The Curious Case of Nigerian Religionists and Donald Trump

Last week, the foul-mouthed billionaire and President of the United States, Donald Trump, was grabbed by the jugular. On the morning of the impeachment, the Nigerian media space was agog with pro and con artists designing stories in their corrupted images. Some anointed ones said he was sent by God to cleanse the world of homosexuality and evil while others in the opposition, who were also anointed, pointed out that the man has gone beyond grabbing the world’s genitals.

One believer spoke of the cities and sons of the rising sun, the weakening of Islam and how the POTUS is the greatest President in the history of that war loving country. Another person spoke of the destruction of the dreams of the BiafraUD faithFOOLS. Later in the day the Reps who wanted him out were more than those who wanted him to go on and his fate was handed to the House of Senate where, from the look of things, what happened to Clinton will be replayed.


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Down here, it was our business as it was that of the Americans. The truth is that if there is anything the coming of Donald has taught most people it is that the media is full of lies. The big media houses like CNN, Al Jazeera, Fox News, BBC, RT, France 24, DW, etc., only exist to protect the interests of their owners. When you follow these media organisations or to put it clearly, their handles on social media, it is hard to tell what Trump is really doing.

CNN is Anti, Fox is Pro, so how do you, as an outsider, tell what exactly is the truth? But here is one thing we know; trump doesn’t really admire aliens or concepts he considers as one: immigrants, homosexuality, Islam, anti-KKKs, un-white skins, lifeless souls and even abject poverty. He may pimp them if he wants to get more milk. Like most of the elite, concepts are bent where interest resides. And I believe it is from these his idea of alienation that we in Nigeria draw our position for him on our goodwill scale.

The Nigerian Igbo, who is a Christian, loves Donald Trump because he doesn’t seem to love Muslims and the Nigerian Hausa, who is a Muslim, hates Donald Trump because he doesn’t seem to love Muslims. This is all possible because in the first place the Igbo Christian and the Hausa Muslim hate each other’s religion and even each other and it is hard for both to bend for one another. These two, irrespective of their differences, transact with one another just like Donald will do where interest lives.

Hey! I know what you may be thinking. Humans are different, yes. We hold different values, yes. Refusing to deal with people because of these values is called extremism and this is the dearth of peace. I hear you! That is a good one but it doesn’t see the full picture. In the full picture, the Igbo Christian and the Hausa Muslim go against their religions to initiate a transaction just like the Nigerian Senators of Christian and Islamic religion join their filthy hands to ruin the masses. So by these peculiarities, it will be logical to expect their attachments to spring from familiar sources.

One might ask why what happens in faraway America should matter to someone in one of the worst areas of the earth. We should concentrate on what happens here, the argument continues. But wait! If what happens in America influences what happens around the world, shouldn’t we be worried about what happens in America? But, really, do happenings in America influence happenings across the world? Or is it because America is strong and brutish and invades lands at will, yet to be invaded lands like ours with potential for invasion, should be on the lookout? Whichever way you look at it, what happens in every country influences what happens in the world. The earthquakes in Haiti attracted the world’s attention and governments gave aids and advice to their people who wish to travel to that part.

In Libya, the death of Gaddafi took weapons of mass delusion and destruction to a tour around Africa and we are still trying to breathe. In Venezuela, the Government of the incompetent, western hating and blaming Maduro created problems for neighbouring countries like Columbia and all over the world people with dreams of moving to the region for studies, research or business have been affected in so many ways.

You see! Whether you choose to admit it or not, the activities of countries that are not at par or even close technologically, military, economically and otherwise to American affect the world. In that light, asking why we are concerned about America even though many of our countrymen move there (and are still planning to move) is a dumb question and unfortunately a primitive contemplation. America has helped in destroying countries; Iraq and Libya are good examples. Most of the devices we use in Information Technology are products of America and even the Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter the man who asks such question operates on is controlled by America. Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s forge ahead.

The Nigerian Muslim rejoiced as he got the news that the foul-mouthed man is on his way out and the Christian believed in the power of the Senate. Both are working from their convictions. Not only did imperialism from British, the Arabs via the Fulanis leave a terrible mark on the land, they also imported two religions. With these religions control was complete as everything from the wheel to motors has been set in motion.

The Christian who is Igbo admires Trump for three reasons. One: He is Christian. Two: He is a good businessman. Three: Biafra. On a serious note, some of these are delusions. While it is true that Trump indirectly protects Christian interests, you can’t put him anywhere in the life of that good character called Jesus Christ. There is a difference hating another religion and loving your religion but the bitter reality is that hating and fighting another religion can help to promote and destroy religions. See the Jihadist and Crusades for more details.

You are not really something by fighting against the opposite of it. With that been said, these deluded Christians should know that neither Trump nor them really know where or who they are. Trump is not God sent. The devil can unknowingly do God’s work, the holy books admit. Trump will not give anyone Biafra too. It doesn’t just work that way. He can begin the process when there is a ‘very very strong’ push but that doesn’t seem likely.

The Presidents of the USA have destroyed countries and could as well use that power to arrange them. They have changed presidents in countries of interest and could as well do something better here. But why? These guys do not really care about goodness. On the surface, yes, but their actions have been evil. They don’t really care. It is all about the interests of the family. And who is the family? Simple: the hands that control everything and certify the qualification of actions. They are the men that run the media, the drug industry, the entertainment industry… unfortunately, the real owners of the country.

So why will Donald Trump help the Igbo Christian? Why? Why will a man who seems racist and detests Africa change the life of some persons in Africa? If he is doing that, as usual, remember, it is the pimp and his rats. The Hausa Muslim wants Donald thrown out because of Donald’s hate for the Islamic religion. This is a religion the Hausa guy was conquered and given to but today he fights his neighbours for other religions they were conquered and given to. There are few along these lines who claim to have issue based argument but on slight examination the rot serenades everywhere. This Hausa Muslim hates Donald Trump but loves Buhari and he’d still like to base his argument on issues.

How is that possible? How can you detest Trump but love a bundle of incompetence like Buhari? The Christian hates Buhari but loves Trump and this too should be seen as logic based. How is this possible? Basically, the Donald Trump war between the Hausa Muslim and Igbo Christian is a zombie war. A war between two confused people over affairs they have refused to assess or understand. There are few sane ones on the other hand whose truths were from logical deductions but as usual the mad men are the ones running the show. I will like to see the few sane ones.

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