The Most Interesting Man In The World

The Most Interesting Man In The World

He is orange, he is nasty, he is wealthy, he is powerful, and will never stop tweeting. He has an answer to every question (don’t confuse that for solutions), he has lived with the stars and can speak their language (even though he hates to); he claimed to have spoken life into dry bones even though his words stink of dry bones. What qualities would befit the most interesting man in the World?

You could scribble the finest of poetic verses, lace it with the stimulators of the human pleasure hormone but your lines will only draw meaning to those who, at first, find poetry interesting. You could draw like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, your pen could predict the future like the myth of Nostradamus but only followers and artists in the field who are affected bother to understand the intricacies of your masterpiece.

Is diplomacy a required quality of the most interesting man in the world? The answer is simple: ask Donald Trump, for he easily has been for the past four years, the most interesting man in the world. This could be one of the most precious gifts America has given to the world besides wars. He showed us that not only is the United States of America fallible but it is also deeply divided.

Along financial lines, there is the clash of the urban and suburban, along racial lines there is the clash of supremacists against the free society, along party lines there is the clash of the Democrats and the Republicans and if there is any attempt at achieving media neutrality, CNN and Fox News are the poster boys for the propaganda machinery of the right and left.


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Trump might be the most interesting man in the world but America doesn’t seem like the most interesting place for Americans at the moment. Trump has exposed cracks and fault lines that were hidden and disappearing. He has elevated the lower argument and asked his fans to follow his example. In many ways he has operated from that gutter-level leaders ought not to operate from.

He has blinded many and has opened many eyes, even if indirectly. Is CNN really the fake news the most interesting man in the world often claims it to be? Is Fox News a better alternative as he has suggested? Trump, through actions and inactions, has exposed the deep rot in many spheres of the American system. And before the accusation of the African expert is put forward we must try to understand the importance of the politics of America to the world.

While the election went on, those who pretended it had nothing to do with them questioned the logic of the concern shown by those who choose not to pretend. They asked: why should an African concern himself with what is happening in America? How does it affect us? What is our business with America? The truth is, what they were actually asking were dumb questions. Take the example of Libya as a case study.

Once the stabilizer was no more, the country was lost and when that happened it led to the easy distribution of weapons across Africa. And with weapons in the hands of madmen and businessmen, not only did the crime rate increase, the need for weapons and the need for crime from and by weapon peddlers was increased and Africa suffered the consequence.

This led to the death of many Africans who otherwise would just have been affected by the epileptic leadership rampant across the continent. For many Africans, it was a double tragedy. Libya lost that stabilizer because of the interest and actions of the United States of America. Had American never interfered that North African country won’t be this worse and her neighbors won’t be battling the effects.

African countries are also consumers and our technological base has not been utilized or enhanced by the leadership and this makes the continent dependent on other countries like America for support. We are not self-sufficient and until we stop being reliant on the west and east we are cursed to be affected by the direction of their politics. Therefore, asking what we stand to gain or what concerns us with American leadership is a dumb question.

As predictable (for him, being unpredictable has become predictable) as Trump is, he is also interesting. The man once posted just the word ‘CHINA!’ and you can’t help but wonder what was going through his head. He said he will build a wall (to prevent immigrants, mostly Mexicans, from entering the country illegally) and Mexico will pay for it. His social media handles are replete with examples of one just living his life.

In the last debate, watching him warn Joe Biden not to use the word ‘smart’ with him elicits a grin when you think about it. He must have felt like Einstein arguing with a five-year-old who then goes ahead to use the word. Calling CNN (Cable News Network) FNN (Fake News Network) was also a first for a President but it was things like these that make him the most interesting man in the world and hard to overlook.

The average Joe goes back, makes his research and he realizes that even though Trump may not be a hundred percent right there is vindictiveness. Digging deep, harsher truths are unveiled and Joe realizes that not only do news outlets lie for their owners; they do not tell the whole truth either. Indirectly trump has opened his eyes and someone in his position will be easily pulled to the next bullock coming out of the man. Trump is hard to ignore.

To most of us here, American news channels like CNN (the most popular American news source in Nigeria) were truthful and reported fairly on ALL matters. To win an argument one simply needs to say ‘it was carried on CNN’ and the challenge, if ever there was one, wasn’t ‘CNN is Fake News’ but ‘Are You Sure?’ Trump has made responding with the former fashionable. With the most interesting man in the world calling them Fake News Network, attention was drawn and re-examination was conducted by those who never cared before.

CNN, like Fox News and other big media across America, might not be fake news per se but what is obvious is that they have an agenda running counter to their opponents. For example, we can see that irrespective of what Donald Trump says, CNN is bound to stand on the other side or refuse to stand at all.

Obviously, Donald is a divisive character and an indecent human being, and his position with CNN is complicated by his position or ideas of them and also a default notion of what the Network seeks to achieve. Same with Fox News, which even before Trump has been known to exhibit racial biases. The fact that Fox News appeals to Trump is an indication of where he stands on the racial train.

The media feeds the masses their sentiments for news and the people can’t tell what is really true or false. What actually happens is that the cooperations fund the politicians through financial and media support and the politicians make policies that help the cooperations expand their business. The owners of the cooperations cannot run for positions of authority because that will be too much attention and it is unnecessary.

We always thought American democracy was the strongest in the world but the most interesting man in the world is changing that as well. Not only does he insist the election was rigged, but he also claims to have won ‘by, a lot’. Is he telling the truth? It is difficult to agree with someone with a predictable unpredictability. This is one thing that was expected if he lost the election. This is the picture of America many never believed possible: a rigging state.

We always knew he will give us a passing gift reminiscent of his very nature. First, he claimed victory even when counting in many states were yet to be completed, then he called for the cessation of votes from mail-in ballots, next, knowing the direction of the votes, he claimed there was rigging. This is something we thought was only common among leaders in third world countries not from the so-called leader of the free world.

Again if you think about it, Trump has succeeded in also making us believe that his predictability could be an ally to a corrupted system. That is, the system could systemically rig him out knowing full well that his nature will refute, in the minds of many, any claim to the contrary. Prior to this moment, Trump has delegitimized the system, trying to create a perfect ground for the storm he is stirring now. It is possible he is purposely trying to undermine the credibility of the election.

Knowing he lost, for someone who doesn’t accept defeat, knowing that if the coup impression sticks, his mind could be offered a safe landing to trick him he never lost. He can live with that, a sort of confirmation bias. Close to seventy-one million Americans voted for Trump and obviously, they don’t believe he is the devil (actually, some believe he is fighting the demons trying to take hold of the soul of America) or madman many people have claimed he is. Something must have attracted the votes and the gap between him and Biden, like in 2016, weren’t what those of us watching from outside expected. There are more scenes to the Act and there are more Acts to come and knowing the nature of the most interesting man in the world, we will not be disappointed with the next move.

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