The Problem With Homosexuality

The problem with the arguments for and against homosexuality in Nigeria is that they are mostly built on the existence and nonexistence of a God. The topic has been reduced to a battle between the believers of God, theists, and atheists, who disdain God and the existence of supernatural deities. The atheist sits at a corner, examines the theist and his spiritual argument and dismisses it with what he calls logic. The theist on his own part, failing to provide an argument backed by logic (experience beats logic, he says), science or naturalism, blames the insanity of the atheist on spiritual influences and Satan, the evil one roaming the universe.

In Nigeria, arguments against homosexuality have gone religious and no consideration is made for the nonreligious or carnal viewpoint. The morality of the act is what that supernatural deity says it is but…we must test argumentum ad fidem wherever we find one. The theist’s position may be correct but the premise on which it is built is not well grounded. To him, the ‘intelligence’ of the atheist has blinded him and he now dwells in a spiritual cage. To the atheist, the theist’s knowledge of human rights, expressions and logic is poor, his thyroid gland dead of disuse and his best outfit will be found in psychiatric homes. While the theists say homosexuality is bad because God said it is bad, the Nigerian atheists say, since this God lives in our heads, the act is a free human expression and transcends morality.

The theist says homosexuality is spiritual, demonic and a product of the devil, the atheist holds that there is no devil or spirituality in the religious sense, the man owns his body. In the arguments, the absence of logic and humanism is highly evident. The religionist hinges his argument on the order of a supreme being even though rationalism is what is needed. The atheist hinges his argument and support for homosexuality on humanism but on close examination, it is not even close. There is a difference between supporting the rights of people who are homosexuals and supporting homosexuality itself. Homosexuals should not be hunted or segregated against or maltreated and this is human but any attempt at trying to logically explain and defend the act itself and portray it as something that doesn’t antagonise the existence of our race or state falls flat.

Looking at the effects, the promotion of it is illogical and homosexual acts themselves are immoral. This is what I mean. Things and actions are amoral but our use and applications create an effect that has that potential to lean on any side of the moral angle. If things and entities are morally neutral how do we know that anything is wrong or right or good or bad? How do we know when a killing is bad? How do we know when hatred is bad? Hate of evil or hate of good? A knife used in making lunch can also be driven into the stomach in the evening to end a life. It could be a force for good or bad. When it is done to prevent a lunatic zombie from killing the people, sorrow and evil are diminished but when the lunatic succeeds our race is in peril. In other words, the effect an action has on nature and environment determines right or wrong.

Homosexuality can also be argued from this point. To understand this, a knowledge of anatomy and functional anatomy or physiology, must be taken into account. Homosexuality involves the sexual exploration of same sex. Actually, it is the union of the organs that we refer to when we speak of it. The male reproductive organ and the anal region do not share any biological symbiotic relationship. They are not built to work together. They are not round pegs in round holes but squares in triangles. Both structures were designed in such a way that any attempt at penetration or union, is met with a strong physiological and anatomical contradiction. Where there is such contradiction, the body is wounded, homeostasis lost, and this affects the structural and functional integrity of the human being.

Here is what I mean: when these homosexuals engage in homosexual acts, their body is destroyed in the process, they get sore in the orifices, their rectums are disproportionately widened and because feces is continually passed through that dammed hole(this is serious!), diseases and other wastes rejected by the body is plaited on the organ of the partners. It is like hurting yourself and told you are not harming your body. Because the anus doesn’t have the properties of the female reproductive organ, it doesn’t lubricate nor clean itself, it becomes unhealthy and evil to purposely prod it like homosexual men do. While people have rights to smoke cigarettes and consume alcohol, it will be disservice to humanity to pretend there is nothing wrong with that terrible habit and killer.

The closest thing to what homosexual couples experience daily, the closest to this play and romance with fecal wastes beautified by the homosexual, happens when heterosexual men copulate with their menstruating partners. That is bad and should never be encouraged by any health care professional, logician or philosopher of ethics. There are also arguments that some men were born into homosexuality and thus their nature and way of life should be respected and promoted. The argument is fallacious and built on an erroneous assumption that confuses the form and condition at birth for perfect condition. It is wrong to assume that because a person was born homosexual it is good and a healthy way to live. Don’t confuse this argument as a disdain for homosexual people.

A child born with Down Syndrome is a human being and respected not disdained or blessed with contempt, but we will not pretend there is nothing wrong with the ailment itself. A child born blind is a human being and must not be thrown out of the society or made to feel loveless and subhuman but pretending that blindness has no effect on the physiological aspect of the human being is just plain dumb. Same thing is evident when we encourage people to eat Red Meat and other toxic meals that destroy the human system. People go ahead and eat it but the bottom line is that they hurt us. The same logic holds for a person who has a compulsive desire to hurt and damage themselves. Pretending and advocating for rights to hurt and damage the self is never wise or show a sign of intelligence. This is the meat of the homosexual man. He hurts himself by engaging in behaviours that contradict his anatomy and functional anatomy, he contracts illnesses, the immunity is lowered but we must not judge, they say. What does that even mean?

How does advocating for people to hurt themselves make us a civilised race? Is this what it means to be civilised? If anything is killing us, what the reasonable people around do is take time to understand why it is killing us not try to rationalise it. Why are homosexuals dying of HIV in highest numbers? Why do homosexuals die faster than others? Why are kids raised by homosexual couples, as shown in researches, badly behaved and poorly developed? Looking at the effects, so far, of homosexuality on the human anatomy, physiology, psychology and humans, why then will any true logician, civilised man or good man support and try rationalise it? Homosexuality is a choice but a bad one. It doesn’t have to be a psychological disorder or identified as something indicative of brain damage. People make bad choices and it doesn’t have to be a medical condition.

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Despite the fact that homosexuals die young and have the weakest immunity for combating medical crises we are still politically correct and trying to dwarf the argument to a theist vs atheist level. We pretend that behaviours that compromise our biological strength is not harmful to our society even with the evident data in countries like South Africa, Singapore, America, etc., showing that homosexuals have more deaths by Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS compared to heterosexual people. Isn’t that evident of a reduced immune system and something we should worry about? Despite the fact that the 2% of Americans who are gay account for the 61% of the total population of people with AIDS in the country in 2009, we must pretend there is nothing wrong with the act and try to bash those who disagree with us.

If the world will get better, we must identify issues that antagonise the propagation of human life and existence and try to curb it not pretend about it. It is inconsistent to hope for the continuity of the human race but still see nothing wrong in a practise that negates the body of humanity, destroys the psyche of earthlings and throws us into an evolutionary trap. In 2011, Singapore’s Ministry of Education found out that despite the fact that the heterosexual community is more than 20 times the size of the homosexuals, the latter has more percentage of AIDS patients. Crazy! Despite the fact that the nature of homosexuality allows easy passage of diseases and all forms of damage to the body some of us are still supporting the deadly act.

With homosexuality, there is anatomical reconfiguration, damage and death of homeostatic physiological function. When such is noticed in any conscious state, what any society lacking in definite knowledge of the matter does is to push for a stop of the behaviour and attitude creating the pattern. In this case, we have definite knowledge of the scope of damage but we act like children encouraging dangerous experiments. Anyone can choose but a choice may be good or bad. Homosexuality is a bad choice and simply been a choice does not make it right. This is my conclusion. I base my argument on the negative and disastrous effects of homosexuality on the human and humanity, what are the promoters of homosexuality basing theirs on? I hold that homosexuality shouldn’t be promoted because it has shown to be inherently disastrous, why do you see nothing wrong with it? I’m waiting.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.

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