The Sickle Cells (SS) in our Demo Cracy

Unfortunately democracy is not just the dictatorship of the majority but also their Achondroplaesia. If it were just a popular dictatorship, then those in the majority whose minute dictatorial tendencies aggregated to give us the massive tumour can tell when a virus is created from the antidote they prepared. Democracy is illusive, cranky and a concoction that promotes the purge where it was intended to cease the rumblings that birthed it. I mean, just look around you. Look around Nigeria and the world and see for yourself. See? Do you have the means to see? Can you tell light from darkness? If darkness hit you in the gut and a plague hangs around to finish you off, can you even tell? How many of you can see? Let me explain.

So we sat down (Sat down? When? At least the imperialists did. Okay) and thought of all the nasty systems in the world. We thought of the monarchy of our ancestors but we figured that it leaves one man with too much power and when he is as sick Kim, he could snap his fingers and we will be transported to a new habitat. We thought of communism but it was constricting and at the echelon too much power resides. We thought (we thought? When exactly did we think? At least our masters did. Okay) of Theocracy but we have grown and secularism is more civil (even though the Koranic verses in the Nigerian Constitution laugh at our poor thoughts). We thought of many systems but finally settled for democracy. But that is a lie.


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To be honest, we didn’t think. We didn’t come up with this ‘strange’ idea that the decision of the majority, irrespective of the depth of their thinking, binds all, even when those in the opposition are smarter. But our loving masters who gave us ‘everything’ from life, books, religion to education also transmitted us the viral disease and even though troublemakers on camouflage tried to denature and corrupt it, we placed it on life support where it is up to this day. You see, we didn’t choose but we are bound by it. We didn’t serenade our thoughts with it but we are the victims of its delusions. Once every four years we think about our future and the torchbearer. We ought to think deeply but we don’t and we choose reptiles and creeping serpents to extract the poisons we carry and replace them with blue bloods.

We debate, campaign, fight and we elect, as has been our case, an idiot, who leaves us with viper’s venom. But that’s not even the problem here. You see, in as much as democracy is not the Government of the sane but of the majority, who are often insane, it still possesses loopholes (if you like) for exorcism. When the will of those dictators (voters if you like) whose thumbprints led to formation of Government are no longer respected, they are bound, not often by the laws, but by a common, rational sense and when the system is hijacked and reinterpreted by these greedy despotic, it ceases to be democracy and the gardeners of the watery system have earned the right to protect themselves and make many things happen. It is similar to killing a man unprovoked and killing another man when he trespasses and tries to rob or kill you, the latter is not frowned at because it is self defense. It is like shooting a man climbing over a high wall and shooting and killing a man you find on your fence at night, the latter is bravery. That is how to approach this flawed thing called democracy.

Assume a country practice democracy and a craze is played out by those in power the same thing ought to happen. That is the bane of the uprisings and the revolutions that have been going on around South America. Whatever was agreed upon, whatever horrible system was practiced, whatever nasty philosophy that floated around has been desecrated by the custodians and chief servants and the mere servants had to step up. Once a people lose the power to insist on this, once they lose sense of this, once the custodians become the majority, then both the majority and minority have lost their freedom.

In the case of democracy what is often the bone of contention is style of leadership and this is even an easier target when you compare it with change of system of governance. In essence, if the goal is to change the style of leadership, as is common in the revolution or protest of most democratic countries, but yet the people are still ineffective and unperturbed, it is safe to say that docility backed by fear, pleasure and selfishness has won. It is harder to change a system than a style of leadership. It is harder to change from the monarchical systems of Saudi Arabia to the democracy of America. It is easier for the United Arab Emirates to have a new king than to move to democracy.

This is often because the system has been repeated to brainwashing heights. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good system but once it is shown over and over again, the mind of the masses is bought and from looking like the norm, it becomes their norm. That is the same reason it is hard for a person to change religion. It is easier to hover around other sects like moving from Catholic to Anglican or Sunni to Wahabism than to move from Muslim to Christian or vice versa. The bottom line of the last eight sentences is that we in Nigeria and most parts of Africa are great cowards.

Our custodians have desecrated our shrine. They have poured rotten egg on our libations and have destroyed our farmlands. The little piece of land we carried with us, our minds, that is, were invaded, violated and smouldered to granules. And the shocking is, we are still here! We are still on that road where dreams die and buried on plain caskets. We are yet to see the full picture. Yes, democracy is flawed but we can throw flawed entities out of their way to manage the little nastiness. It is like eating the spoilt food as only food, knowing you can add one or two spices and ingredients to change the taste and form, but refusing to do so while at the same complaining like the fool that you are.

This brings me to Sowore – the sacrifice. The only reason the Government is more powerful, in today’s world, than the people is because the Government has gotten into the psyche of the people. The Government is in our heads and we have made morality an exclusive creation of those in power. We have allowed men make laws over our lives so much that we depend on those men for survival. You see again! Repetition! Democracy too! It’s logically consistent with democracy but it is also a flaw. They’ve repeatedly made laws and the shift in our psyche of what good and evil is is a product of their inventions.

Travelling with huge amount of money you worked for is wrong because they passed a law criminalising it. You have to pay the new senseless tax because…well, the Government said you have to pay it. Homosexuality ought to be punished because they said so. At the age 17 you are an adult in one place, in others 18, in some 16 or 21. That is the belief in authority that has killed us! Democracy is still flawed but some areas with deformities can be corrected. At least it can be cosmetically appealing. So, they attacked Mr Sowore in court because they are the Government and as far as Government falls, that even stretches the low. Democracy is already bad, Government is already too powerful, the structures are liquidating but to marry sickle cell with sickle cell is a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.

Sowore was attacked in court because the horrible husband (Government) who has sickle cell married the horrible wife (masses) with the same genotype. A mixture would have nice. A tweaking would have helped to minimise the shame. If the masses were AA and the Government with SS, it is possible for change to happen. But we are more like the same. We flow from general to particular and from the particular to the general. In a state of democratic democracy, the desecration of the court equals the desecration of the constitution and the desecration of the constitution equals the invasion of the house by hoodlums and the punishment meted to hoodlums becomes a story of bravery. In a democracy, the police shooting indiscriminately and justice operating in like manner normalise disobedience and this is how power truly belongs to the people. Anything other this means that the zombies are around.

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