Kudos To Brothers Who Pass Beggars On The Street And Take Their Tithe To Church

Interesting! So my Christian brother, you walk past the beggars on the streets, dying, reeking of diarrhea, ulcer, paralyses, blindness and some deadly infections and take your tithe to the church to receive God’s blessing? You see the people with bleeding heads and stomach, the children dying of Merasmus and Kwashiorkor, a poor homeless beggar carrying the little baby she got from the corrupt man who bullied and raped her in the uncompleted building she sleeps, you see it my brother, but you walk past them and took your tithe to church. Hallelujah!

You said you take it to church to help the church. The church was created to help the poor but when you passed the poor…the poor…I mean the poor, you hissed and looked the other way. Frankly, I don’t understand. My knowledge of scripture is too tiny to understand spiritual things. I said it before you did. You may conclude I am here to twist the message of Yeshua. But I am pleading, even if you think the mind behind these words is far away from salvation, even if you think the mind behind this ‘new’ philosophy is not on the same spiritual level as yours, I seriously plead you read these words and correct me like you would correct a prodigal.

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I held the Book, opened a page and read where it said: ‘No one should seek their own good, but the good of other’, and I was stunned. This was the same Book you used in allocating blessings. These were the words in the Book you claimed determined how you lived. I just read to you the words that was said to have life. Do you understand? I opened another page and read:” therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing”. This was another indictment of your actions but I couldn’t tell if you see/saw it that way.

I couldn’t tell if you read these verses and I was tempted to assume my spiritual frequency vibrated at a level lower than required to understand or see things in your expanded enlightened prism. I continued: ‘each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up’ and for a moment I almost lost it. What if you took these words literally and the beggars on the streets were not your neighbours? That’s crazy right? Of course what I’m seeing here is crazy.

Another verse brought me to tears: ‘Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it’. Let’s get this straight, brother. The fact is, if you don’t help the beggars on the street and your neighbours in need of food but walk all the way to church in the name of paying tithe, you are wasting your time chasing that salvation you so much believe in.

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How many times have you donated money to a charity home? How many times have you helped a neighbour in need of food or other necessity? You think this God you worship doesn’t see how you treat the poor? You think tithing will save you from any punishment meted to people who don’t care about the poor? Who told you so? I know you are more spiritually connected and experienced than I am but just reason with me. Helping a fellow human being is the same thing as helping God. I didn’t say that. You and I know who did.

So, why do you leave the human beings on the street to help the ones in church if the money you pay in church are for the human beings on the street? Is this because you want to receive blessings? If so, don’t you think the omniscient God you worship sees everything and will reward you irrespective of where you do good? Is this because you want to show off and be seen as a true child of God? Will a true worshipper of God or anyone with faith in an omniscient entity show off and go against the very principle that ought bind them to the faith?

Can’t you see that these are two diametrically opposing actions? How can you act against the very principles that guard a faith but still claim to be of that faith in the same sentence? How do these things work? You can’t exist in a diametrically opposing position to a subject and still claim to be in the same position with that subject. You can’t believe that whatever you do to the least of your brothers you do to your God but still ignore that dying young girl on the street, that beggar’s little child with kwashiorkor and the neighbour who needs your help in your compound. You are only deceiving yourself. My brother, you are only trying to bribe God and God, if he’s God and not man, wouldn’t treat anyone like you any better than how he would treat the workers of evil. Are you mad at me yet? Chill.

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I want to digress a little. Today, is tithing a thing Christians were asked to do or it was a creation of some persons who simply needed more money to oil their pockets? Did the Christians in Acts of Apostles tithe? It was written that they brought ALL they had and shared together but it was never written anywhere that they were asked or forced to tithe or keep 10% for the development of the church, the house of God or the priest. Their is NO PLACE in the entire New Testament where Christians were asked to tithe or did tithe and this was simply because tithing operated in the time of the law.

Any place you find word ‘tithe’ in the new testament is usually in reference to the lifestyle of those who lived under the law. With the Death of Jesus, all the burdens(hope you won’t be pissed with my word choice) of the law were fulfilled and carried away and a new way to God revealed. So tell your pastors to stop telling the brethren they are robbing God by failing to pay their tithe. Seems some men are robbing fellow men in the name of God and using reverse psychology to keep the people in check. I can hear someone somewhere say: ‘what does this one know about the bible or spiritual things?’. But like I pleaded, would you please reason with me?

Dear Christian brother, ever wondered why the biblical Job never had any record of tithing? Have you ever asked why Adam and Eve didn’t tithe before they were sent out of the garden of Eden? My brother, have you also asked why something that didn’t exist in the time of Adam and Job but existed in the time of Abraham must exist in the time of Jesus Christ? Do you just do things because someone said you should do it or because from your sound assessment it is the right thing to do? Before I digress I would like to know if you will still deny that poor beggar food this month?

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  1. Hmmmmmm,this is deep. The pastors all know the truth,but because of what they stand to gain,they turn blind eyes to needy and keep encouraging their gullible followers to pay a certain amount to God,reminding them of a certain chapter in the bible. We all have to emancipate ourselves from that mental slavery.

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