Who is Afraid of Amotekun?

Be Scared Supremacist


But…who is afraid of Amotekun? There was pandemonium in the farmhouse. Like the story of the Weaverbird, the men Ayo allowed to graze in his land returned with war guns, axes and a little drop of gasoline. They trampled on his land, accused the soil of mischief and set the microbes on fire. If a rabbit or rat tried to escape the burning bush, they were cut off by the gatemen who circled the podium monitoring the absolution.

From farm to farm the story was the same. The wailings of the farmlands translated to the wailings of the stomach and any shortage in food shortage were seen as a good shortage. From Agatu to Logo, Nembe to Orlu, Oyo to Ile-Iwe, and the story didn’t end in the farmlands. The gasoline has been used but what about the axes and modern guns?

The bodies lying around will tell you. Not just the clean bodies with an ax massaging the frontal lobe into the occipital lobe. Nor is it the fine men with a sickle connecting their foramen magnum to the other side. Looking into the uniocular created by the bullets visiting the optics is not enough. Look into faces of the living left for dead by the demise.


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Underneath the happy faces in the new orphanage homes, you will see the face of the new Nigeria. But who exactly is afraid of Amotekun? It just doesn’t end there. Ayo sat down and thought of it all. He called the police but they couldn’t do much. He screamed at the military but his voice was not loud enough. He went to the registry, bought a gun and aimed at the Herdsmen but he hit his cow instead.

To herders, cows were like men and to the men, men were men and cows were merely cows. So, they returned to even the score. One human life, which loses value after death, to one cow, which can still offer value after death, was not a fair deal and the number of human lives for one cow was not fixed. Ayo thought of it all and met other brothers dealing with the same shit and Amotekun was born.

Welcome to Nigeria where Mad Men Reign Supreme For When You Are Shocked Beyond Shockability, You Can No Longer Be Shocked. For some, the birth of Amotekun is the beginning of the end. The government failed to provide security but you shouldn’t defend yourself either. To be uneconomical with the truth, the government gave these killers massive support in both actions and words.

The government laid the blame on foreign migrants, Gaddafi also caused it all by dying, and the farmers’ intolerance pissed the herdsmen off. It was called a farmers-herders conflict when, obviously, one guy was busy beating everyone up. Had the Government not failed in its primary duty to protect the lives of Nigerians Amotekun wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Had it not supported the terrorists against the farm owners they wouldn’t have been a need for regional security? But wait, regional security…should this even be argued? What exactly is wrong with a thing like regional security or any security at all? Who is afraid of Amotekun and why? Who complains that security is too tight?

Several members of the ACF, Arewa Consultative Forum, are crying already. They are shedding tears the size of icebergs at the death of Nigeria. These guys love Nigeria so much and any policy that tries to fracture the whole must be fractured. Patriots indeed! MACBAN, that is, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, or better put, the Northern Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, have also suggested witch-hunting. Amotekun can be achieved by the same herders engaged in the free-for-all and for peace to reign, that is the way forward, they suggested.

Who is Afraid of Amotekun? The Presidency is also shedding tears at this attempt at creating dysfunction. Words like ‘erroneous’, ‘unconstitutional’, and ‘illegal’ are floating again. But the presidency (who exactly is the presidency?) and these words agree in any sentence. From what we have seen so far, if there is an arm of Government in need of binoculars, in need of cleansing and detoxification, it is obviously the Executive.

Who is Afraid of the Amotekun? Some say the animal is a Leopard, some Cheetah (actually), while others say Tiger but who cares as long as it is not welcomed by the representatives of the herders and the symbol is generating this ton of tears? Let’s face it. We know that only a thief complains when you install or upgrade the security network of your house, we know that at the sight of an antivirus viruses cringe, but what do we do when the system, meant to protect us, begins to attack us too? What can we deduce from it?

We have to look at the life of Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA. In RA, the body’s defense systems, like in many other autoimmune disorders, begin to attack the body. Imagine that? You ate healthy meals so nutrients in these meals will help you but instead of the nutrients doing your bidding, the elements in them chose to work against you and your immune system take sides with them. In RA, the immune system, that fights the body against foreign matters, has been compromised and it can’t really tell which is you and which is the foreign matter. It is like a soldier on a battlefield struck with Amnesia. He can’t tell who is friend or enemy but he has to shoot to escape ‘enemy’ lines.

Usually, the Government is supposed to be on the side of the people but when the Government is found on the other side, they are showing autoimmune symptoms and need sanitation. When the Herdsmen killed people and irate youths prepared for reprisals they were locked up, beaten and humbled by the government. When the Herdsmen are attacked and the report reaches the Government, they are protected and their attackers severely death with. At this point, do we still ask who is afraid of the cheetah? That will be dumb and dishonest. Maybe we have to focus on why which is more important.

About a week ago, a newspaper reported that about 608 Boko Haram members are being rehabilitated. For those who don’t get it let me break it down. You kill people because you believe in the doctrine that Islam must be practiced by everyone in the state. You took arms against the government and fought and killed soldiers of the Nigerian Army. You burned and ravaged cities. You killed grandpas, grandmas, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, the weak, the rich, the poor and downtrodden. You have destabilized families, state and countries. In the country where you committed these sacrileges, the penalty for killing is death. The penalty for killing by mistake aka manslaughter in this country is a life sentence. Imagine all these but a terrorist with hundreds of charges is rehabilitated and if he works hard he could join the Nigerian Army or become President someday.

We can deduce from this that the Government is not really serious about fighting crime. In fact, they are not fighting crime but abetting it. What does MACBAN, ACF, the Presidency and most persons against Amotekun have in common? Islam, Fulani…that is it. Let us face it. To shun the pretense and false sense of civility, we have to admit that the supremacist mindset of Dan Fodio is still alive.

Wandering has been the guise for conquest and irrespective of what we want to see, land ownership is an important component of every conquest. If Nigeria is really one united country like some deluded folks love to claim, then this Aryan mindset shouldn’t be in existence. If the formation of this vigilante was about legality or constitutionality then that’s not an argument as it can easily be passed into law the same way Hisbah Police in the north was legitimized. But the problem is not legality. The backlash should tell any blind person otherwise.

The supremacists work by splitting the ‘prey’ in a block of a puzzle. Then they create missing pieces in this piece of the puzzle. The chaotic nature of the puzzle is his lifeline. But then appears a dude who moves a block and sets up the stage for the image to come. Another dude makes moves, the tail of the animal is unleashed and we have a missing piece. Amotekun is the missing piece. This last block will close every gap and take the conqueror backward.

Like the Van Dijk of Liverpool FC or the Ederson of Manchester City, in Southampton or Benfica, they were just special, but in addition to a Sadio or Kun, this massive force floating in a similar direction will create a resultant force capable of cracking any unmovable object. That is not Valhalla yet but it opens up a new game. The supremacist can still play these new games and win but because that will make the job harder, removing the missing piece is worth a try. A red card or injury to these special players will create disability and this will help the challenger for a while. Amotekun will break bones and heal broken bones if it sees the light of day. Be scared, Supremacist! Be scared.

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