6 Places Nigerians, Black People And Africans Display Inferiority Complex That Should Be Stopped

Source: http://sirarticle.blogspot.com/2017/06/inferiority-complex-thwarts-lives-more.html

Inferiority complex is a mental disease where a person, for some unfounded and irrational reasons, accepts that he or she is inferior to some other person. It could be because of their race, their skin colour, their sex, their status in the society, their educational background, etc. It is irrational and problematic. What it does to the mind of its victim is to first belittle and shed their self worth and value and then project and imbibe another’s identity in the process. It could be wired from birth, through orientations transmitted to the person by their loving parents or guardians. It could be wired through repetition and mental enslavement from the leaders, media and the people’s mediocre performance.

Source: http://sirarticle.blogspot.com/2017/06/inferiority-complex-thwarts-lives-more.html

The damage it does to the mind of its victim operates on a geometric level. Striping them of self believe, the low self esteem they have lacks the capability of producing above what they look up to. A man is as good as his mind. If your mind is enslaved by certain poor ideas, you can never operate above those ideas. You will always be subject to them. The victims pass this inferiority complex to the next generation through direct orientation, attitudes and responses to them. Every man is equal, different and special. Every man have the same anatomy and physiology. No man has an extra chromosome or two brains. No one was born with some fundamental right to rule or be over you.

1. White People Are Not Better Than You Because They Are White

The reason why Europeans, Americans and other white people are better on the developmental index right now is not because they are white people but because they are human beings who CHOOSE to develop their countries and themselves. It is not because they have a greatness gene in them. It is not because they were given power and more wisdom by any supernatural entity. It is not because they are blessed with a more advanced human anatomy. THIS generation of white people simply CHOOSE to better their lives. Their are Dull Black People and Dull White people. Their are dull human beings everywhere. No branch of medical science has ever identified skin colour as basis for intelligence. A man is as intelligent as his studies and environment.

Corruption Is Not The Problem With Africa

Most Africans and Black people who peddle this idea(that whites by simply being whites are better than blacks) are bereft of a sense of history. They simply judge intelligence by looking at the race that has been at the top for just a little fraction since the existence of man. Another reason is the way history has been taught to our people by THIS generation of African leaders. These victims don’t know their was a time Africans ruled the world and the educational system instituted by THIS generation of African leaders has done little to help them. These victims do not know their was a time White People were in the same problem we find ourselves in today. Their was a time white people came to Africa to learn. Imhotep, an African(with black skin not Arab. The Arab invaded North Africa at the beginning of the Common Era) was the first medical doctor ever known to man.

Their is nothing wrong with the African anatomy. We have complete body tissues, organs and systems. Whites are not better than you because they have a white skin but because THIS generation choose to better their lives. In Europe’s Dark Ages, all forms of backwardness and madness you can find in Today’s Africa was evident. People were accused of being witches and burnt. Towards the ends of the last century and the beginning of this century, people were shot, burnt and murdered by some white people simply because they have a BLACK SKIN. You see, if skin colour determined wisdom, if being white made you smarter, the whites who took part in that terror wouldn’t burn witches at the stakes or kill you because you are black. I am not asking you to hate the white man or white people but to see that Stupidity and Wisdom has nothing to do with skin colour. Africans and Blacks are backward today because they choose to be so. Simple.

2. To The Illiterates and Non-Graduates in Africa, No One Is Better Than You Because They Are Graduates

Very often I see those who can’t read or write and those who did go to school but didn’t finish, have a very poor idea about themselves and an over bloated notion of graduates. Some usually worship them and in meetings, the words of these graduates are viewed and treated with a special lens and quiet. When everyone is talking in the group and he talks, his word is given special treatment. The problem is not really that he is a graduate but the way he is treated and viewed because he is a graduate. His words are not treated because of the substance in them but because they are simply the musings of a graduate. I am a graduate and I am not smarter or have better opinions than anyone because I am a graduate. Those opinions have to make sense first.

Victims(yes, victims) let me explain something to you. Simply going to school does not make anyone wise. No one is smart because he passed through a school but because he choose to learn in school. Schools and universities do not force feed you knowledge or wisdom but provide you an OPPORTUNITY to be WISE. Going to a university or school is like getting old. Simply getting old doesn’t make you smart or a sage. Simply growing grey hairs doesn’t mean you have become wise. What it does is to provide you with more tools and experiences to be wise. If you choose to use them you become a wise old man. If you don’t, you become a foolish old man. You don’t respect and follow the opinion of an old man simply because he is an old man but because it makes sense. Almost all the men destroying our Africa are old men. Do you respect such men because they are old?

Hello My Nigerian Lecturer, What Do You Understand By Education?

You are also a student of the street, the marketplace and your opinion matters. Your opinion on your field matters not because you are on the field but because it makes sense and solve needs. When you see a graduate talk, don’t take everything he says as true because he is a graduate but because it makes sense. You have a brain and you don’t need a school to use it. You don’t need to learn how to read or write to use it. When you look down on yourself and overestimate anyone’s intelligence, you have become a mental slave. You have become a tool that auto destructs. You will fall into many problems because the brain you were born with is rendered useless. Our forefathers had no formal education. Their education wasn’t controlled by any body like we are having now. But they were wise. Be wise too. No human being is better or smarter than you because he is a graduate. Fools also go to school.

3. Stop Bleaching Your Skins Because You Think Black On You Looks Bad

Dear Black African Women, and Men too, you look good on that melanin. Do you know the importance of a black skin to your health? Do you know what bleaching does to your skin? Do you know your death will come faster as a result of bleaching your skin? Or you don’t care since we all will die one day? Most persons who bleach do so out disdain and hate for their skin colour and the idea that a fair complexion on the basis of being a fair complexion is better than a dark skin. It is not because they look bad on black skin. It is not because they look better on fair skin but because they hate their skin and wish they were fair. I am black( or chocolate, if you want to use that word) and I love what I’m wearing. I love it. Besides it looking good on me(winks), I love it because it is my skin’s colour. I know how important it is to me.

Let’s look at your odds. Your black skin protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. That rich melanin you wear on your body is good for you but you ditch it and work so hard to contact cancer of the skin. You sit down and plan how to work against yourself. You sit down, and initiate a nuclear war on your body’s homeostasis. Why? Inferiority complex. You have seen your elders bleach as a result of inferiority and it got to you. You are transmitting it to the next girl or boy looking at you. Your elders got the visions from the adverts done by our self-challenged soap companies. The beautiful fair girl walks into the tub. She scrubs with soap and applies her fairness cream and she walks down the road to have the boys falling. Why would you copy from a self challenged company?

You are not ugly because you are black. Most people are ugly because they are poor and/or can’t/don’t take care of their skin. You could have a fair skin, dark skin or an albino and be either beautiful or ugly. There is no default physical qualification for any skin type. I’ve seen ladies bleach their beauty away trying to seek for beauty. Don’t expose yourself to harm because you want to look good. Don’t exhibit inferiority trying to appear superior. Any girl who bleaches is a mental slave. She is under the influence of the media, adverts(who care less about morals), she is not in control of herself and highly ignorant. Any guy who bleaches his skin is a mental slave. He is also under the same influence. So, Dear Skin Bleacher how long do you want to be a self hating and self harming slave?

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4. Dear Graduates No One Is Better Than You Because He Or She Graduated With First Class

It is high time we stopped worshiping people for things they did for themselves and not for other people or their nation. Some graduates assume that graduating with First-Class Honours in a university is enough to raise them to a platform above all others. They practise this in their day to day life. They don’t just stop. They move to the streets, find the unformed and ill formed minds and paste the message on their mental walls. Talk about slaves taking pride in slavery. When slaves make more slaves without being forced you know it is no longer physical slavery. And mental slavery is worse then physical slavery. To all Nigerians and Africans First-Class graduates get this: you deserve no special place in our country for just touching your own lives.

When you graduated with a first class, your process of healing the world just started. You didn’t heal the world by graduating with a first class. You only got licensed to heal the world. That you learned to drive a car and given license should not call for national celebration. It is a personal achievement. If you don’t know this then we may begin scrutinizing the quality of education you got. If you don’t know that being the best(in terms of cramming not often thinking) in your class does not make you a national hero, you are very far from being the best. Are you angry now? If you are, your salvation is very far. You are not better than anyone because you crammed better than anyone. Did I hurt a nerve? That was my intention.

I am not asking you to disrespect a First-class graduate but not to worship him. Don’t join in the worship of men who are yet to do a thing for the society. They deserve respect like every human does. A graduate with Third-class honours who has impacted the society positively and greatly should be celebrated(and usually is) over any First-class graduate. An illiterate who has impacted our world positively should be given awards and honoured by our society than a First-class graduate who is yet to alter anyone’s life in a positive way. Educational status or degrees shouldn’t be the criteria for honouring or awarding anyone with an award. Last time, a guy graduated with 5.0 CGPA in the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and people were calling for national awards. National honours for helping the society in what way exactly?

5. My Poor African Brother, The Life Of That Rich African Doesn’t Have More Value Than Yours

Poverty is degrading and we all hate it. Poverty has the potential for destroying a mind. It doesn’t destroy the mind. What it has is simply a ‘Potential’ to destroy the mind. Stop converting this Potential energy of Poverty to Kinetic energy. Stop enriching poverty. Stop providing your mind as a platform for the free flow of torture and mental incapacitation. Poverty doesn’t render your life useless. No rich man by virtue of being a rich man is better than you. No human being is better than you by wealth status. You are not better than any human being either by being poor. We are unique, different but no life has more quality. Not even the life of your president or your pastor is better than yours. Not that rich man who rides on Bentley.

Urbanization Of Matter Vs Urbanization Of The Mind

Any rich man who thinks his life has more quality by virtue of being rich is ignorant. Even our Yahoo-Yahoo boys who scam people on the internet are rich. So many times we have poor Africans die protecting the rich African. It could be in elections or just a misinformed version of loyalty. Laying your life down for one rich African because he is rich is a very silly thing to do. Their is no difference between you and that chained dog you bought to attack unwelcomed guests to your little hut. An old poor man shouldn’t worship a little boy simply because he has money. It shouldn’t go vice versa too. No one should be worshiped because he or she has money. Dear Poor African, your life has the same value as that of all reasonable human beings.

You need mental food before physical food. When you stay around this rich dude for long, that potential for mental destruction is capitalised on. Little boys without sense slap you. Old men without brains spit on your young head. Don’t confuse that with respect. Don’t confuse your life of slavery with a life of meekness and respect. Slavery is not meekness. Slavery does destroy the mind and the worth of the man is shattered. Not physical slavery but mental slavery. You are not free because you are not physically chained. A man who is physically chained could be freer than the warden who chained him. You can’t rise above that slavery if you keep looking at that rich man as the reach. You deserve respect. You deserve some treatment. You are not a dog.

6. Using Big Words When Speaking The English Language Does Not Mean You Are Intelligent

We often mistake ones mastery of the English Language as intelligence. We often think that because a man uses big words in conversing he is the most intelligent person in the group. This shows the sorry state of our intellect. Also is the ability to coin words and chisel them into poetic forms. Being a master of the language alone does not guarantee all round intelligence. What it simply means is that you are a master of English language. Simple. It doesn’t mean that the speaker is a master of conflict resolutions. It doesn’t mean the speaker is a master of human management. It simply means what it is. Stop looking at a person highly because they speak well. Look up to them because they speak reasonably.

In Nigeria, their was a certain Honorable who goes by the name Dr Patrick O. He mixes complex words and other foreign languages to converse with journalists and Nigerians. He is always ready to open fire and entertain with his fireworks. Ironically, this man whose message is never passed across is celebrated rather than pitied. He doesn’t communicate but he is hailed by the same people who do not understand a word he says as intelligent and well read. Isn’t it logical, if he was well read, he will seek for communication in conversations and not to bamboozle? Isn’t it logical that a man who really wants to make a point descends to a point where the persons for which the point is been made understand?

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Whenever you see a man speaking and using those words that meaning is lost, you should educate them on the meaning of education. Some of the persons who do this, like our honorable, do it by default. They can no longer use those little words that the people understand. This is a problem of learning on their part. They can’t learn how to speak with words that would be understood. They are trying to come down but cannot. These persons deserve our pity and not praise. Others do it as a result of pride. Pride enshrined in ignorance. That the people will respect them more if their words are sophisticated. No one is better than you because they use those words or have mastered the English Language. Ability to speak English perfectly and use big words in your conversations is not wisdom itself. How you use it is what wisdom entails.

We can begin from the above six. Your complexion has nothing to do with your intelligence. As an African or black person, stop measuring your IQ, Intelligence Quotient, with IQ tests made for white people. The IQ tests designed for another set of people shouldn’t be the tests needed to ascertain your level of intelligence. IQ Tests for white people in Scotland shouldn’t be used to determine the intelligence of black people living in Zambia. The parameters are different. Going to school is not the same thing as being wise. It only provides you an “Opportunity” to be wise. It doesn’t make you better than the person who opted for unorganized education.

Whoever must be honoured by our nation must be someone who have done something for the nation. If that unschooled woman who sells Bean-Cake(Nigerians call Akara) has impacted the society positively, we shouldn’t be honoring the one who has done nothing positive for the society because he passed through school. That will uplift communal growth. Personal development is good but communal development is more. Personal development is for the self and the effects could develop or mar the society. Dear Africans, no one by virtue of skin colour, material wealth or education is better than you. If you want to grow or get better you must overcome that destructive complex.

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  1. What exactly is your definition on being “backwards”? Because Europeans thought of Africans as being “backward” because they were not living the same lifestyles as they were. Being “backwards”’is the behavior of a people not cars, buildings, and roads. Cause you can have cars and buildings and still be “backwards.” It was the “backwards” terminology that enforced Eurocentric ideals upon African people that got them raped, colonialised, and killed and they used that term to legitimatize themselves so we have to be careful on how we use the term.

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