Preparing for the Third World War

Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Syria and Libya can bear me witness: the so-called police of the world are on the verge of destabilising another country. God Bless America and I wonder which of the bloody Gods. A cousin said we cease the internet trolling and bragging and prepare for the beginning of the final stages of human extinction. The Fourth World War will be fought with stick and stones, if we are lucky, because the technology of the Third World War will open up the Stone Age.

Have you gotten your oxygen masks yet? Are you prepared for an airborne attack? While you hail mad men on the internet, are you prepared for the consequences of the Third World War? Are you strong enough to fly out of where you are right now or even have the means? Do you have the heart to drive through enemy lines with Kalashnikovs whispering dirty nothings into your ears? Or because you are poor and undesirable the world will be better off with more poor and undesirable people?

And by now you should have restarted the workout to burn out those horrible adipose tissues weighing you down. I know you wouldn’t want to be caught up in an ambush and the only thing standing against your survival is your own creation. What about the tunnels? Have you started digging? How many more feet do you have to go and how many kilometres of footpaths have you constructed? Can you hear me? I doubt you can because from a distance the gongs of war, the wailing of victims and the call for peace is polymerized and catalysers pour more fuel.

There are some scenes you want to see but from afar. There are some adrenaline reactions you’d want to see from the inside of your windows. You want to see a gas station blow up because it is fun. You want to see fire roast market people because it is captivating. You want to see a train crash into a ship that was crashed by an airplane. That is why to you bad news is good news and the media knows this so even when the news is good they try to spice it with the gloom that would have been if it wasn’t good. Without the new power plant, the reporter says, many would have died of cold, for example.


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That is why you are afar again salivating at the thought of awaiting fun. That is why you don’t care if Trump terminates Suleimani (the Iranian military chief the corrupt police of the world once worked with) in a horrible masturbation accident. That is why you don’t bother to think of the innocent, that is, if such words are privileged to exist in your diction. That is why you are searching for the memes of the Third World War. You heard about Hitler, Germany and the first two world wars and it seemed you lost out just like when you saw Messi and Ronaldo but didn’t see Pele or Maradona. You want to watch the Third World War Live.

I know where you are coming from: the land of the 21st century where iPhones, Androids and more importantly, the likes and trends of social media inspire thoughts. The men of my generation are not seeing the bigger picture. I may sit with my keyboard or android phone and call for war just like Trump on Facebook but I don’t see myself fighting for a cause I believe in. It has to be someone else. It has to be soldiers and if they are not enough then we have to look at those who want to be soldiers. I am not in that picture.

Humans are a strange race. We have developed some of the best technologies to make our lives better and more meaningful but civilization is still far from many of us. In the beginning, that is, after Habilis, Erectus to Sapient man, we had nothing but signs and specie preservation was achieved by specie uniformity. Species that refused to follow societal good were naturally deselected. Then the Homofaber, the handyman, started pruning with the simple tools he found around. The stone was used to carve and make fires, the stick used to make better shelter.

He kept growing and with each achieved level the goal was to preserve and multiply. While the early societies, if they could be called such, were decentralised, the ones that followed were centralised and this was the starting point of some erratic behaviours that escaped into modern society. It wasn’t like the handyman was more civil or better than today’s man but because he didn’t have access to better tools for treachery and mischief; he didn’t have exclusive rights to subjugate, even if indirectly, other animals in the species.

With the formation of Government personal wars were transmogrified and it had the shape of societal war and because what was to be gained was great the impious (because it was nature to impurity to subjugate) sort to exploit the loophole. Humans outside governance tried to add their own quota to life through innovations and with each new innovation the bad Governments came in and pretended to use it to better the life of subjects.

The skills of the potter were harnessed and with slight modifications, roads and buildings were constructed by Masons and once the Blacksmith forged a new product it was harnessed and weaponized by those in power. The philosophers create new ways of handling mathematics, like Euclid did with Geometry, and the men in Government apply it to cheat the locals and create more feudal systems. While the people did the creation, most for honest use, the Government weaponized every new product they could use to defeat the enemy they created.

After Einstein had given us a new formulae for Energy, visits from Engineer Leo Szilard and the regretful letter he later wrote to President Roosevelt, led to the exploitation of the power of the atom and Hiroshima and Nagasaki was laid to ruins. The intention for E=MC2 was good but the moment the government stepped in the devilish Manhattan Project was born. This is where we are. A stage where we give so much to lunatics and the few sane among us think it’d be uncivil to truncate such process.

He is the President and is only exercising the powers of the President, they say. Humans are getting better technologically and even though the initial reason for getting better in the field was to give human life meaning, the Governments have weaponized every Technology and exploited the primitivism in the systems we created. Governments have caused more harm than good and in the process distorted our sense of right and wrong. Now we are taking sides for things we don’t understand and laughing at the potential end of the human race. The year started well, you think, this year will be a blast in Action Movies.

An unpredictable guy is at the wheels of steel and some of us think it is Jesus doing the thing. But what will this Jesus do? As usual down here, where we don’t really know what is happening, some Christians and Muslims have turned it into a religious war. The US (and Israel) for the Christians while Iran for the Muslims. The defenders of the de-stabilisers say they will wipe out Iran while the Nigerian Iranians say this will be like Nam.

On Friday there were some protests here, as expected, and even though El ZakZacky is still in jail, some in the Nigerian Muslim population are screaming Death to America. The truth is that the Governments of the United States of America and Iran are big clogs in the wheel of progress of this world. Up there where madmen live, Donald is not alone. He stands with Khomeini and when their egos clash the naive and innocent ones suffer. But the US of A is the worst of the demons.

From experience, the goal of the US doesn’t seem to be geared towards world peace but simply world domination. They are already dominating but because empires have come and gone, an empire that wants to live forever will keep creating room for control. Where there is violence or civil war there is lack of established control, stability and leadership and as long as there is a vacuum in the system, it is easier to seduce one of the sides and get a seat at the table. They know that killing Qasem Suleimani is morally wrong. They are not stupid. There is a goal in starting these wars.

The goal is to win in a manner not considered winning by many. For example, after Gaddafi was killed, NATO left the scene immediately and allowed the people, who they knew were already divided and would need support and guidance, to continue the divisive civil war and rebellion that allowed their entrance in the first place. Common sense will call the killing of Gaddafi the victory but that is not victory. The true victory, for a man trying to help, would have been to make sure a reasonable Government was established to reconcile, rebuild and rehabilitate the physical and mental structures that left with the war but  for a bad guy, victory would be otherwise. A good guy wouldn’t even invade the country in the first place.

From experience, we can say that that is the American government’s idea of victory. Victory for them is to fail to achieve the idea reeled out on the TV screens but to achieve the bigger idea of control through sale of weapons, aids, instability and distrust among defeated people. This manner of victory to many is not winning. They look at the wars. Who won? Who was chased out? To many, America lost the Vietnam War, the Korean War and is losing the Iraqi War, the Afghan War and the Syrian war but really? Look at the big picture!

What does it really mean to lose? None of these wars were fought on American soil and in all, the countries were de-stabilised afterwards. What then is victory? Whose lands were destroyed? Whose infrastructures were destroyed? Whose natural and human resources were stolen and damaged? Truth is that these guys are closer to Lucifer than Iran is. Iran, like the USA and other countries seeking domination, directly and/or indirectly sponsors terrorism but on a lesser scale compared to the world’s police.

Will there be a Third World War? That is unlikely even though, for business gains, the corrupt Governments of some countries would be glad for that to happen. Obviously, the US is better than Iran militarily and will inflict more harm. The Iranian Government should let it pass and if they must retaliate, they should live to fight another day. Obviously, the region and the USA and Israel, are looking for an excuse to annihilate these Shia Persians, who are also looking for the same thing, but they will be foolish to fall for this trap.

This will not be a battle between good and evil but between great evil and less evil and for a less messed up world it is better for the lesser evil to win and the best way to begin the process of winning is by refusing to retaliate. Third World War? Not today. China is busy building a business empire and the children of the Sun Tzu won’t be stupid enough to truncate the bigger plan. Russia also wants more control if the recent example of Syria is anything to go by. The Arabs and Sunnis are against the Persians. Europe will align with the US or none at all. There may be skirmishes but Third World War, far from it.

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