Six Set Of People Afraid of Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze! At the mention of his name tithers and tithing promoting Christians frown. Some for his unrighteousness and infidelity. The majority for the fact that he grew enough balls to disagree with their Daddy in the lord. He is, as far as 2017 is concerned, the most stubborn thorn on the rich flesh of ‘Men Of God’ who have redefined what it means to serve God. He has received tacit death threats wrapped in scriptural attire as is the new custom of Nigeria’s version of Christianity. Where the one who disagrees with you, rather than pray for your salvation, as instructed by the author of the faith, Jesus, rains curses that defile the very name used in delivering the curses. Daddy Freeze has returned fire for fire and at all times, if you are objective and honest enough, you’d see it is he who uses the scriptures to debate. Others, the pastors, that is, and their followers, use the usual sermon of fear, threats and other invented jargons in response. He is indeed a troublemaker but it is that type of trouble only identified by a person doing evil.

The Men of God in Nigeria, who ought preach and believe of a heaven that transcends this material world, have tweaked the sermon and made desire for the material more important than the desire for the immaterial that truly transcends. They’ve mummified their followers and created a society of ‘sheeple’ who do not question, read their Bibles or engage their brains in rational thought. If they say a thing is right, irrespective of the true state of that matter, the sheeple buy the story. When men like Daddy Freeze steps up to ask for change, he is tagged a disciple of the devil and his pasts are brought to the table rather than his argument. This is because the typical Nigerian Christian has never for once questioned the tithing issue. Did the apostles receive tithe after they were called Christians at Antioch? No? Did the Christians in Acts of Apostles undergo any tithing? No. Who collected tithe in the past? Levites. There is also an argument that tithing is a choice and whoever chooses to tithe should be left alone. This is as erroneous as saying that any Christian who chooses to offer burnt offering to God, like they do in Abrahamic times, is not doing anything bad but simply exercising that right to choose. The set of Christians afraid of Daddy Freeze are:

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Daddy Freeze

1. PastorPreneurs: These are the ones running the show. They are pastors not because they are interested in liberating the souls of failing Christians but because they are too broke and too skilled, with con artistry, to go into the business. This category uses fear and threats to keep the people perpetually in check. They tell the people that refusing to pay tithe is robbing God. They try to create a conflict in the mind of the non tither and his God. He is projected as one who is daring God to strike and coupled with the engineering he has been subconsciously, consciously and even unconsciously subjected to, he dips a hand into his pockets to enrich the criminal wearing a suit. The most important attribute of a PastorPreneur is his the ability to control men. He is called Prophet and his words are taken as the direct word of God. He feeds on the gullibility of his followers who he has brainwashed to see him as God. You hear the sheep using words like ‘But My Daddy Said’, ‘But Daddy Said’…Some literally teach followers how to speak in tongues. He wants more money and is always talking about seeds, sow, give, etc., in that order. To people like him, Daddy Freeze is trying to liberate his slaves and run his account dry. If you were in his shoes how would you feel?

2. Worshippers of Men: This category are deep in the mind programming. They literally see a God when they see their pastor. When he gives an order, it is like Yahweh has just spoken. They are at the echelon of the sheeple society and will go any length in defending their controllers. They are moved more by an insult to their pastor than an insult at Jesus Christ or the word of God. You can insult Christianity but you dare not insult their God on earth. He is the Alpha and Omega of their lives and whoever disagrees with his words or actions must have something in common with that guy that owns Hell Fire. This set is both dangerous to themselves and to the environment they exist in. If the pastor says their mother is a witch then she is a witch. If the Man of God says their poverty was engineered by their family members, who, in reality, have been helping them survive, they cut off their family members. Whatever their ‘spiritual’ fathers say is right. To this set, Daddy Freeze is a threat to their God. He is the demon trying to challenge the unquestionable words of their God. These ones will give you a thousand and one reasons pastors are living large while members suffer. This category needs support and help. They shouldn’t be listened to because they are in the highest level of hypnosis. They don’t know what they are doing.

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3. Aspiring Con Artists Without Sense: This category are emergency pastors and pastors who passed through school but school didn’t pass through them. This category have zero knowledge of Philosophy, zero knowledge of Theology, zero knowledge of Ethics. They dish out half baked knowledge they heard from some successful fathers in the business. They are men who saw a new opportunity and growing business and simply capitalised on the niche. They aspire to greatness. They read books and watch DVDs of the big men in their industry and use his exact words in their sermon. They don’t bother to research or do a study. They are not concerned about the life of their members. They are simply there for the money, and because a lack of the skill of con artistry will put them out of business, they take a course in that field by studying more successful con artists in the business. Like typical PastorPreneurs, they build their way through lies. To them, anything that will bring more money to the fold is good. Call it tithing, seed sowing, provoking God, testing God. They have zero understanding of the words they use. They have zero understanding of the bible they selectively preach. They are only good at ripping the members off. You can see Daddy Freeze is trying to kill a career yet to pick up. If you were in their shoes how would you feel?

4. Christians With Poor Understanding: These are not the worshippers of men, pastors, priests or Men of God. They are the genuine Christians who really think tithing is a Christian doctrine and must be respected. They don’t take the pastors word as the final say but in this case, they refuse to agree Daddy Freeze has a point. He is simply exercising his folly in this case and shouldn’t be listened to. They have good hearts but like the vast majority of Nigerians, are afraid of questioning the ‘spiritual’ and things of God. In the Nigerian religious setting, God is often an austere entity, unsmiling and ready to rain brimstones. They have not taken out time to do some critical thinking because, like their thoughts on tithing, spiritual things should not be examined with the human mind. They are afraid of probing deeper into the things of the spirit and annoying God. They have not tried or heard such weird thought and Daddy Freeze is touching the unapproachable. He is trying to create a tremor in their thinking pattern and disorganize the balance. They consider him a rebel and a troublemaker who is trying to poison the hearts of good tithe paying Christians. They don’t know where tithing started in the Bible and where it stopped. Someone just said I’m wrong. They actually think they know and it never stopped in their own explanations. This set should be listened to, studied with and shown what the truth really is.

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5. Over Righteous Christians: This category of Christians examine a man before listening to him. They first weigh on his past and present before considering him worthy enough to be listened to. These ones are irritated by Atheists and Believers in other faiths. They are religious extremists. They are asking why a man who has a babymama should be taken seriously. They are asking why the words of a divorcee should form the subject of a debate. They are not really debating issues. They don’t even concern themselves with trying to make a decent explanation for or against the tithers or non tithers. Their disagreement with a person is not based on the values extolled by that person but the persons identity. Daddy Freeze is too carnal and worldly to be engaged, simple. He is too weak in the faith and matters of the spirit, to be a child of God. He is too worldly and demonic to star in the conversation of a decent Christian. They operate with a mosaic spirit. Too serious, by looking at them you’d think having a strong and serious face is a virtue. If we want to be semantically correct, these ones are not even Christians or qualified to be righteous. As extremists, they wish fire rain down from heaven and burn Daddy Freeze and all sinners. Every demon must die by fire. Humans are not excluded. Left to them no converts will be made because they are impatient with unbelievers and dissenters. When you see these ones, just run before they strike you with paralysis in God’s name.

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6. Truly Concerned Christians: These ones are the real deal. They know Freeze is right. They know people are being controlled to dish out their hard earned money by liars on suit. They know what is happening around but are only scared for the future of Christianity. They are asking why he has remained silent to the atrocities committed by the Muslim clerics and Juju Priests. They wonder why he kept quiet when that Mallam snatched a Christian girl, forcefully married and got her pregnant. They ask why he has said nothing on some erroneous teachings given to the Muslim Ummah by some clerics. They have a point. If we are to protest against evil and exploitation it won’t be wrong to do it wholly. They are also afraid that their religion is being fought. If the church must be fought should Christians be at the forefront, they ask. They prefer to talk about these issues in the church than bring it on the outside for everyone to join in the discussion. They have seen that people of other faiths enjoy the banter going on, they have seen that it gives faithfuls of other religions joy to see Christians argue, they have seen that both the gullible and naive are watching, and are scared of losing them to atheism as a result of this teaching requiring strong mental and spiritual stamina. These ones know Daddy Freeze is a sinner, just like them, but they also know that he has a point. They simply fear for the future of the religion. They shouldn’t. If anything is really fake, if a religion can be shattered by questioning, then it is not good enough. These ones should be listened to and understood.

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  1. Nicely written. Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense. Knowledge and personal efforts, not devotion to God, are the true means of salvation.

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