Lekki Massacre and RuiNation

Lekki Massacre

Lekki Massacre is simply what it is, an act of terror by the biggest terrorist organization in the world: the government. Once I wrote that most governments are terrorist organizations but because of our perception and our belief in that mythical thing called authority, monsters have come to find abode in the system.

A terrorist tries to create fear in the minds of the living by showing them brutal scenes of the dead. They subdue not by superior argument by the argument of the gun. For a terrorist, it is insulting for the argument to be won by the show of reason. In fact, before anyone dies on the battlefield sound reason must have been interned.

The terrorist, by his repetition of illogical reinforcements, has come to sincerely believe that most, if not all, his actions are morally good, and even when they are not; they are for the greater good. His mind is jaundiced by the blood he has tasted. He is a carnivore. His visions are blurry. He has crossed the line of sanity.


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No better word will explain what happened in Lekki, Lagos, precisely, at the toll gate, on Tuesday night when bloodsucking demons, in their usual manner, opened fire at protesters for whom #EndSars have become a metaphor for ending the endemic corruption in Nigeria. All signs show that it was premeditated murder.

Before the madmen who opened fire started speaking in that strange language, the light, which many now insist has never really gone off, was switched off and soldiers were deployed to a scene that has never given off any fragrance of violence. If anything, the protesters at Lekki showed us another Nigeria. A Nigeria many of us dreamed to see and one where selflessness was the norm.

The protesters fed themselves by virtue of donations by those on the ground and those online. They provided medical care for the sick and exhausted. They encouraged diligent security officers and showered them gifts. Someone even installed, at the scene, a solar panel with charging spots for people to charge their phones.

They had vigil and candlelight procession for the victims of police brutality and for once many people believed that this British contraption could work. And when a phone goes missing, a tweet is sent online for the owner and finder to meet at a certain point. It was, in all honesty, Nigeria many believed was not possible.

We saw the signs of the massacre coming. Lekki Massacre could have taken us by surprise, but if you step back and look at the set-up prior to that scene, you would see that the government set the whole thing in motion. Growing up I innocently thought the Nigerian Army or most, if not all armies, existed for the masses even though the masses are in the Nigeria Army.

I thought the aim of the army was to bring about peace and order and I looked at them the same way I looked at Jehovah God of the Jews. I was naive. When prior to the night at Lekki Massacre, the Nigerian Army had announced the usual Operation Crocodile Smile, done between October to December in Southern Nigeria, I knew something was up.

The only thing usual about this operation is that it was initiated by the government of Muhammadu Buhari who has come to show that military intimidation and brutality are the solutions to every problem. So, when soldiers started appearing at Lekki on Tuesday, the government was simply putting the plan to work.

Lekki’s protest was the most peaceful but got the worst from the Government. It was civilized but got savagery. It promoted love but was drenched in hate. By targeting the protesters in Lekki, the government was acting out of fear. A calm, calculated, nonviolent Nigerian youth is a problem for the typical Nigerian politician.

The Nigerian government, like most rudderless governments all over Africa and the world, needs the youths to be disruptive. That way, he can easily be bribed, used, and controlled. But if you are calm, calculated, and nonviolent, like we saw with the Lekki protests, you can’t be bribed, used, or controlled. With these features, you are a danger to the society they have built.

The protesters were showing the Nigerian Youths what was possible against what the politicians and government expected of them. They were trying to take control away from these vultures and put it back in the hands of the youths and sane. To stop the creation of such ‘nonsense’, Lekki Massacre had to happen.

Lekki Massacre was a statement to those of us who think we can make Nigeria work. Lekki Massacre was the response of those who run one of the most terrorist organizations in the world to the youths of Nigeria trying to destroy their terrorist group. They are telling us: if you want Nigeria to work for the benefit of everyone you are simply undermining the position of the elite that have held her jugular, and if you are undermining the position of the elite, your position will be undermined. This is typical of terrorist systems.

Less than twenty-four hours after the Lekki Massacre, the youths made the government happy. What was anticipated by the terrorist group became reality! Ruination was born the next day and revenge and carnage took center stage. Security officers were killed and those that managed to escape were left with a black eye.

Some security personnel left their patrol vans while running from the mob and the irate youths drove the vehicles with a taste of victory in their mouth. From Lagos to Enugu, Calabar to Rivers, government-owned buildings were razed to the ground as looting went on. By now the protest was no longer a protest as the devil was unleashed on both sides.

At this point, the Lekki Massacre has become an excuse for the looting of shops owned by suffering Nigerians but it was no longer the peaceful protesters holding placards. The calm, calculated, nonviolent Nigerian youth, like Falz, the rapper, had gone to sleep but the crazy Nigeria youth, who is often a mirror image of those in power, has been awakened. Not that he was ever asleep.

Most of these new protesters have always been kept awake by poverty, illiteracy, and thuggery and once there is a new place to loot, they put all energy into grabbing another means to survival. This is what any terrorist organization will want. Paint an image of the victims of the Lekki Massacre as criminals. Then create a kind of attack with a response capable of inflicting more wounds on the victims.

Then watch as carnage takes over and both victims (the peaceful team) and the irate youths (who have now grown a conscience) call on you to take charge. If I was a terrorist (and I don’t even have the finest mind) this is a strategy I will embrace. I will make sure the protest loses credibility in the eyes of, even, the initial protesters who meant well. That is how to win.

As usual, we waited for the President to speak but the dull man said nothing. We called him out as is the custom since 2015 but he relaxed and spoke through vague channels like ‘the presidency’ and ‘the government’. Finally, he spoke and we wished he didn’t. We wished a fool should remain silent and thought wise, or mildly foolish if a fool keeps quiet.

The dull man spoke of idiotic things like Trademoni (more like vote-buying money), NPower (a program without any direction), and warned us, in the usual fashion, of the consequences of taking his initial move for weakness. The move was banning SARS for the fourth time. The protesters at Lekki were against Police Brutality but many were killed and others left half dead.

They wanted an end to human rights violations but the same security agents they protested against and for, opened fire on them. They were for a Nigeria where the President valued human life but not a single word of condolences came out of the dull man’s mouth. After that speech, the idea that he is a double for the real Buhari surfaced again. This time, I didn’t argue against it as I had always done.

I only wondered why a double will still be as dumb, as sick, and emotionless as the real guy. The finders of such have to consider the man terrible to keep up with such qualities in their selection exercise. Lekki Massacre has been denied, politicized, and even like one elite suggested, the victims are to be investigated. This is the Nigeria they built and they will kill, lie, and cheat to have it remain so.

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