What About These Evil Ones Who Voted Ike Ekweremmadu?

Another Type of Revolution or Madness?

Without the help of fellow man, man is powerless, helpless and lacking influence. Without power, he can’t dispossess fellow man of rights and privileges. Without the help of others, no matter how smart he is, how much wealth he fell into, he cannot erect a castle on his own. Kings did not become what they are because they were so powerful the humans around them crowned them out of fear. It was because they understood the power of human relationships and employed political formations in getting the people towards them. Without the people or a person, they can never be anything among the people. They can be smart but that smartness can only work in isolation, they can be strong but they can’t, on their own, beat the shit out of the whole world. That is the case with Ekweremmadu and co.

People need people to become something and often times in becoming something, the people’s choice encapsulates their Intelligent, Emotional and Social Quotients. Like the farmer, whatever that sent to limbo to liaise with the microbes underground, will, like in human sexual reproduction, produce an offspring that has traits and chromosomes of the germ cells. In other words, the politician is simply the society. The lawmaker is simply the IQ, EQ and SQ of the society and one must not be left out in the examination of the other. Even though we have mastered the art of shifting blames, the reality is that we make and breed monsters. On the superficial level we expunge evil with our words but in the deep layer, we engineer it.


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Just two days ago, Senator and former Deputy Senate President representing Enugu West, Ike Ekweremmadu, was almost given a black eye. He was in Germany for the celebration of the Igbo Yam Festival when some of the participants laid hands on him and had the man manhandled like a petty thief (that he is not). They blamed him and other political office holders in the East for promoting violence in the region by their inactions and actively participating in the proscription and killing of the members of IPOB, Indigenous People of Biafra. A statement was even released by the group to normalise it. Henceforth, the statement reads, any of the five Governors from the South Eastern geopolitical region of Nigeria seen outside the country will be thoroughly dealt with.

Video of Ike Ekweremmadu Booed and Manhandled

Ekweremmadu has been a serving Senator since 2003 and even though he has shown more sympathy for the plight of the group in the face of barbarism from the Buhari Government, the attackers blamed him for the rise in the massacres by the Herdsmen. This guy has been a Senator since 2003 and if there is anything that could deduced from it; it is either that he is doing well (this is highly unlikely in Nigeria) and IPOB members are just a troublesome cancerous minority; he is paying well (just few thousands of Naira and Nigerians will take a corner for the coming rape session); that his voters, like the typical Nigerian voter, is tribal, clannish, nepotistic with an IQ deficiency that is infectious and disastrous. The later argument seems more likely and if this is so, and I strongly think it is, then we have to examine these voters and compare them with the guys abroad who performed the partial exorcism on the lurking evil spirit.

Two opposing arguments caught my attention and both, on deep analysis, show the dysfunctional state of a typical Nigerian and Biafran mind. By Biafran mind here I mean the set of people who find themselves in the area called Nigeria and have refused to accept they are Nigerians but Biafrans. They are mostly Igbos but you can also find some persons from other tribes who fought against Nigeria either willingly or unwillingly, in the civil war, in this corner. For them Biafra is the solution for the existence of this mere geographical chaotic region. When the news broke, the mind of the Biafran was filled with joy and he clamoured for more. For the Nigerian mind, it was filled with disgust, not for Ike Ekweremmadu, even though he’d love to argue that the dude failed, but for the IPOB youths.

On the superficial level one would think that these Biafrans are better off than Ekweremmadu. Don’t be deceived. If there is anything the attackers and attacked had in common, it is the fact that they have financial and other myopic relationships. Who made Ike Ekweremmadu Senator four times? Did he vote himself or is it that they allowed their relationship with mental and financial poverty to create generational poverty? To make the man Senator once could be innocence, two could be hypnosis but the third and fourth time only show that the people are sick. The same thing could be said of the Governors that were re-elected. Take the Governor of Abia State, for example, how exactly was he returned? Why should he win? How exactly was that possible with the concentration of IPOB members in the state claiming to be Biafran or Pro-development? It simply implies that not only are the warriors on this font dishonest and deficient in the Quotients, they are not different from the people they blame for rudderless governance. 

In reality, they dine with Ekweremmadu and the five Governors at night and in the morning; they differentiate and defile themselves. The Nigerians who attacked IPOB are not different. The argument was that Igbos hate themselves and have no respect for their elders or elected persons. The question is, does a sane person, who is also moral, ought to respect a bringer of lack, suffering and death? That is what most Nigerian elected officials are and the persons who elected them are not often different. These Nigerianists argued that as long as the Igbos do this, they cannot have one of their own elected as President of Nigeria. Another problem! What positive vibes did the tribes whose sons became the President enjoy? Is this the best way to settle Nigerians? Is this what ought to matter? This is a trademark of a deeper problem and except we come to understand why growth is viewed in this twisted lens, we will remain retrogressive.

What exactly is the problem here? Why exactly is the attack wrong? Is it wrong because he is an elected official or because it is a barbaric and unproductive act? Why exactly are the Igbos and Nigerians who called on the radio programs this morning pissed? Will the same thing be said if the attacked was Rochas who, in addition to being incompetent, has had his disdain for his people unmask and publicise his failures? I also wonder why the old men who called on radio spoke against while the youths whose posts were read out in response to the topic supported it. Pretence and mischief by the elders or plain honesty, or is it anger by youths and disappointment at a generation that failed them?

Finally, what punishment do we met on the masses that made the voting possible? Since IPOB made itself accuser and judge, what do we suggest they do to the voters who put bad people in power? The Governors had over 50% support and this implies that either this percentage of voters really believed they did well and deserve re-election; that they were given pocket money; or they are like the people of Nigeria. So, if we attack the symptoms of Malacia what about the cause of the ailment? Do we treat the malaria patient and still advice them to do nothing about the stagnant waters comforting the females anopheles? What will that make us? So, what should IPOB do?

Here is the best advice you will ever get. Write to the Independent National Electoral Commission and make a request for the open publication of the votes and voters register for the 2019 General Elections. Get the register for South East and leave the rest since what matters is just the five Eastern States where Igbos are found. Get the ballot papers for the Federal, State and Constituency elections for the South Eastern States too and gather a team of honest and smart men to begin forensic examination. For Abia State governorship election, for example, check the ballots papers for fingerprints and compare that with what you have on the INEC Database on standby. Match the names with their votes and publish on social media, newspapers and copy the International Criminal Court in Hague. Those matched with Ikpeazu should be made to suffer a similar fate as the banished Governors.

They must not be seen anywhere outside this country or they get jungle Justice. They must not travel abroad to treat themselves of any disease the doctors in Nigerian hospitals can’t handle. They or any of their wards should dissociate themselves from any scholarship, program or study abroad. They must stay in Nigeria to fix Nigeria. They must stay with the monster they created until it either consumes them or they are free of paralysis. With these steps, everyone will be carried along and it will be and seen to be fair and evil people, by been disenfranchised from seeking for paradise will make their house a home. This is the best follow up IPOB can initiate for the restoration of the Igbo states.

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