Between Idiotic African Leaders And The Doctors Among Us

Africa is bleeding. Our continent has been struck by opportunists and merchants who have traded every single item from the body of Africans to the soul of our race. We have been restructured in a way that suit external and selfish internal interest and the continent is running out of both physical and mental resources to sustain us all. We have been humiliated and sapped by slavery from the west and the compromise of few insiders, corruption on the inside and the compromise of the selfish world. Traded on ships into Europe and America and brothers played a role in making sure brothers were caught in chains. We have been grilled spiritually and our original values lost for foreign values and codes that have led to the death of over millions.

Mentally, those in the majority have been defeated but this defeat wouldn’t have been if the people among us who glorified self above group were never in charge. They were mentally down and tasked with uplifting a people mentally down and the result is a continent of people who are largely mentally down and a popular intellect not based on concrete grounds. Instead of doing for Africa what the founding fathers like Thomas Paine did for America, they did for Africa what the founders of slavery and colonialism did for her. Like in the past where the existence of railway systems were simply means to goals, these new set of mad men improved an area only when the improvement it creates places them at the zenith.

If a road is built, it is because the road is the supply chain of the tyrants’ monetary power. Just like the colonialist, it is never because the road is in dire need of uplift. It is all about the men in power and the money they can pimp from the position. The continent was seen in that dimmed light of the feminine folk in the patriarchal universe whose only job is to titillate, produce and repeat for the glory of some masculine misfit. Nothing was really done with the healthy mindset of Africa for Africa. Was? I wish it only existed in the past tense but the truth is, you will hardly find one of the current handlers of Africa with a new mind. If there is any way the leaders here have touched Africa it is the further degradation of minds, bodies and structures with potential to uplift the continent.

The best things in today’s Africa were done by Africans outside power. The great contributions we see today are by those outside the corridors of power but the men at the centre of power whose roles originally involved creating policies that will engineer these contributions, try to put it out of there crooked paths. Take the Nigerian Entertainment Industry for example. Nollywood and the Nigerian Music Industry has put our sounds on the radio of every country in Africa and beyond. Nollywood is the brainchild of the Nigerian people and the same goes for the music industry. But while these actors and artistes toil daily to give us lyrics and sounds that inspire and entertain us, the clueless government officials in charge sit at a corner and try to impose a ban on contents that will raise the conscious level of the people.

If the artiste talks of the ills in the system like Falz did with the song This Is Nigeria, it is banned by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria, BON, for misinformation and its extreme metaphors. The consciousness it seeks to raise is belittled and other compromised dumb organizations add their rotten religious opinions to the matter. A man who claimed to have found the cure for the dreaded AIDS disease was told he didn’t ask for permission before embarking on the ‘ill-advised!’ journey that got him the purported drug. The Nigerian government stood in his way just like they have stood in the way of many Nigerians trying to move into entrepreneurship. What that scientist experienced doesn’t only validate the conspiracy theories on drugs, countries, neocolonialsm, money and power, it also kills the spirit of invention of the scientist and those around him looking for inspiration.

The people have taken over the job of the few persons in charge and almost every technology in the market today from torchlight, to power banks, to radio and television has no government input or policy. The people created the environment for the business to thrive and even borrowed and stolen technology were gotten by citizens sheer support. The thing is, immediately the government gets into any progressive venture, it collapses. If the music and film studios were run by these clueless African governments, it would have collapsed a long time ago. If Covenant University was run by the government, it would have collapsed and like the dirty hostels, the trademark of our universities, it will be messed with, defaced and its educational architecture dead. It seems like once we know a thing is run by the government, we treat it with disdain and collapse it. After all, who is the government? Our inputs matter. The little efforts we make are affecting Africa.

Irrespective of all interference by government, some of us kept moving. Liberating Africa is not the job of only those at the top but every one of us who is totally fed up of the rotten system and desires a change. Liberating Africa can no longer be left in the hands of the idiots in power who love Africa the way it is. What are you doing to liberate this place? What have you done to get Africa out of this quagmire? Financially, Africa is down and the poverty rate is higher than others. Morally, Africa is deeply wounded and good and evil is now the will of the stronger. Those in pains are being treated by the butchers who injured them and the people in charge of absolution are in dire need of exorcism. The mind have been so badly corrupted that it leads to corruption in other places.

What is good and what is evil is now a political matter and like the evil Niccolo argued, goodness is now a construct of poorly developed creatures. Mentally, we have been dwarfed and stripped of the solid foundations that once fortified us and the impact is felt everywhere. When did we notice that the black skin is the reason we are backward and not because of the gay and well organised chaos inhabiting in the education that followed? When did we begin to notice that black skin is impermeable to light which is white? When did we notice that intelligence is racially transmitted and our IQ is skin deep? Yes, when’, because there was a time we didn’t live under those illusions and that is proof of change in mental ownership. Dear African, tackle a problem to get this crawling Africa working again.

MortalPoet Blog is my own contribution to the struggle to liberate Africa. I know the importance of history and that irrespective of the truth or fact, it shapes the decisions and actions of people and I know that African history has been wrongly told and it has shaped the decisions and actions of Africans wrongly. I know that a mental prison is a bad prison to be in so I am trying to raise the conscious level of Africans to break out of that mental prison. I know that what is buried at the underlying core of a persons actions controls that person and I’m trying to make sure we exhume the false doctrines buried there and replace them with living springs of waters that inspire positive change. History is usually the version of the victor and unfortunately, our history has relegated we, the vanquished, to the gutters but the goal here is to bring men out that gutter and give them a chance to aim for the palace seat.

I know the problem of Africa is not the problem of skin colour and I preach against the sermon of skin colour. Not everyone of us will be entrepreneurs liberating Africa on the economic font and creating jobs but liberating Africa on the economic font is a contribution to the growth of Africa. Contributions in music is another way to uplift us. As long as your voice is good, blessing the people with fine lyrics and a great show is something you shouldn’t shy away from. Thinkers are also contributors but when you think, share with the rest of us so that an intellectual discourse which will awaken and liberate will be forged. If you are a good talker and can inspire then go ahead and inspire other young Africans to change the world. Bloggers writing crazy thoughts, fine thoughts and raising questions should keep up with it as they are also contributing to the growth of Africa.

Shout out to that Ghanian independent journalist who goes underground to expose corruption, risking his life and family’s to make Africa better. Sallah for President! Thank you M.I, Asa, Falz, Brymo, the Kuti’s, Khali Abdu Nneka, Genevieve and Kunle Afolayan. Shout out to the South African Rapper ProVabs whose conscious rap inspired so many of us to lead a better life. Shout out to our brothers, lost through slavery, who still think of us in the good light. Nas, Immortal Technique, Talib, Kendrick etc. Shout to the motivational speaker Sam Ikoku for the words. To Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Nedi Okoroafor and the Ngugis. Tony Elumelu, Strive Masiyiwa I see you. Shout out to the Agberos in Lagos who are always willing to help with directions whenever you approach. Shout out to the Nigerian Newspaper Premium Times. Shout out to Jafar Jafar of the Daily Nigerian for the Ganduje job. Shout out to every African everywhere in Africa trying to liberate Africa despite the idiotic leaders trying to sink us.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.