders could have done better. From the secrecy and poor management in its early days in Wuhan to the prioritization of financial relevance over human life through entertainment, international trade, tourism, etc., we fucked up. The world had its chance to contain this thing. We had our chance to nip this in the bud but we prioritized poorly.

China could have isolated Wuhan earlier than it did. She could have shut down international flights and trade but the financial loss will be too enormous to handle. Business (and not health) was the driving force and in the aftermath that was what followed in the countries of Europe, America, and Africa. At first, the stories were like fairytales and the government made light of the situation. Then the entertainment centers, like movie theatres and stadiums, helped connect the infected and the uninfected.

In Europe for example, after the confirmation that a large number of persons in Italy had caught the Coronavirus, sporting activities still went on between several countries and those from Italy. Money had to be made and people needed to be entertained. But who would like to entertain a dead person? For those football matches in the UEFA Champions League, a lot was at stake but none was a human life.

In the beginning, the games in all sporting activities started as avenues for fun. People came to get entertained but as the game grew another set of people set out to monetize it. They made it more enjoyable but it was based on the point that money must be made. They loved the game but they loved money too. But as it stands today, if money cannot be made many will leave the game. The game was structured, to their credit, but it was also raised above human lives, unfortunately.  

In England, for example, the players had to play three times a week in December to make the season reasonable. But whose idea of reasonability is it when the footballers are overworked, injuries made commonplace and their state of health is put at risk? Coronavirus can be found in the same spreadsheet. Football Associations could have closed shop to minimize the spread. International flights should have been banned or travelers quarantined for weeks to prevent any spread. But banning international flights will affect somebody financially even though you need humans for these flights to happen in the first place.

At any angle you look, these countries could have done better. In Nigeria for example, if not because of the fact that we are cursed with our country’s daftest leader, we probably wouldn’t be in the same mess. The first reported case was an Italian who came in through one of these international flights. Immediately the story broke, several groups begged the President to shut down international flights and our porous borders but what the government proposed was foolish as well as deadly.

The flights continued but to mitigate the spread of the virus, passengers were asked to self-quarantine. How do you ask a passenger to self-quarantine in any country where most people are scared of going for the HIV test? A place where people believe that precautions breed the virus! On Saturday, while I was on hand gloves and face mask, a woman protested my action by telling me I would be the first to get the virus if it enters the city. She was obviously disgusted and I believe if she, and the disgust company all over the street, had the power, they would infect me with the virus just to teach me a lesson.

Ignorance is bliss here and some people will rather die of the ailment than confirm they have a deadly sickness from the hospital. After weeks, the flights were stopped but by now the infected persons on ‘self-quarantine’ have gone round the street, (but of course with the typical Nigerian stubbornness often backed by religious declarations like ‘I am not infected in Jesus Name’) infecting others.

And when the President finally addressed the country in that 25 seconds recorded broadcast, our doubts were confirmed. Dude was clueless. Calling Covid-19 Covik-1-9 is not a mother tongue problem. It is proof that the dude doesn’t even follow the news or even have the capacity to. It smirks of unawareness. Considering his pronunciation, his writers figured that writing ‘Coronavirus’ will create room for the backlash but he still found a way to mess them up stretching the K in his newly created virus. Here we are now.

And then who are these religious numbskulls calling the name of God and hailing this malevolence on man? How does this even draw one close to God? The world is dying and the only conclusion we can draw from it is that a God somewhere is angry with man. This is quite unfortunate. If this is God’s way of doing things, then he is not just childish but also wicked and thoughtless. Just think about it.

There are many ways to get to a man if you are omnipotent. There are many ways to make men hear you and you will always choose the one that agrees with your level. There are many men who do not oppose the idea of supernatural deities because they just want to but because these deities described have often been shown to be irrational, insensitive and have exhibited the highest level of barbarism. If this God was as wise as the persons really claim he is, punishing the rational ones who oppose him with a virus is irrational and wouldn’t change a thing.

Besides, as he punishes the rational, Coronavirus does not discriminate. Why punish both the good and the bad just to teach the bad people a lesson? Does this make any sense to you? Again what is the point of malevolence? A good God trying to make a point can cleanse the earth and show everyone why believing in him is necessary and he must do this with simple reason not backed by some ‘spiritual stories’ only meant for the so-called ones with ‘spiritual eyes’.

By insisting that this is God’s creation, Christians, Muslims and these faithful are telling us the story of a monster because obviously that is how a monster gets things done. That is the level a monster operates from. A terrible man is always ready to fight and kill but a reasonable good man will always try to show reason. A monster doesn’t appeal to commonsense, logic or reason. He doesn’t empathize with the people. All he cares about is his interest and how he wishes to get it doesn’t matter.

Millions of lives will be lost but that is not his business. Families will be devastated but he has a selfish goal in sight. In fact, he is worse than the business moguls whose lust for money helped to spread the Coronavirus. While they stopped when their means (humans) were threatened, this God has refused to stop even when the means are in peril. But…It is a joke after all. It is a figment of the imagination. No good God or supernatural force will operate in such light.

I am left with pity for these people. I am of the opinion that their idea of what is normal has been bastardized by the poor grasp of the beliefs they were born into (and the beliefs themselves) and hence this sort of mental illness. To really rejoice and see this as a lesson to man is a sign of psychosis even though in the world, this is not often seen as such. But, what makes any serial killer psychotic? Why do we insist that a man who kills people at will is mad even when he gives us reasons why he did what he did?

It is the power of that general idea, that could be logical or illogical, backed by something we call ‘law’. When you look at the mind of the religionists during this period you see a mind in need of healing. A mind that covertly rejoices Coronavirus will return man to God and an epileptic mind raising epileptic prayers to these same God. Is this the end? It seems like it. A virus eating up the lives of many; business moguls helping to spread the virus; government trying to control things at the eleventh hour; one group of the poor fighting off everything to preserve themselves and another group praising the name of the lord.

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