I’m Shocked You Are Shocked At The Shocking Fruits Of Donald Trump

What else were you expecting? The last general election in the United States of America was marked with utterances that incited and divided the public. Both the members of the Republicans and Democrats and their respective candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, exuded hatred and sowed seeds of division. Sadly, you were expecting to have a peaceful outcome. You expected a certain Paradise to exist after such amount of hate was buried on the ground. You sowed weeds and expected corns in return. But you know that if you want to make a Paradise you must gather sound blocks. You must get labourers that are well suited for the job. You must not employ carpenters to do the work of masons or choose among two painters who will fabricate the upholstery.

You wouldn’t employ a mechanic to handle the painting aspect. You know these. You wouldn’t employ an architect to do a survey of the land you wish to build on. You know these things and wouldn’t do them but you didn’t think that an election built on hate will amount to hate. America, is it that you don’t know or you don’t care? How do you make a country great again by making it hate again? I see. It seems that to you making more money and growing economically is more important that making peace and growing intellectually? Is that it? Would you trade a billion dollars for a lifetime of peace? You wouldn’t let a man without sense or the required certificate to become the Vice Chancellor of Harvard.

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You wouldn’t allow a man who has no clue of how Basketball points are earned to run the NBA. You wouldn’t allow a farmer to head NASA. You won’t do these things because you know and have seen that they are an invitation to mediocrity. You won’t do any of these things because they will take these healthy sectors backward. But you elected a hate speaker to lead you. You elected a man who has demeaned women, a man who severally showed he doesn’t care about the earth, a man who doesn’t understand that humans work to live healthy and not healthy to work, you elected a man who thinks you can have the ideology of the Nazi and the ideology of a good human being at the same time.

Car Involved In Charlottesville Ramming

By You’ here I am talking about men and women who genuinely thought they were doing the right thing when they made that choice. Men and women who saw Trump as the lesser of two evils. Cabinet members who already resigned after having full grasp of what they signed up for. I am not talking about the ones whose idea of good governance tallies with that of the presidency of Trump. I am not speaking of men and women who value money over human lives. I am not speaking of men and women whose idea of making America great again is the idea that a nation of foreigners must do away with foreigners. I am not speaking of men who hit the policemen who tried to protect themselves against the brutal protesters.

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I am not speaking of men who think that the Black Lives Matter(BLM) is a terrorist organization. By You’ I mean the people who, out of their love and goodwill for their country, voted President Donald Trump. To the fans of Hillary, I am not on your side either. If those actions in Africa and the mayhem still happening in the middle east doesn’t worry you, I am worried by your lack of worry. I am bothered but this is not about you. This is about the billionaire turned President, less than one-fourth of your countrymen voted. You took the powers of governing and ruling over people and placed it in the hands of a businessman with a very poor human relationship and today, you are reaping the fruits of your labour.

Charlottesville Solidarity Rally

How many times have you taken your car to a poor workshop to examine and repair its fault? How many times have you, on purpose, allowed a renowned quack gynaecologist to handle your pregnancy questions? Would you seek advice from a mad man on how to woo a girl? But you did worse. You handed the buttons that controlled your feeling, to a large extent, to a man who cares less how you feel. I hope you learned from this. I hope you now know that feelings and sanity are more important than wealth without sanity or empathy. Of course you know this. You show it when you handle your family matters. You show it when you handle friendship issues. But once it comes to Politics you forget this skill. You allow the media control your mind. Do you know how many Political Parties exist in your country?

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In my country, Nigeria, a similar thing happened. Though the hate and division has existed for a very long time, the level it was taken to in the last general election will impress Lucifer himself. Years prior to the election, we worked hard in erecting monuments of hate. We were the architects, the builders, the painters and supervisors. We made sure no stone that could uplift hate was left unturned. This is what we did. Prior to the election, we made sure the position of the president was ridiculed. We called our then President, Goodluck Jonathan, Clueless, JonaDaft, GoatLuck, Otueke Fisherman, Drunk and one Noble Laurette among us even called him Hippopotamus.

We were building walls of hate and it was paying off. We worked without pay. We looked for utterances and actions to lay our solid foundations on. Whenever Boko Haram struck, we laughed at his Master Degree in Stupidity. We laughed at the enemies we think are finally against themselves. We laughed. Day and Night, we worked and the thickness of our wall of hate was as thick as the great wall of China. He didn’t help matters too and supplied us with tools needed to build hatred. By the time the elections happened, we were firmly bonded by hatred. Our creativity in modus operandi was genius. We could link the stupidity of one man to seven generations of abundant stupidity.

When the elections finally happened, the new man we elected reinforced those walls. He was called the New Sheriff In Town and he did well to show us, through his actions and utterances, that the boundaries of division and hatred we established will not be tampered with. He kept to his word and today we are more divided then ever. We used the experiences we gained from the creativity that happened in the past administration to incite, bully and divide. We are still sucking from the fruits of hatred. We are too broken that you’d need googles to pick the pieces. We sowed hate but went to church expecting the blessing of a God. We had gardeners who guarded and watered our hate at intervals to make sure we don’t deviate. We are in hell now.

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Listen, my American friends. This is why it happened. Trump happened because you bought into the lie that you need to make America great. You don’t need to make your country great because it already is. You simply need to make America better. You simply need to create a country that is a humanitarian superpower. A country that is not all about wars and military might but about love and solving world needs. Great does not mean better or good but you confused great for good. Hitler was a great man. You don’t have to be good to be great. Greatness is not a moral or healthy quality. It could be either moral or immoral, sick or healthy.

Memorial For Heather Heyer, Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates

You bought into the lies told by the media that you can choose from only two options. You don’t have just two parties. Their were better choices you should have picked from. Their were better alternatives to Donald Trump but because you follow the media, you were made to believe that your one vote in other better parties outside the two parties, Republicans and Democrats, won’t amount to anything. You thought so. A hundred thought so. A thousand thought so. A million thought so. Tens of millions thought so. And you ended up with Donald Trump. You ended up with a man who was against the values you don’t apply to other areas of your life.

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You brought this upon yourself. Be on the lookout and guard yourself against other contaminants that will be released. More are coming. Don’t get tired yet. You made the choice and you will have to deal with your mess. This is reality and not a loss of empathy. On a personal note, you disappointed me. I expected more. How you loved the dying kids in Africa. How you donated to the poor and needy. How you ruled the world of logic, mathematics and science. You disappointed me because I expected more. Considering, your pedigree at all levels, I didn’t expect you to choose an apprentice, between two quack carpenters, to land you on the moon. I expected more and I thought I have a knowledge of your person. Frankly speaking, I expected more. I really expected more. Rest In Peace to the dead.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.


  1. “Assumption is the mother of all f***-ups.”
    That’s an appropriately American saying, and its intention is to undermine the assumption of your title.
    You are relatively young. You are also, tragically, ahistorical. That means that you are unable to situate your essay within a historical context. America has always had authoritarian and liberal tendencies, and that is what is working itself out here.
    Google Barry Goldwater. He was a Trump before Trump. He did not become president, but guess what? One of his supporters, a so-called “Goldwater Girl” was … Hillary Clinton.
    You are “not shocked” at Trump, abi? Do you know who the US president was when Rwanda went down? Bill Clinton. He looked on as some half a million people were killed using the crudest methods. If it had been a Trump in power, I suppose you wouldn’t be shocked.
    On the other side of the ideological spectrum is Marion Barry. Google him, too. Mayor of the District of Columbia, America’s Abuja. He was nabbed in a drug bust, but that did not stop people from voting for him again.
    What’s my point? Trump, good or bad, was voted for. If the electorate doesn’t like him, there are a variety of institutional processes to push him out. But that is the Americans’ business. Not your. And not mine.
    Incidentally, it probably shocks you that Obama, who Nigerians in Nigeria campaigned for, never visited Nigeria once in eight years, and only seemed to emphasise the virtues of homosexuality when he wasn’t refusing to sell us arms to fight Boko Haram.
    I have written editorials for Nigerian newspapers since May 2002. One thing I have learnt is that those who have a writing platform must learnn to use it with greater sensitivity and circumspection.
    Shocked? Why should anyone be, especially since we have our own politicians and problems to shock us. Liberal or conservative, the Americans do not care about us. Shouldn’t we care about ourselves?

    • Of course they don’t. I don’t think, in this context, it is the problem of being ahistorical but a question of existential realities. As a Nigerian, I may not have any direct business commenting on the matter but as a human being I can comment on any matter that affects humanity.

      My point is: The palpable divisions and chaos experienced in the past days and months were largely inspired by a Donald Trump Presidency. I am neither for any of the divides nor interested in unraveling how far the hate has come.

      This is purely based on the attitudes and mannerisms of the man called Trump and how he inspired some of these deadly protests seen. I was also against the supporters of Hillary causing mayhem because their candidate lost.

      America and her leaders have been authoritarian in dealing with themselves and the world. It’s evident in every country. But here, it is all about what Trump has said, all about what he has done and not the aged long history and division among her people.

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