Revolution or Another Papa Ajasco Production?

Who Is Ready To Die?

As at this moment, the owner of the online website, Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, the online platform known for their truths, blackmail and lies is locked up somewhere…for his own safety. He was under the spell of some unfamiliar brave spirit some days back when he called for a Revolution. A Revolution in Nigeria! The sentence itself seemed like Syntax error and a future impossible tense. He called for a Nigeria stripped of the giant footsteps of the monsters that held her to the ground while they took turns raping her.

Sowore, a civil right activist (we can’t tell what that means these days though) is a controversial figure who ran for President in the last General Election and made genuine and bogus submissions on how to move the country forward but this not about him. He is just one man and even though the conscious level required for a Revolution to happen often springs from the well of one man, without strange voices becoming familiar voices, the movement can’t move a muscle or amount to anything.

In Tunisia, the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi was the catalyst for the Arab Spring in North Africa. In South Sudan, it took the rebel groups and Salvakiir, even though today the ‘reformer’ is now a despot. In India, the racist, Mahatma Ghandi’s method of nonviolence raised the people and he was even awarded a Noble Price for Peace. So, while the revolutionary matters, the people for which the revolution is meant for have to be prepared for the process they are about to embark on. In the height of slavery in America, the members of The Underground Railroad will have helped more slaves if only they knew they were slaves.


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Frederick Douglass could have liberated many black people if they knew they weren’t subhuman as their oppressive white masters made them believe. It was possible to limit racism and expel the physical slavery rampant at the time because, besides this number of timid and brainwashed Negroes and House Niggers worshipping the white man, there was another number, inspired by the progression of those Negroes you can and cannot find in any history book, who equaled and neutralized the number of the mentally enslaved. So, first, a Revolution needs a healthy mind to anchor it. This mind has to be infectious with his intelligence enough to bring other similar minds and co-anchors. This mind doesn’t have to be healthy or be projecting something extraordinary as a Revolution is not good just because it is a Revolution. This mind can be anything. What matters is how many have bought his idea. How many are mentally positioned to buy his idea? How many understand the importance of what it’s been done? How many are willing to sacrifice something?

Sowore is not the smartest or even close but he has the radical spirit that underlies every revolutionary and it is not the smartest that often changes things. Being smart is one thing, but it takes a good man to use their wisdom for something good. The most radical is not always the best to lead a Revolution. Robert Mugabe used to be in the same position. He was a radical and Revolutionary in Southern Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe and he projected positive vibes. He was also a smart man. But when you compare his Zimbabwe to the South Africa of Nelson Mandela, the difference is obvious. Both are smart men and radicals but while Uncle Roo carried the spirit of a behemoth, Rolihlahla is a human being.

Therefore, we need ask, what is exactly is Sowore? Experience has shown that after every Revolution the leader is usually crowned King, so what are we to expect of, potentially, Nigeria’s President after the Revolution? But wait! Syntax error again! Nigerians and ‘Revolution’ in one sentence is a misnomer, an evil creation, a reckless use of English Language and no matter the language employed, it abominates lexis and structure. Let me explain. For a Revolution the type proposed by the owner of Sahara Reporters to happen, first, the revolutionary has to be revolutionised enough to infect unbelievers with his charisma.

A bad Revolutionary uses the beliefs and ideologies of the unbelievers as reference point, as in the case of Buhari or he repackages and delivers a new ideology, as in the case of the thieves calling themselves Nigerian pastors while the goal of the good Revolutionary is to correct and revolutionise everything like Lee Kwan Yew did with Singapore. This last form involves going to the root, the prefix of things and the fruits or the suffix of things. Cause and effect must be understood and properly tackled for the revolutionary to revolutionise. Why is Nigeria the way it is? Why is there lack in the midst of plenty? Why are our leaders retarded? Why can’t the poor people suffering from the bad decisions agree on something? Why is there corruption? What gave birth to corruption? Why is development not distributed? Why do oil companies who mess up the Niger Delta have their companies outside the Niger Delta? Why and how do Revolutions begin? Why can’t Revolution happen in Nigeria?

Sowore talks about Corruption, Corruption and Corruption, leaving behind the vehicles to corruption. The Nigerian Constitution is a creation of the military. Nigeria is a creation of a foreign country. Nigeria is a name given by a white woman who married the madman that raped our fathers. Nigerians are culturally, ideologically and physical heterogeneous. Nigerians had over 1000 years of existence individually. Nigeria has just one fully functional Sea Port. Nigeria’s mental architecture was demolished a long time ago. Nigerians worshipped Gods from imported religions. We had a civil war and till today we never bothered to tackle the reason we fought. We never bothered to eliminate the problem and our Revolutionary hasn’t created a unique argument to mobilise us.

How do you mobilise all the tribes in Nigeria who hate each other so much for a Revolution? How do you mobilise a Fulani person for a Revolution if his brother who is the President has shown him special love and he has bought into it? How do you expect people who have defended the shooting of protesters by military and police to join a Revolution? How do you expect people who are not in a position to prepare for a Revolution to join in one? Having briefly discussed the qualities needed from the Revolutionary for the type of Revolution we need now let’s dissect the nature of the enforcers.

About two weeks ago we saw the Nigerian Police, in their usual intimidating manner, shoot at protesting Shia Muslims with live ammunitions. They were simply protesting the release of their leader, Sheik El-Zackzacky, and their activities created hold ups in the capital city. This is not the first, second or third time they are been killed for the same course. They had told the government prior to the protest that they (the government) have killed over 1000 of them but they should be ready to kill more. As radical as this might sound, the Nigerian Shia Muslims have shown what it takes for a Revolution to happen. They may be illiterates in the majority but mentally they are strong. They believe in their cause and though the cause could actually be bad but that is the method of the Revolutionary. Believe, fearless and daunting.

To begin with, the typical Nigerian does not even believe in Nigeria. You will first have to believe in a cause to contemplate sacrificing for it. What is the Nigerian dream? Where is the Nigerian declaration of Independence? Nigerians do not love Nigeria enough to die for her. They have not seen enough reason to die for Nigeria. This lack of belief is inspired by both the repeated failure of the government to help make their lives better and the shedding of identity from the invaders. A poor man with a high value for self and self worth can be inspired to revolt when something directly threatens his or her life but a rich man who is mentally achondroplaesic will watch a poor man with a better identity crush his mansions.

For Sowore’s sort of Revolution to happen in Nigeria, Nigerians have to evolve mentally. In 2019 people still execute fellow human beings through jungle Justice, people hail soldiers who shoot at human beings whose only crime was protesting and you expect this same people to protest. The divide and conquer rule also helps to kill the Revolution and it’s another testament of our emaciation. You rejoiced when my brothers died during a protest now my brother is in power and you want me to revolt against him…with you. Sowore was arrested last week for his own safety according to the government and the Revolution has not started. But wait! Before you use big words like Revolution, do you think anything will happen if this afternoon we hear that he was executed for treason?

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