Lazy Youths: Is President Buhari A Dunce Or A Fool?

So Buhari called us Lazy Youths? Well…that’s like a mad man calling sane people insane.

In civilised, and even in some uncivil societies, the role of leaders and those in power is the projection, attraction and institutionalization of goodwill in the polity. They initiate reforms, preserve and improve the lives of people living in the geographical region they govern. They know how an investor thinks, how humans think, they know temperaments, they know the importance of their words and daily, they use it in positively shaping the opinion and relationship of those within and outside the country they govern. A good and smart leader does not use a de-marketing strategy to market his country or workforce. A good and smart leader is not one who sees a platform to draw into his country, investments and goodwill, but prefer to draw disgrace, shame, disdain and insults to his people and country.

Unfortunately, we have a President in Nigeria who delights in washing both a dirty and grey linen outside. The difference between honesty, wisdom and stupidity is huge and no one takes your product seriously or even engages in any business with you if you say they are expired. You are not honest or wise if you do so. You are stupid. Talking down on your people is not an investment strategy or even a product of goodwill but deep seated and toxic ignorance. No one wants to buy an expired and useless goods. Nobody with a sound mind wants to invest in a project that is unworkable. No one wants to hear or talk about of an expired product except President Muhammadu Buhari.

He talks about it with half baked knowledge and data drawn from that Bureau of Statistics where imaginations, while still imaginations, are served as reality. That source he often cites when he talks about growth and giant leaps in the economy, security and lives of Nigerians. A thorough examination of your thought process, mental health and wellbeing is done once you try to sell associates an idea you claim is doomed. A country is like a Family, a Company with systems and existential codes, a School and any disturbance at any part of the organigram creates discomfort in the entire architecture. So, when he says to a western audience, the majority of the 60% of Nigerians who are youths are doomed and not ready to work, one wonders what a leader intends to achieve by citing such poorly thought unfounded statement.

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Insulting and denigrating Nigerians, for Buhari, is not something new. His method of promoting Nigeria is insulting Nigeria. He is well versed in the matter and his experience spans over 30 years. His ability at creating chaos through words is legendary and after each statement, he doesn’t apologize for his gaffe, he doesn’t try to prevent the trash from escaping his rotten mouth another time and there is no sign of remorse in him. He speaks how he deems fit, consequences, no matter their severity, don’t matter. It seems that what he reads in prepared speeches have zero to do with his thoughts and what he says when he is not prepared or without help, has everything to do with him. It doesn’t seem so, unfortunately. It is actually so.

His borrowed, or put honestly, plagiarised quote ‘I am for everybody but for nobody’ is a testament to this divide in thought. It sounded good to the ear and had to be said but to live the life was impracticable. Secondly, looking at his life and the things he has considered intelligent and superior, the quote wouldn’t have appeared so to someone of his intelligence quotient, battered integrity and wouldn’t cross his cartoon-obsessed eyes. In 2015, when he just got in, he started by saying in all HONESTY the people who gave him 97% and those who gave him 5% votes wouldn’t be treated the same way. You see, he even has the irrelevant gift to show us honesty doesn’t mean good. This happened in Washington and how such statement can help the crowd there or Nigerians back home improve is like the philosopher’s stone.

That was the first careless word and more was to follow. When he travelled to the United Kingdom, he added that Nigeria’s notoriety for criminal behaviour is responsible for the treatment we get in return. The implication was simple. More hatred and dislike for Nigerians both home and abroad and the bad name given us, originally held with a glue, was nailed to a fig tree. When he travelled to Germany, or Western Germany, as he would like to call it, he was in the company of the most powerful woman in Europe, if not the world, Angela Markel, when he said that his wife belongs to the kitchen and other room. His handlers tried all day to defend their pay and told everyone he didn’t mean what he said and we shouldn’t misinterpret his real message but before he returned, he repeated the same thing and the boys, I suspect, cussed his ignorance. Men like Femi Adesina became an idiot defending him but money must be made. He always gets away with it and our anger has not been good enough.

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Calling anyone lazy is demeaning (even when it is the truth). Calling a large percentage of people lazy is sad (even when it is true). Calling people whose dreams and aspirations you directly shattered lazy is heartless and thoughtless and it becomes worse when with their shattered dreams they don’t, in that number, have any lazy gene. The work they put in don’t reward them in equal measure but they haven’t given up. They’ve learnt how to live with such meagre pay and even though it is not a thing to be proud of or a pretty thing, they give it all and hope that men like Buhari do something. We’ve seen spin doctors and hired writers try justify the piece of trash that left Buhari’s lips that day but they all end up showing the basis of our problems.

The President is not educated in people management, business, commonsense, peace, motivation or the meaning of truth and statehood. First: President Buhari was asked why he did not sign the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in Rwanda last month but he choose to talk about Lazy Youths who have refused to work and expecting free oil money. Please, reader, what is the relationship between the response he gave and the question that was asked? You see, if his defenders were really sound, this would have been the first point of call and trying to defend such retardation in thought wouldn’t have been permitted. How do you respond to a question on Trade Agreement by telling the world your people are lazy?

Second: even if we pretend the question wasn’t asked and he was just ranting about the state of Nigeria’s youths, no sense can still be found in his submission. Who is a youth in the Nigerian context and what stats is he working with when he speaks of 60%? Most importantly, what is the point of such answer in a forum where Commonwealth Nations(My definition: nations still controlled and enslaved by the British) are selling their country to the world? What impact does such answer provide and how does it favour the people of Nigeria? Will it improve the business of the people of Nigeria? Will it attract more investors to Nigeria, a country with a lazy workforce? Will it improve the relationship Nigerians have with foreigners? If the answer to all these questions is No, and it really is, why should anyone, in this case, a President, use them in marketing his country? You should check your sense of smell if you can’t perceive foolishness here.

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Third: The leader is the reflection, or looked as, the reflection of the people. This constant disgrace of the country is a sign of subservience and an extension of neocolonialism of the mind. The mind of our President is so battered that he only feels great after telling the world the sins he’s observed in his country. Nigeria is the Sin while the UK is the Priest and before a holy communion is guaranteed there must be the washing of sins. Every six months or so, he takes stock and return to his masters and spills all like an agent on espionage. If he says such despicable things in the open and they don’t sound despicable to him, what then could his inner caucus meeting with the Queen and Theresa May be like? If he calls us witches and warlocks in the front of the world and damns the consequences, what palatable thing will he say about us in our absence?

After his first media speech ended in shambles, he has avoided any attempt at exposing his rotten teeth in our media space. He gets orgies of orgasm any time he talks bad about his country to foreigners and the ridiculous thing is, he attempts to draw investors with poor sermons. If investors come to Nigeria, it is not because of his bad oratory skills but because they know that despite the rubbish that drops from the mouth of our President, there is a workforce here ready and willing to offer sound service. They believe in Nigerians more than the President of Nigeria. But if they leave or refuse, like some did in his first 18 months, it is because the stench of his words and actions are acidic. Don’t argue with this logic, please.

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Speeches like these are the product of having unsound minds in the place of power and the defence they get is the product of the systems created by the unsound minds. Buhari is like that broke man with 6 Sons and 6 Daughters with needs who goes to the homes of employers for help but after asking them to employ his children in their workplace, he tells them his children are all thieves and don’t seem ready to amount to anything. You’d think the President has tried to upgrade the youths and they refused but that’s not the case. You’d think he created jobs for the youths and asked them to go fill the place but they asked for money instead and turned down the offer. This country has lost about 8 million jobs since Buhari came in and a lot of the affected are youths and the last thing they want to hear is Buhari, who ruined them, calling them lazy. Not in Nigeria. Not across the waters. Not at all. So, is he dunce or a fool? That’s a foolish question.

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  1. And some insane Senators from the north protested when Abaribe justifiably branded illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari, incompetent? Buhari is not only incompetent, he is also an orchestrated calamity, a choreographed catastrophe, an unmitigated disaster, a huge scam and an almighty fraud. If the useless National Assembly was alive to its responsibilities, the equally useless sod called Buhari would have been impeached a loooooooooooooong time ago. Nonsense!

    • The man was not prepared and never had the capacity to be prepared for leadership. He is too intellectually and morally poor to lead anyone.

      He is also a bad manager of people. If before now we hated each other, now we want to murder each other.

      Any civilised society wouldn’t have elected him and where such error happens, his impeachment would have happened 8 months after his inauguration.

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