May 29: How Democracy Gave Nigeria Cancer

Democracy is an imperfect system but…it works. It is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, even though ‘the people’ in the context of the definition does not really mean the people. In democratic system, the aspirations and wills of the majority is foisted on the minority who may be weak, sounder, healthier and more suited to decide what happens in a country. The people with the right tools to decide what is right may be few in number while the number of people with zero iota of what constitutes good governance in large numbers. In that number, they scream, they gyrate and shout down thoughts that could cause damage to their evident ignorance. They join their poor forces and impose on their republic, leaders without tools to lead or the means to understand how to understand leadership.

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Democracy is not for every people but that group properly educated and with great ability at discernment. Choosing a leader is a great task and must not be left in the hands of those less informed, less educated, less concerned about truth and growth, or those with poor understanding of what growth entails. An attack on the freewill of the people and thus a bad sight? No! No one should confuse this as a subtle suggestion of dictatorship. No one breaks a law and goes unpunished just because of exercising their freewill. Freewill makes sense only when it is not unlimited.

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People are not allowed to vote until they turn 18 because we believe that at that age, knowledge of the state, knowledge of the self and knowledge of what ought to be must have been gained. In essence, people who vote are assumed to be informed and intelligent enough to decide what is good for themselves. A psychotic patient is not allowed to tell us what is sane and this is logical. A person without any idea of how to close a wound is not allowed close to the emergency ward and this is logical. When adults whose only qualification is adulthood or physical maturity, are allowed to vote and decide who leads, we end up creating chaos with our illogical actions. This is the beauty of democracy.

Political actors and masters of disguise capitalise on this weakness and the destiny of a people lies on the depth of deception or convictions, politics of these monsters. To these demonic politicians, uninformed people in great numbers are a perfect ally, partners and accessories of war. They are the arsenal for executing the works of the corrupt, the wretched of the earth, the scum of the earth and because they are lacking in ideas and soundness of thought, attempts at liberating them from the claws of the deceivers create an atmosphere of chaos between the liberator and the chained.

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The emancipated liberator is regarded as the chained in need of emancipation by the chained man. The politician makes this possible. He knows the power of the informed and the threat a good teacher poses to his ambition, so he sows enough seeds of lies in the hearts of the people, his arsenal, his tools and any informer’s attempt at sanitizing is seen as the confirmation of the existence of one of those red flags master spoke of. The beauty of democracy is actually the beauty of the masses or to put it clearer, the beauty of the intelligence of the masses. The masses suffer only because they choose wrongly. They choose wrongly because they are not well informed and full of too much bias.

They are sentimental and not well informed on political matters because they are not properly educated on how goodness, politics, logic and good leadership connect. Some choose idiots to rule over them knowing fully well he is an idiot but the idiot is their brother and thus he is not a bad idiot after all. They are enslaved by brotherly and/or religious bonds that weaken the system and suffer them in turn. Why should they be allowed to vote? Is adulthood enough to be a voter? Does crossing the age of 18 bestow on a certified dunce the intelligence to decide who leads a country? Elections require wisdom and old age doesn’t guarantee wisdom and since it doesn’t, allowing all adults to vote because they are adults let off cancer.

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A foolish majority is a threat to the growth of any state and wherever they abound the country is bound to suffer. They are vocal and the odour of their words suffocates the few people on the other side. Today’s Nigeria is a perfect specimen to look at. Prior to the election of the grandmaster of failures, President Muhammadu Buhari, it was evident to a few that he was not in a position to understand what to offer. It was evident he was not a good manager of people and resources. He was a religious fanatic and a tribal supremacist and nothing was hidden…but that is for those who knew they had to know to decide. It was not hidden to those who know that before taking any decision they need understand the nature of the cases involved. To the majority, who are afraid to read or reason, it was hidden.

While the nature of the man was evident for all to see but just like Galilee Galileo’s telescope, only a few dared look into what was common knowledge. The majority, due to the poor education their sorry minds received from the propaganda mills of the politicians, saw anything contrary to the masters food as dog shit and wouldn’t dare torture their minds if on gazing it sticks. It was very evident that the man had nothing working for him up there where reasoning happens but members of his team joined hands and heads with him and were able to work out something with the poor informed masses and his Loki self.

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They simply sold the majority what they wanted to hear, what they needed to hear and promised ‘the people’ what they knew they couldn’t do for them. They bought it all and we are here today. If the people were well informed a man unworthy to be the Chairman of a Local Government wouldn’t be President. If they were many in the know, then Democracy would have saved us. If the majority of Nigerian Voters were smart enough to vote, if every adult that voted that day had the intelligence required to determine who leads a state, if every one of them hadn’t allowed sentiments to rule over their reasoning, if the people that voted actually had the interest of the people at heart, the level of blood flowing in the land today wouldn’t be this thick. As the Nile supplied Egypt Irrigation, the blood of Nigerians is now the reason Nigeria is still alive. Today a kakistocrat wished Happy Democracy Day.

The point is, democracy only works where ‘the people’ understand the nature and implications of the choices before them. Nigerians suffer and will keep suffering until they become smarter. For those who are down and doing nothing about it, democracy is a scourge. An ignorant weak man can easily be bought by a corrupt politician and he suffers consequences. An ignorant and weak people were bought in large numbers and after we spoke of ‘the people’ with their intelligence in sight, we mourn daily. What a shame! What Buhari got us is even worse than cancer because while cancer kills but noncommunicable, hate, pain, torture and other vices in his resume, kill and are communicable.

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This choice was made possible because we practise a very imperfect system that promotes age above reason. We try to assume that a young smart teenager of 17 has no meaningful contribution to the progress of the state than that man above 50 who is both mad and insane. And when we are not thinking in that line, we are holding that everyone’s choice and opinions matter. When does every choice begin to matter? When it has to do with serious matters of national life or when we respect the choice of that person trying to commit suicide? When do we mind our business and leave people to their choices?

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If a man falls into a ditch and it is humanistic to help him and antihuman to do otherwise, why then should guiding his steps cease to matter(and none of our business) at any point in time if we are still being humanistic? Every opinion isn’t golden and shouldn’t be treated as such. There are bad opinions and choices and we are victims of a very bad choice. We are the product of the effects of democracy on a dull population without the intelligence of discernment. It is time to test the intelligence of our voters. They have plagued us with so much illness, continuing will lead to our doom. We need to test the people before they are issued voter cards. Only then will democracy be government of the people. Old age should not be the only criteria for voting, intelligence should come first. I hope our disease doesn’t go malignant in 2019. God help us. God? That’s what the typical Nigerian will say after electing a misfit. Happy Kakistocracy.

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