Why Do You Think Atiku Won?

How exactly did Atiku Abubakar win? Millions of Nigerians were inflicted with severe pains when it was announced by the Supreme Court that the incompetent President, Muhammadu Buhari, actually won the last election. These heartbroken haters and wailers, after drowning in tears, went about lamenting about the sorry state of the judiciary, giving credit to the constant of sore losers.

In 2011 and 2007 when Buhari lost, he was also caught with that fever and rascality also won. The constant is, if you lose any case in court it can never be because you never prepared well but because the judiciary is full of little men. When you lose it can never be because you had no case in the first place but because the little men conspired with generous men to throw you out of the picture. This has always been constant.

So, it wasn’t surprising to see persons who wanted the current failure out to choose this angle but there seems to be a problem. It no longer seems like the typical cry of the sore loser but an honest appraisal of the last general elections. These persons are sure that Atiku defeated Buhari. To them, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, collaborated with the Government in power and power remained intact.


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These persons speak with so much assurance that I have had to re-examine my initial analysis of the matter. What really happened? Is this what mass delusion or mass consciousness means? Who is really fooling who here? It is one thing to admit that the elections were not free and fair but to insist that Atiku won is overreaching. In all our elections, money is always involved and in certain places where the poverty disfigures self-interest, money is the INEC Chairman.

Bottom line is, both Buhari and Atiku bought votes. To put it clearly, they belonged to a party and this party raised money for their campaigns and there was also the employment of agents among other things. These agents were littered across the 774 local governments in the 36 states of the country and they were given money to win over their polling units. During the election many collected 1500 to 2500 Naira from these agents with evidence they voted for the party financing the vote.

There were areas too that were not buyable. Not really because these areas were inhabited with patriots and people who wanted the best for the country but because the poverty of the people of these areas could not overshadow the hatred they had for the opposition candidate. Get it? Hatred! Votes are not just casted because of candidates are loved but mainly because the other options are hated. That way it was impossible to buy them off. For example no amount of money could have made Buhari win in the S.East or Atiku win in the N.West.

Regional voting, a pattern of voting characterized by the selfish desires of a person from the region but masked in the traditional clothing of the people, was also in play. In places where money didn’t do the magic it was possible for regional interests to do it. For these other deluded groups, it was easy to vote for Atiku or Buhari if the chances of the next President coming from their region is high. The next election is always closer to the last election over here and even though we ought to be concentrating on the newly elected we give the next election our attention and add to the distractions from our rudderless governments.

The region of the Vice President was also another important factor and they were many who voted in this pattern. Knowing Nigerians and the state of their reasoning, one is forced to ask how exactly Atiku won the elections. There is a strong evidence that Atiku couldn’t have won, that his victory over a Buhari will be abnormal and replied with the abnormal. That simple evidence is our level of foolishness.

Atiku is corrupt and so is Buhari. Atiku is rich and so is Buhari. Atiku is from the North and so is Buhari. But unlike Buhari, Atiku is a better businessman, more of a nationalist and is not really a religious fundamentalist. Atiku is more modern than Buhari. Atiku is not entirely a hypocrite but our current President is just a terrible human being. The fact that we elevated two who shouldn’t even be there to that point is only subtler than our decision to pick the chief tormentor among them.

But how could Atiku have won? The majority of our voters are poorly educated and unlike Americans whose education gave a lesser evil in Trump, we grabbed the greater evil in the phallus and plunged it into us. How could Atiku have won with the cult like following of the poor ones who follow Buhari? Could Atiku have won in the North where the Buhari brand of Islam is the main thing? A place where a madman could pluck your head for eating during Ramadan and the President will inspire similar strategy in his condolence speech?

In the S.West, the media, just like Lagos, is in the pockets of his lordship, Asiwaju and BAT hinges his Presidential ambitions on the victory of the incumbent. How could Atiku have won there and why is the judiciary receiving insults for pointing the obvious out? Will the S.Westerners vote Atiku even when they know, like every other crude region in Nigeria, what they stand to lose in 2023? In the East, Obi’s presence and the dislike for Buhari paved the way for Atiku over there but that was not enough.

What about the server? If result was collated and transmitted where was it transmitted to? Obviously something is fishy but how does it prove that Atiku won? This to me seems like the usual corruption that has pervaded many re-election campaigns. The incumbent, through the proper use of poverty and stipends, gains popularity but just to be sure of things, still uses the system to retain the seat. There is really no evidence to these cries about the rot in the verdict.

We saw the madness in Lagos but does that prove much? Unlike the escape of the miraculous Gandollar, God’s Own Son, we cannot really say how the incumbent lost. Atiku could have won flawlessly in the S.East and S.South and even though the hatred for Buhari (and by extension, his administration) overshadow the foolishness of the average Nigerians there, it was a good thing to try to throw him out but considering the religious extremism, regional interests and the foolishness of other average Nigerians in the S.West, N.East, N.West and N.Central, voting for Buhari is the logical conclusion. How could Atiku have won?

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