The Birth Of A Tyrant

Where the system is working and the state in good condition, the place is not conducive for the birth of a tyrant. Tyrants exist out of the need to repair a broken system. If the place is fine and in good condition that messianic spirit that floated wouldn’t float and no thought would be given to suspending existent laws for the chosen one to operate without impediment. The tyrant floats the idea of healing the system and people the system broke in response to the cry by the people to see the face of God. There are many wishers with ideas of change molded in a disfigured mind. A mind disfigured by the system. These set of change seekers could be genuinely tired of the rotten system and are willing to disallow it for the good running of the state. What is moral is confused with what is legal and what is legal only matters when it agrees with their idea of what is moral. They have been maligned by the system, wounded and their new and disfigured hope of restoration only lies on the shoulders of that candidate willing to operate outsides the confines of the law. Outside the confines of what we understand as decency.

The law failed so why use it in our attempts at rehabilitation? If the law gave free reign to the corruption that battered us, why should we still abide by this law? Enter Religion or Faith if you like, and the stage is set. The tyrant, before he becomes a tyrant, looks from afar and sees the attributes that will exalt him. He sees a group of people genuinely broken and in need of repair, so he pretends to have a cure and learns the language of the downtrodden. He identifies with what they identify with and his nagging covers topics like the weakness of the law, corruption of the system and a desire to entrench a new order. He makes his mission appear divine or something destined. Eventually, the people buy his stories and sell his bulls. They sing his name because he is one of them. Finally, he is made King.

He begins to turn things around in the usual manner his disciples suggested. He does this in quarters and not as a whole. He strikes everyone but in steps. He may strike the usual suspects outside the confines of the law and the people who got him there rejoice and thank their maker for answered prayers. Next he strikes the ones nauseating others but again he does this without respect to the rule of law and they cheer louder. Then it becomes precedent. He does this gradually until it gets to the dreamers who made him king. By this time, enough division has been created. When those in the small group were attacked, those outside the group cheered. When they left the small group and attacked some persons on the other side, those in the small group joined those left from the partitioning to, not cheer, but laugh at the Tiger’s claws in their ribs. The Tiger their enemies cheered. And this goes round until full dictatorship is born.

All these wouldn’t be possible if Religion, Faith, Destiny, in that other, weren’t brought along. Faith is the opium of the tyrant. He wears the face of a mystic, acting like Destiny’s Child, a cult-like following is born. Without this faith, which at the end always proves to be blind, the tyrant can’t hold anyone under his zombie spell. After the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt the conditions for creating such a tyrant was present. The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood who won the election, Mohammed Morsi, tried to mimic the man who just left his position. Because he was the result of what he misjudged as people-worship he was foolish enough to think blind faith came along. The Egyptian people wanted the prosperity and growth of Egypt but he thought the love he got when he contested was the love given to a despot and he acted like one. The result, he was booted out, locked and the key thrown away. He failed because the people didn’t buy his bullshit and even those who shared similar values with him shared those values for their sake and not because he asked them to. His victory was not assigned to Destiny or some jobless deity who plays dice. That blind faith and holy connection between God and man was nonexistent and the moment Morsi tried to act like a demigod, they put him in his place.

Last week, Nigerians were greeted with another gaffe from the President and any good follower of affairs here will be forgiven to admit shock. Three weeks ago, the Chief Justice of the Nigeria, CJN, Walter Onnoghen, was accused of failing to declare his asset with the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, and the President feigned ignorance. The law stipulates that a judge from any of our courts can only be removed either by recommendations from the National Judicial Council, NJC, or 2/3 of the Senate but that Friday morning, the President decided to suspend the man based on recommendations from the CCB, an anomaly.

From day one, the President never wanted the man from the Southern part of Nigeria but one of his medical travels afforded his Vice, acting as President, to make Walter chief justice. A new CJN was immediately appointed and last Saturday, this new man was in charge of setting up the Election Tribunal team (with the Presidential trademark of ten dead members) for the 2019 elections. Perfect plan. Throw the Christian Southerner away, even if unconstitutionally, swear in the most senior, a Northern Muslim with a degree in Islamic affairs and a former Shariah Court Judge and make sure he sets up the team that will handle problems that will arise after the elections. With the Army consolidated, the Police consolidated, the Customs consolidated, INEC (the body in charge of elections) consolidated, etc., it would have been odd and poorly planned to leave the judiciary in the hands of an antagonistic Christian Southerner.

Some Nigerians are just coming to the realization of the state of affairs. To those of us who never worshipped the current President for obvious flaws, these Nigerians are behaving strange. They are acting like this is something new. I’m shocked that they are shocked that the President shocked us. Since his inauguration, many of such had happened and because many loved the angle he was driving at, they pretended to be patriots and watched as legality was substituted for personal morality. Morality is good but a Democracy is not run on what is good or bad but on what the people’s representatives say is. Once you endorse personal morality in democracy and go ahead to substitute it with legality, then there is no systemic check or determinant of right and wrong. A tyrant is born in the process. That was how this despot was born.

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