How You Can Report Crime To The Nigerian Police, The EFCC and The International Criminal Court

Fighting crime is a collective duty of a people. The reason some countries in the world are better and more secure than others is because the people in those countries help in securing the state. The responsibility of securing life and properties is not just in the hands of their security men. The people watch, deduce and report crime and unusual movements in their territory to the police and other security agencies.

We could point at the reasonable level of leadership in those countries. That the leaders are interested in achieving peace and security of lives and this made it easier to succeed in bursting crimes. Their leadership made it easy for the citizens to do something positive for their country. Here, patriotism and truth is not found in our leaders and this has made it difficult to try to do something for the country. But there’s hope.

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Before I proceed, I wouldn’t pretend that to report crime to the Nigerian Police, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, or any other body or organization, both in Nigeria or abroad, is an easy task or entirely safe. It must be done with great caution and in some cases, it is not a matter of taking precautions but having the stamina to withstand whatever comes out of your action. I won’t pretend that all the security men here are after your safety or the world or care about positive change or want you to report crime.

There is something known as the Greater Good. It happens when we temporarily ignore evil because any attempt at destroying it at that time, will destroy us and destroy any hope of destroying that evil. If you are in a situation where reporting an evil deed, an evil man, an evil treatment, etc., will destroy you and leave the evil unaltered, it makes no sense reporting that evil deed. Ignoring it at that time is not stupid or evil itself but wise and better in the long run.

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How To Report A Crime To The Nigerian Police

911 is not an emergency number of the Nigerian Police like most Nigerians think. That is the emergency number used in the United States of America. The emergency numbers for Nigerian are 119 and 112. These numbers can be used in different emergency scenarios like calling firemen to handle a fire problem, calling the police to help in a crime scene, calling for an ambulance in accident situations, lost etc.

You don’t need a sim card to make any emergency calls. You just need dial the code and a receiver answers and connects you to the appropriate channel to handle your problem. Their is an antenna in every phone and that is responsible for the network you get and not your sim. Your sim is just there to carry your number/line to make recognising who is calling easy.

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Below is the emergency phone numbers to call the Various Police departments directly in all the states of Nigeria:

Abia: 08035415408, 08079210003, 08079210004 08079210005

Abuja (F.C.T): 07057337653, 08061581938, 08032003913

Adamawa: 08089671313

Akwa-Ibom: 08039213071, 08020913810

Anambra: 07039194332, 08024922772, 08075390511 08182951257

Bauchi: 08151849417, 08127162434, 08084763669 08073794920

Benue: 08066006475, 08053039936, 07075390677

Bayelsa: 07034578208

Borno: 08068075581, 08036071667, 08123823322

Cross Rivers: 08133568456, 07053355415

Delta: 08036684974

Ebonyi: 07064515001, 08125273721, 08084704673

Edo: 08037646272, 08077773721, 08067551618

Ekiti: 08062335577, 07089310359

Enugu: 08032003702, 08075390883, 08086671202

Gombe: 08150567771, 08151855014

Imo: 08034773600, 08037037283

Jigawa: 08075391069, 07089846285, 08123821598

Kaduna: 08123822284

Kano: 08032419754, 08123821575, 064977004, 064977005

Katsina: 08075391255, 08075391250

Kebbi: 08038797644, 08075391307

Kogi: 08075391335, 07038329084

Kwara: 07032069501, 08125275046

Lagos: 07055462708, 08035963919

Nassarawa: 08123821571, 07075391560

Niger: 08081777498, 08127185198

Ogun: 08032136765, 08081770416

Ondo: 07034313903, 08075391808

Osun: 08075872433, 08039537995, 08123823981

Oyo: 08081768614, 08150777888

Plateau: 08126375938, 08075391844, 08038907662

Rivers: 08032003514, 08073777717

Sokoto: 07068848035, 08075391943

Taraba: 08140089863, 08073260267

Yobe: 07039301585, 08035067570

Zamfara: 08106580123

You can also report unprofessional Nigerian Police officers through these means:

Phone Call : 08057000001, 08057000002
Text(SMS) & WhatsApp: 08057000003
Twitter: @PoliceNG_CRU
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
BBM Pin : 58A2B5DE

You can get the contacts of the state PRO’s here. You can also report crime by visiting the police crime watch site. Fill in the spaces and submit.

How To Report Crime To The Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC)

Reporting crime to the EFCC is very simple. If you want to report crime you simply need to write a petition. The petition should be addressed to the executive chairman of the EFCC. You must attach your name, telephone number and address. This is done so that you could be contacted to explain some of the claims and to avoid wasting time and resources on some imaginary claims. Your petition must also have a title and a detailed introduction. Don’t attempt to confuse or bamboozle with words.

Your petition must have a body of complaint. This is where you list the facts of the matter, attaching where necessary, documents you think will help convince. Your source of information will also be needed. Then you write a conclusion. Like every normal letter, you end with your name and signature. Just make sure the information you provided is true and detailed.

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In a situation where you want to remain anonymous, you should attach a phone number to reach you by the body for further investigation and verifications. If the crime you are reporting does not fall into into the purview of the EFCC, the commission will either send it to the appropriate body for such case or advise you to. You can read up on the scope of the EFCC.

You can also act as a whistleblower and be rewarded with 2.5 to 5 percent of the money recovered. The whistleblowing policy passed some months ago allows you work as an informant of the agency in anonymity. Anyone can be a whistleblower but you must be sure of whatever you are reporting. An app, Wahala Dey, was launched to that effect and can be downloaded on the Android Market. You don’t need visit the police or agency for whistleblowing.

You can also access the official site for whistleblowing and do the following. Once you arrive at the page, look for “Submit Tip” and click on it. You will be taken to a page where you have to indicate the organisation under which the crime you intend submitting falls. It could either be a Ministry, a Department or an Agency. After selecting one of the three, select the name of the organization from the drop-down menu.

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Under “Type of Tip” select the category of the offense. Under “Branch/Address of Organization” you can specify the name of the organization involved in this fraudulent activity. Under “Date Of Concerned Transaction”, you will supply the date the fraud was committed. Under ‘Description Of Tip’ , you are to provide a description of how the fraud was committed. Click submit after attaching other files and documents. You may call this number 09098067946 directly to make your complaints or send a mail to the address [email protected].

How To Report Crime To The international Criminal Court(ICC)

The ICC is simply the world court responsible for handling criminal offences against the people of a country or any people by dictators and despots who will never allow for justice. When you are brutalised on the streets by men who are supposed to protect you and you can’t get justice in your country’s court, the ICC is there for you. When a ruler abuses human rights and the rights of his people and get a pat in the back from the courts, the ICC is the next option.

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There have been calls by Africans and African leaders to boycott the court for its perceived witch hunt of African leaders. Some African countries have pulled out of the ICC for this reason. I disagree that we have to pull out of the ICC to avoid this witch hunt. I disagree that Africans should treat the ICC with disdain. My reason is simple. The structures of today’s Africa is too weak to deliver justice. Every evil against man is evil and shouldn’t be pampered, compared or described with witch hunt to lessen its effect.

Here is how to report crimes you feel or think have been handled poorly by the government. Crimes against humanity by either men in power or otherwise. Crimes where justice have been evidently denied. Anyone irrespective of race or tribe can send their complaints(also known as communications) in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese or Spanish to the Office of The Prosecutor(OTP) of the ICC. Their complaints must be detailed to minimise the problem of ambiguity and easy prosecution of the case. Attach as many photo and video evidence as possible. You should send your complaints to the address [email protected]

Any thought or question?

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  1. I have received no reply to the email petition I sent to the EFCC and their hotline numbers don’t work. Can someone say a valid email address for the EFCC…

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    • Where are you? There is an email address for the EFCC in the article above. You can should use copy this message to them and provide the appropriate details. I’m sorry for how the thief treated you.

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