Why the Herdsmen Will Win II: A Brief History of Violence

Violence has always been palatable for its benefits since the beginning of man. It has been a driving force for so many civilisations as we have seen with Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Greece and in more recent times the Ottoman Empire, Prussia and America. The strong often win and at the core of their victory lies, not just strategy or man power but a powerful tool for driving forces.

By channelling violence, land is forcefully acquired, goods and valuables are stolen, nations are structurally melted and the mental and physical well-being of the oppressed are torn the shreds. Physical slavery happens and as it is in our so-called modern society, mental slavery, which is worse than enslavement with chains, follows suit and the conquered, even though no longer in physical warfare with the conquerors, willingly submit to their new master.

The strategic tormentor looks to take away the mind by taking away the body while the preys look to take away the ideology of their tormentors by appealing to their minds. The tactician respects history while his prey disdains it. He makes excuses for his tormentors and often times delegate to himself a rescue mission. This is why some good girls fall for bad boys. They may not know it but they see themselves as change makers and the bad boy, to them, has not been shown adequate love around. They could be right but love itself does not exist in the abstract. It needs to be qualified to make sense.

Some people love to kill and destroy while some love to heal and better their environment. Some love giving pain while others love to eliminate it. So, the good girl makes up so many stories to cover for the bad boy and the boy, because he is often Machiavellian, knows the path she is threading and pretends to play the game. He listens to her, pretends change, gets even closer and finally strikes her at the place where it matters most. Then, broken, she laments and calls all men dogs.


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It is also the same reason some people have partners whose present barbaric behaviours were evident in courtship. ‘I thought he will stop sleeping around when we marry’, ‘I thought she will stop meeting with her ex once we are married’, ‘I thought he will stop beating me once I get pregnant’, the reasons are often born out a non concrete blind hope for change. The truth is that good people are often attracted to damaged goods. The desire to make everyone around them better often leads to their demise. Like the civilised people in Western Europe sending aids to Africa because of the sad stories flying around and the aids they send disappearing into the pockets of few men.

Like the story of Jesus Christ coming for the broken but still killed by these broken people he came to uplift. The goodness in good and better people, unfortunately, often makes them easy prey to the evil ones lurking around. They abstain from violence but the evil ones embrace it. They try to heal but the evil ones try to injure and corrupt. They are attracted to broken things to mend them but the evils ones are attracted to things only when they can use them. I am not in any way preaching death to goodness but simply pointing at the reality of things. Adults, and even some children, know what they are doing and pretending for them or trying to excuse them for their barbarism is also one of the enemy’s potent weapons of war.

In the Art of War, the one who succeeds is he who has mastered every aspect before battle. Like Sun Tzu wrote, Knowledge of self, Knowledge of others and Ignorance of the Terrain, Victory is not sure BUT Knowledge of others, Knowledge of self and Knowledge of terrain, the Victory is complete. In fact, before battle is done, victory has been attained. The tormentor understands these but the prey is usually blind and any attempt at informing him is called a bad conspiracy theory.

In today’s Nigeria, despite the evident display of the intention for colonisation by the Hersdmen, some good people still make excuses for them. Despite the fact that they have ransacked villages and set up settlements in a RUGA-like manner, there are still those of us who are willing to let RUGA take place in their backyard. In sane settings, how the former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, won a seat in the Senate is investigated but here he didn’t do the extraordinary so no sane one dares go to court. His victory was in line with the mental enslavement of his voters and his position on RUGA springs from the elite’s where pretence is fulcrum.

Poverty and joblessness are also forms of violence. Hand-in-hand they subdue a stubborn population and elevate the initiator by creating talking stomachs in the neighbourhood. Orji Kalu won because he was a good student of Sun Tzu and the people, just like those in broken relationships, lost because of that seductive sleeping goodness they saw in him. Like employing people from his LGA, while in the big picture he is the one responsible for their endangered state in the first place. He, like most representaThieves we have here, already RUGA-RD his people and comparing cattle markets to the destructive RUGA wouldn’t worry him too much. As long as there is a juicy reward for violence and potential violence, there are bound to be propagandists. The reward for violence ranges from power to abundant resources and the possessor of both, in our world today, unfortunately, owns everything.

The Hersdmen will win because the people who ought to stop them are either not taking them seriously or are self centred and think about their present status. It would be unfortunate to find out that the Governor of Jos, who has seen the death of many of his people at the hands of the Herdsmen, is either or both but he is either or both. He doesn’t seem to act on what is coming or maybe he doesn’t care and behaviours like his are the ingredients for the success of conquerors. On the social media, other willing tools are rising. We know that there is a cold war between Nigerians but what serious people do in the face of extinction is first, self-preservation.

The Igbos and the Yorubas, two largest and most influential nations in Southern Nigeria, are at it again and their foolishness is a perfect supplement for colonization. If the Herdsmen strike in the West, the foolish youths and their elders from the East will laugh at them and when the Herdsmen strike in the East, the foolish youths and their elders in the West will return the favour. The foolishness of the majority of the people in these two ethnic groups will be their doom and kudos to the masterly tactical depth of the Herdsmen. Using the Sun Tzu, the herdsmen handled violence like the division of labour, or specialization, in Economics or in more military terms, divide and conquer.

First is to know the self and this is the only knowledge the Herdsmen and their Preys have on equal scale. The Second is to understand your enemy or target. While by understanding, the educated Preys only know names and culture of the rival, the Herdsmen go further to understand motives, desires and aspirations of their potential subjects. The Third is to know the terrain and who is better equipped with this information than the one who lives their life as a nomad? With this knowledge, the enemy is attacked in consistence with the forms of the terrains. In the case of Nigeria, units are created among the Preys and using their shared hatred as ally, the Herdsmen decapitate them individually. While one is laughing, the other is crying and vice versa and just one winner emerges. As usual, violence wins. End of story.

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