Thoughts On These Days Of Defections

The Defections Are Not Selfless

Buhari is incompetent, it is a fact. Let’s also put aside the fact that any moral logical human being wouldn’t stand beside him. The politicians who defected…those senators involved in the defections didn’t defect because of the incompetence of the man. They have been with the President for over three years and if his incompetence wasn’t evident before they made him the number one citizen, the first six months of his maladministration would have shown some of the unsure worshippers the nature of their false God. These men watched every form of injustice happen within the first two years, they watched the President partition our laws and make illegal legal and the legal position trashy, they watched as he plunged the nation to recession but they never said a thing. Except for Dino. Though his protests seem like a product of ghetto upbringing.

At the core of these defections is personal injustice. No injustice can be justified but acting based on personal experience alone and not working with the logic of empathy is the work of the selfish. A part of you shrinks when a brother is unjustly handled and if this doesn’t happen to you, your soul is in peril. If their positions in the All Progressive Congress, APC, had not been threatened, if they have not had the wretched privilege of experiencing the personal persecutions the current government quadrupled in the lives of Nigerians they wouldn’t have rebelled. It is not because people like Senator Dino Malaye love Nigerians so much that he defected but because he fell out with the powers that be and his idea of justice opposed their idea of justice. If he gorged on Buhari’s balls like others are doing, he would have been left alone and allowed to continue his own illegality and poor behaviour.

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The experience of personal injustice is responsible for the defections and not the search for good governance. If it were the search for good governance, standing with Buhari in the first place would have been illogical. They simply want to be left alone as they and their colleagues do whatever they deem right. The same argument holds for those who didn’t defect. Any of these Senators and Honorables without selfish genes must have seen the incompetence of the administration but greed, selfishness, the corruption of the soul make it difficult to take a good stand. If they thought more of the people they would have acted contrarily from day one. The defections are not basically a protest against clueless leadership but a protest against personal persecution. But as long as long it diminishes any tyrant’s influence, it is good news to the masses.

Corruption Is Now Partisan

Less than forty eight hours after the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, defected to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, he was served with a query by the institutions in charge of fighting corruption. He was asked to explain what he did with his security votes since his assumption to office and the man has responded by telling them to begin with the Presidency. The morning prior to the Senators’ defection, some Department of Secret Service, DSS, personnel, blocked the passageway and the home of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, after serving him an invitation letter the previous night. The letter requesting his presence at the their office came by 8pm and he was to appear by 8am. But before 8am they were already at his home. Genius!

I’m also wondering why branches of the Executive whose Leaders don’t deem it fit to honour an invitation from the Legislatives will invite the Leader of the legislative government. How do you believe in lawlessness but deny others the same illegal right? Is it because one was given a gun and the other a pen? That same morning, the Deputy Senate President, Dr Ike Ekweremadu, was invited to the police by 10am and the same men who blocked Saraki’s home, blocked his even before 9am. Agencies that ought to be nonpartisan have fully gone bonkers and corruption is gradually being institutionalized. First, when did Ortom become corrupt? Has he always been corrupt from the outset of his maladministration in Benue State, or he became corrupt the moment he left the ruling party?

The man has been with the party for over three years and even though his rudderless leadership was visible to the blind, he was never questioned for corruption or threatened with the apparatus of the state but the moment he left, members of the DSS helped to supervise an inglorious impeachment. An impeachment process where 8 out of 30 State House members voted against him, with 20 locked out. And we are fighting corruption! Corruption for the administration has become partisan. You can loot your state but as long as you are holding the broom you are covered but if you pick up an umbrella, a cock, or any other strange allegiance you become an outcast and a thief. Who knows how many governors, ministers, etc., are looting with a broom right now? Just like the sentiments shown the Children of Israel in the Bible, in this case, once the anti-corruption agencies see the broom, they know you are clean.

Buhari’s Ambition Is Worth More Than Nigerian Lives

We have seen Nigerians die and the President pretends ignorance. We have seen jobs lost to the tune of over seven(7) million and the man’s body language says we have never had it that good. We have seen Nigerian soldiers fighting in the North East killed by members of Boko Haram and our man of integrity pretends all is well. This current administration have seen a lot of atrocities than any of our governments since 1999 but the people in power hardly condemn anything except when it is not happening to Nigerians but foreigners in some oversea country. Boko Haram had just struck a day before our President commiserated with France for the terror attacks in their country and he, in responding to the defections within 24 hours, once again showed Nigerians what rarely matter to him.

A day before the defection, some Nigerian soldiers were killed by the sect but nothing came from the side of the Presidency. No condolence. No praise. No sermon on conquering terrorism. Nothing. A few days later he responded to the defections. What a man! Is this what is expected of a President of any country? He has an ally in the broken people and the abundance of low consciousness hovering around. Europeans wouldn’t tolerate this. Asians wouldn’t tolerate this. Americans wouldn’t and even South Africans would have kicked him out. After he lost all past elections he never for once admitted defeat. His usual response was to make inciting comments on how the elections were rigged while his extreme supporters take over the job of causing mayhem and killing the innocent. In 2011, his comments led to the killing of Corp Members and justice didn’t come their way.

Not once has he apologized or empathized with the lives lost. Not once has the man said sorry for inciting violence. And since becoming President, rather than empathize when empathy is needed, he acts mute, and when it is wise to act mute, he make comments that trigger more bad blood around. Once he wrote on his social media wall in response to the killings of a woman in Kano by religious extremist, that Nigerians should learn to tolerate each other. If that meant the woman’s intolerance led to her death or that the killers actions could justly be blamed on his intolerance, how it condemned the murder didn’t suffice. It was a double entendre poorly structured in a way that it doesn’t condemn the killer nor condemns anyone in particular. Mischief is the sole purpose of the ambiguity here.

2019 Will Be A Dream Escape

The selfish defections have also raised desperation in the ruling party. The party chairman has tried to put on the attire of a smart and honest dictator. He is trying to be as smart as the great Napoleon Bonaparte and ruthless as Hitler but with good intentions. From forcing the ministers to do his idea of what is right to doing what is obviously wrong for political gains but he rather calls it national gains. The head of agencies who are not loyal to the ruling party must go to give way for loyal partisan people in these agencies that ought to carry out nonpartisan roles. The President’s desperation has also been evident and he seems confused. One day he asked those campaigning for him to stop the campaigns but less than five days he visited those campaigning for him to thank them for their continued support. Since the defection happened, his speeches have been laced with the blood of the defectors.

The latest is that these defections are of rotten eggs and one wonders how long you need to stay with rotten eggs to actually know they are rotten. The words sounded like something a man will say while fighting tears. So raw and cute, in the negative light, but it requires a broken wound to dig such poetry. In this case, fear is the factor and even though he knows the agencies are well positioned in his pocket, the element of surprise coupled with the grenades of his incompetence and the evil genius of the rotten eggs, is making him jittery. Last week, a court ordered the arrest of the INEC Chairman for refusing court summons. The Inspector General of Police have refused to honour Senate Invitation also even when the killings in the country is on steroids. Even if the politicians are tricky and mischievous (they are tricky and mischievous), refusing to appear before the Senate, even if they showed any bias or disobedience(in this case they didn’t show any), is wrong on all sides.

Their argument and reason for invitation was sound. The Chief of Army Staff is still the same man whose blocked convoy rewarded the Shia Muslims in Zaria with caskets. The EFCC chairman has been deemed unfit by the Senate and an agency of the Federal Government, the DSS, but he is still chairman. The Customs Chief whose appointment didn’t respect customs codes refused to respect the Senates advice on his uniform. All these guys are still in charge and the man who appointed them has never condemned their actions. Now add these ingredients together, the nature of the President, the nature of the man he appointed to handle election matters and the nature of the men who will provide us security and protect our votes that day and tell how good looking it appears. We can only hope for a surprise or even better, a disappointment.

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