Soldiers Are Not Heroes

You call soldiers heroes, right? You call robotic men fighting the stupid wars of stupid leaders outside your country heroes, right? You think you are being rational, right? You say soldiers are heroes because the war is far away from home, right? You, hero, are you going to murder me tonight? You, hero, how long will lunatics cease to matter in your sight?

You just witnessed a murder. You just saw men in high places descend on men in the lowest places. You just saw them lazily cut, with razor blade, the breasts of nursing mothers. You just saw her feed a malnourished child before the nozzles, reacting to the cut, fell into the mouth of the child and she swallowed blood. You saw them leave the child to drown in tears and red milk. You saw them act like the child was a pest and her mother’s bitter blood, mixed with running salt, is the right absolution for original and the future sins expected of the infant. You saw them as they went to the next room to commit rape. You saw them defile the young girl and cut the organ of the boy from the scrotal sac upward.

You saw how they cut the head of his penile area and the beautiful art in pain. You saw the pain in his eyes as the soldiers put fire underneath his feet. You saw how his skin peeled off as the men roasted those testes. You knew he was just one out of the many innocent men, women and children who will receive more creative punishments. You saw that the faces of the men doing this cleansing are like burnt coal. You could see their hearts too and it smelled of rotten flesh. You know they stink and cannot remove stains. You know they have taken many lives and cannot give lives with a bullet. You knew the last time they fought for peace they opened a can of worms that took this new shape of the city. You know they are not all right up there where reasonable things happen, cannot and will never decide for themselves and cannot bring any life to peace but you see nothing wrong giving them powers over life.

You know those who save lives spend huge money to run the program but those who take lives are given free education but you never ask why. You call your legitimate killings acts of Patriotism but the legitimate killings of your victim is Terrorism and like Adichie said, your stories obey the principle of Nkari. You love your country so much and the best way to show this love is to kill for your country. You went to Iraq to make peace because you loved them more than they loved themselves. You killed them so they can stop killing each other. You murdered their parents and created an ocean of orphans because you wanted to stop them from creating orphans. You kill little children because you wanted them to stop killing children. You said you are civilized too. Great!

Good people call you a hero for killing for your country. Good people see your patriotism at work and hail people like you. Good people see your heroic acts and pray that a good God bless and protect you. Good people urge you to kill all the bastards who have refused to let the world live in peace. Good people don’t know you are the bad people in the world and as long as you exist the world will never know peace. Good people give you moral support, spiritual support, intellectual support and mental support and thank you for what you are you doing for your country. Good people heard of the severing of the parts of nursing mothers but…after all, this is what any war is all about.

Good people know that any war between good and evil must involve the death of good and evil men and they also know there must be, in all just wars, collateral damages. Good people know that killing the innocent is bad but they also know that killing has to happen for peace to reign. Good people know that a fool shouldn’t start war but they deify the wars of fools, murderers and criminals. Good people know that killing without questioning is what a zombie will do but they call the subhumans who engage in it superhumans. Good people know that there can never be peace without justice but they see no reason why the sons, daughters and parents of those collateral damages, should also have the right to collateral damages. Good people call their killers heroes but call their victims’ terrorists.

Good people support a mad man who loves his country to kill sane people and mad men in another country but wonder why the mad men in other countries want to continue the experiment. Good people are patriotic and honest and will always put their countries and humanity first. Good people do not love wars so they hope that wars in other countries are very successful to prevent them from experiencing any war on home soil. Good people support a war caused by less than five hundred selfish men. Good people, in their millions, follow the course of a few hundred selfish, stupid, murderous, poisonous and weak men because these selfish, stupid, murderous, poisonous, wicked men, want the best for the world and their country and know better. Heil Democracy!

You just witnessed a massacre. Some men in Odi, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, killed a man without license and Lucifer’s sons graced the occasion. You know that any head is as good as the brain inside it but what you saw there was hydra headed and empty. Some men unjustly killed thousands because one guy on camo was unjustly murdered. You are a good man and as the code dictates, once anything is been done to defend national security, you consider it healthy exercise. Some men shouted at fellow men but they had weak vocal cords and instead of shouting back, they severed their lungs. You heard about it but you also heard that it is for national security and national security always win. Some good people trying to stop bad people from using guns, gave some good people guns until their idea of good people differed.

How can you make a good robot with the features of homosapiens but without the good soul of the homosapiens? Why did you call the men who killed millions heroes? Why would you call a man who striped himself of independent thoughts, went berserk, creating collateral damages, a hero? Why do your heroes turn men to dust but can’t turn dust to men? Why do good people give support to people who kill good and bad people? A good man only goes against a bad man but a bad man goes against both the bad and good man but your heroes keep the good man alive by killing him and everything that breathes. You created a creature without a soul and you think any dummy can pass for man? Who did this to you? The authorities or yourself? Are you going to pass the blame like robots do?

You watched as the village was set on fire and the smell of burnt suya, the type that choked you, hovered, but you didn’t choke. You were standing like a man who had the world at his feet and your hero was playing loud music with his bracelets. You saw a hospital go up in flames but you knew that was what war was about and what the soldiers must do. You saw the last hospital go up in flames but the war was still for their own good. You watched a female soldier and the male counterpart play with a human head they fell and you watched with excitement as the terrorist was exorcised. You watched them cry for help but no mercy came. You watched them cry for food but no food came. You watched them beg for death and you wished prolonged torture. You loved your heroes and called their own heroes terrorists. You are a terrorist.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.