Someone Should Show This To The President, Governor Ambode and The Nigerian Police

Some months back, the story of the kidnap kingpin, Evans, was all over the place. His connections and creations was laid bare for all to see and we loved it. He was given the tag ‘Billionaire Kidnapper’ and his face littered various facets of the media that it stuck with our subconscious. But this is not about him or how much he gave a certain person. This is about people like him moving boldly in our environment. They are all over the bus stops, junctions and roundabouts on the streets of Lagos sharing tracts of different imaginary companies. They advertise their services boldly on our national newspapers and no verification is done from these papers to know if they are genuine or just a bunch of criminals moving about in the name of helpers. On our roads and bridges they put their adverts on open surfaces and use the demarcators between lanes to offer their service. I am talking about Job scammers. A growing and dangerous group of people who advertise jobs that are nonexistent. Their aim is usually to hypnotise the job seeker and use him or her for their own good. Beware of these Nigerian jobs. It is from these practises that the Evans of this world are born.

The freedom with which these criminals and potential criminals operate is alarming. They know there is a scarcity of good jobs around here and they use it to trap their victims who are desperate. They usually come with no company name and an address that can’t be traced. The trick is, when a job seeker is invited for an interview, he or she locates the address given, finding no one there, the inexperienced job seeker calls the number they attached to the invite message they sent him or her and a soul is won. How? They begin a redirection process with the aim of confusing and taking you to their final destination. The thing is, once you get to the address and can’t find the company they claimed existed there, any attempt at calling them for verification begins the process of your hypnosis. And in Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria and West Africa, these persons are in large numbers. Some of the softer ones are companies, or better put, people who claim to operate a company selling agricultural products and drugs, who will place a job advertisement for an Accountant but in the interview and lecture rooms, demand money from the job seeker. Another degree are those who invite you just to rob you without hypnosis. They boldly pull a gun or knife out and threaten you and you oblige and beg for transport money to go back home. There are the 419ners, who hypnotise you and empty your pockets and possibly kidnap you. The most dangerous have the sole aim that you never return.

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So, why am I calling on the President, Governor Ambode and the Nigeria Police to read this? Simple. These miscreants use the citizens of the state to achieve their selfish aims and the earlier they are taken out, the better for the society. First, there are National Newspapers these criminals and liars use to execute this evil deed. On the part of these papers, the goal is to do the citizens some good. The Television and Radio houses are also guilty of this negligence. On the part of the radio and television houses, certain(if not all) adverts paid for and broadcasted on their channels go through no reality check. At times, just like the papers do, there is a disclaimer that plays at the end of the advert. On some national dailies, unverified jobs are advertised on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Any job seeker who uses the papers should know the papers I am taking about. There are also persons sharing tracts on the streets of Lagos. They promise thousands but their dressing and appearance betray what they promise. It always go with the words “an American company with over thirty years experience requires the services of…” It is from these persons that people are kidnapped and submitted for fetish purposes. Though there could be real ones, it seems the bad eggs outnumber the good ones. The Nigeria Police should look for these persons and their contacts at Ikotun Roundabout, Oshodi Underbridge, Cele Express, Orile Bus stop, Yaba, Street walls, etc., and every bus park and bus stop in Lagos. A little questioning wouldn’t be bad to separate the wheats from the chaffs.

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Here is how job seekers can defend themselves against possible kidnappers and criminals trying to lure them with jobs. One. Any job without a company name, carrying the words ‘a foreign country(put any foreign country here) with 30 years(or any years) experience is looking for…’, is a red flag. No serious company will advertise for jobs without putting its name on it. A company’s name on an advert is good for the company and failure to do this is a red sign. Two. Any job vacancy with vague and ambiguous company names like P.G Limited, OHC Limited, T.Platform, Careers Ltd, MG Nigeria, etc., is suspect. Here is what to do. Copy the job invite exactly as it was sent to you, paste it on Google search and you will get a lot of reviews and information to know what next to do. Or punch their address on Google and see how it goes. If you are confused by the acronym they go by(they want you confused) search the name of the company whose acronym you think they represent. For instance, search for Procter and Gamble if you are confusing it with P.G Limited, and see who is recruiting. If they are, where is it taking place and when did you even apply? Three. Any invite with the words ‘based on referral…is suspect. Not because their are no jobs based on referral. There are. But the idea here is to make you assume that the invite is a product of one of the recruiting agencies(for those who use recruitment agencies) where you submitted your Curriculum Vitae, CV. Run the other tests on them. If you are still not sure or want additional validation, go to this link, register and ask questions.

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Lastly, I will like to add that the attention given to the criminal and kidnap kingpin, Evans, by both the Nigerian Police and the Media did not help this country. We know this is a democracy and the media need to sell papers to make money. We know all these but manufacturing stories and mystifying a criminal just to keep the story trending was not fair to the soul our society. It was a good thing that Kyari, the policeman who headed the operation, told us some of those stories peddled were figments of the imagination. When you mystify a dangerous criminal in an ailing population like ours, where healing is needed, giving reasons and repeating different stories behind his trade, you make criminality fashionable and increase the potential for more recruitments. There are so many young persons with unformed minds watching, learning and mastering everything we do. They don’t look at what the society say should be done but how people respond to what the society instructed is right. They don’t listen to what their parents, guardians, neighbours and seniors said is right but how their guardians, parents, neighbours and seniors react to issues. Our actions matter most. When we project these images of the evil constructs and actions of a person, mystify the persons evil deed, give him a tag like ‘Billionaire Kidnapper’, use stories and try blame the society indirectly for his misdeeds, we are subconsciously showing the younger generation a negative way to respond to issues. The different police officers taking selfies in turns with the criminal should be given sound lectures on psychology. What exactly was that for? Dear Nigerian job seeker, beware of these Nigerian Jobs.

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