2019 General Elections: Will Failure Win?

The Incumbent

Someone said the outcome of 2019 General Elections will reveal the number of idiots we have in Nigeria and sadly, he has a point. Just like incompetent Maduro winning a free and fair election in a country ruined under his supervision, if our incumbent wins, free and fair, it will, to a certain extent, showcase how much we are in love with suffering. It will again prove that stupidity gave us life. The General Elections kicks off on Saturday, the 16th February, and there are signs already that what Maduro insinuated after the Venezuelan Elections will replicate here. This is not about taking sides with the Americans and the EU or been anti-Russia but been pro-logic. Irrespective of the conditions that got Venezuela her current state, Maduro must consider Venezuelans Zombies (and he could be right if it was free and fair) to honestly expect the same people tired of the system to ask for more. A similar thing is set to happen here.

A man who has failed and crossed all red lines of governance still considers himself worthy of reelection. A man who,  in the past few weeks of campaigning, confirmed all vital signs of dementia seems to honestly expect victory in the 2019 General Elections and when you look at it you’d see that he also has a point. The President knows, that is, if he still has that ability (sure the people egging him do), that many of us in the majority do not do things because they are right or logical or better. We do things because of intellectual, tribal and religious blindness. He knows that those in the majority have lost clue, or never had it at all, on how people ought to be treated and that the only action that will throw him out of steam are the emotional sentiments these set of people hold. In the past weeks the man has shown great disabilities. Questions thrown at him are repeated over three times before he goes off point responding to something else. We have seen him say he won the last Presidential Elections in the year 2005 when the General Elections actually took place in 2015.

We have seen a man write down questions thrown at him by an audience but when it was time to answer the question, he complained of the clarity of the content he wrote down himself. We have seen him call his party’s Gubernatorial candidate in Delta State the Presidential candidate of his party and subsequently call the man Senatorial candidate before settling for ‘Governatorial’ candidate on second correction. Africa’s future is very bright indeed. This is not possible in any of the civilized countries of the world but here we welcomed incompetence with open arms and some of us want to do it again. Just like Maduro is suggesting in Venezuela, a victory for Buhari on Saturday is a confirmation of the low level intelligence in Nigeria. This is easily the worst government in Nigeria’s history but despite the hunger, the inflation, the loss of value for lives and the mad soldiers killing civilians (and running from Boko Haram) the government insults us and assure us nothing can stop them from returning. We shall see.

The Masses

The rigging machines must have been put in place for the 2019 General Elections but rigging will not work where the people are not willing to allow it. Vote buying requires the will of the people to happen. Like the prostitute without patronage lowers the value of the commodity in question, the neglected party agents raise the price of each vote but if the sellers still refuse to sell, the agent, just like his prostituting counterpart, finds something else to do with his life. The people are often neglected and the leaders are blamed for everything but the people’s corruption and ills also contribute to the corruption of the leaders and system. One way this program has been sustained by the political elite is by keeping the people in poverty, by extracting everything from them, even their commonsense.


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These often result in low value for self and the inability to see clearly. It makes these poor people believe that 2000Naira, which is about 6$, is what they need to decide who leads them. Before that, these elite, through bad governance creates an impression of a failed state. They make the masses believe everyone is the same and no amount of tinkering can repair the country. In collecting 2000 Naira in exchange for a vote, the poor man is simply collecting the only thing he will ever get from the incoming government. The leaders have broken the masses in so many ways for selfish reasons and once every four years they call upon them and break them even more. Some are moved by Religion and Ethnicity and no amount of education can wear these two down. Today, Nigeria experiences double digit inflation and in spite of the fact that over 10 million jobs were lost, some victims of the job los still find it hard to see the government has broke them.

Salaries now worth only 50% of what they were in the past. You can’t buy a brand new HP Laptop for 60, 000 Naira anymore but this was possible in the past. 40,000 Naira won’t get you a 40 inches LED TV anymore and smart phones in the market around 25,000 Naira are not smart at all. Petrol went from 87 to 145 Naira Per Liter but the removal of fuel subsidy, which was the reason given for the increase, is still a mirage. Foolish Nigerian soldiers kill protesters mainly made up of poor Nigerians but you still see poor Nigerians defending the actions of the savages in uniform. Not like this madness is new but it is the frequency and impunity that is. The defense made for murderers under government’s payroll is sickening and tribalism and religion have never clouded our judgment to this extent since the Civil War.

The Way Forward

You look at what a man who stands to lose something is doing when he needs that thing and compare it to his actions when he wouldn’t need it anymore and you know hell is coming. Nigerian Presidents have always displayed varying degrees of incompetence but most of them have pretended well and tried to unify Lord Lugard’s experiment. Since 1999 when this country became a Democracy, the leaders from OBJ, to the late Yaradua and GEJ, tried or pretended to be Nationalists even in the Second Tenure. But not this one still in his first. The current man has showed enough disdain for other Nigerians who are not Fulanis in words and actions. Prior to becoming President, he spoke of his desire to spread Shariah round Nigeria and once asked the former Oyo State Governor why his Fulani people are been killed even though it all happened in his head.

So far he has shown some consistency in exerting revenge by letting the Cattle Rearers roam and butcher at will. His famous 97% and 5% interview on the last General Elections shows his deep disdain for the South East and South South Geopolitical zones. Not only was his answer vindictive, it was also out of point because the question that prompted his answer didn’t suggest a response loaded with such numerical sectional diarrhea. The man has called Nigerians rogues and blamed us for the treatment meted to us abroad. Not like he is any better, but he is such kind of character who is willing to destroy everyone as long as he appears good and honest in the book of the West. There is a big difference between been honest and been stupid. Most times, he has been operating out of the later and in his wisdom and that of his followers, he is interpreting integrity. The bloodshed has been on a new scale and protesting has been unofficially abominated.

Charley Boy can tell you more about this but if you need an actual bloody experience you should look into the home of Shi’a Muslims and IPOB members. Nigerians made a mistake electing an uneducated man who is not only an extremist but a wicked one but repeating the mistake could be the end for some of us. It could get better but what is the likelihood that a man who has lost control will get better? What is the likelihood that a man whose wife claims is not in charge of his government will get better? A man who is the Presidential candidate of his party but raised another’s hand and described him as his party’s Presidential candidate is definitely out of touch with reality. He needs a rest. He needs to be checked into a good hospital. He needs to go back to Daura for his own sake, his family’s and for the growth of Nigeria.

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