Hate and Other Post Election Disorders

The President, No Man’s Land, Beggars and a Brand New Hate

The lines that divide us keep getting wider. With every election, new cords are applied to the boundaries that separate one Nigerian from the other. New lexicons are added in our already rich and over bloated dictionary of hate and we are all right in our own eyes. Every election provides a perfect cover for the deep seated hatred we share and we look for short term excuses to execute our long term desires. After four horrible years, the majority of Nigerians decided to make the President, like the comic former First Lady suggested, repeat the class. In our educational system, the student who fails repeats the class and Muhammadu Buhari was benefitting from that privilege. The outcome was as certain as the process. Harassment, intimidation and mockery were evident both before and after the elections and the life of our disunity blossomed. Do I think the elections were free and fair or that President Muhammadu Buhari really won?

I have never underestimated the power of a blind majority, the power of an illiterate majority or the imperfections of Democracy. Democracy isn’t the power of an intelligent people to decide who leads them but simply the power of the people. The people can either be dim-witted or intellectuals. Here, I know our people and what drives them and the former is the most favourable find you will get. In that light, I think Muhammadu Buhari won. Free and fair? Our elections have never been free and fair and even with a little analysis of history you will know the integrity of the 1992 elections is a lie. There were skirmishes around Nigeria during the elections nine (9) days ago and even though both the APC and PDP tried to rig (both sides always try to rig), there was no evidence to suggest massive rigging, the type that will give the incumbent over four million votes margin, happened. Maybe it was done in a very smart way but we are still looking.


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For those of us who have seen many gory images of the psyche of countrymen it was never a shock or impossible for the incumbent to return. Many have admitted failed leadership in the past four years but these same people also speak of voting the bad guy again because he is one of them. There are many Nigerians who know that Buhari failed but because he practises the best form of their religion he is untouchable. Some also called him a failure but because they don’t want ‘the north’ to rule us for twelve (12) uninterrupted years, they voted the failure again. There were many reasons to vote the man out but the basic reason for voting him again is because the majority of us are not sound in the head. The most logical thing our level of intelligence could allow was continuity. The elections didn’t have to be rigged to be won by the incumbent. The greatest gift bad governance gives to these evil politicians is control and as long as they are not politically foolish enough to ditch it, as long as they don’t become soft or human like the rest of us, they will always decide for the rest of us.

Regions have found more reasons to hate regions and each region mischievously blames it on the evil the other region perpetrated during the elections. The Igbos are domineering, they have desecrated our lands and we will show them who runs the show. The Yorubas are evil, see them conspiring behind us to destroy us, we will show them we are not to be messed with. These regions act like they are relating with babies. They enjoy deceiving themselves. If you are not rational enough both will confuse you and you will think any of them mean well for the other.  Nigerians hate each other but try very hard to bullshit themselves on some form of love that doesn’t exist. This hatred, unlike some mischievous people on all sides try to put it, is evident in all nations in the entity called Nigeria.

The Nigerian Igbos and Yorubas hate each other, same with the Tivs and the Idomas, same with the Gbagyis and the Hausas, same with the Hausas and Fulanis, the Jukums and Fulanis, Igede and Tiv, Igbo and Hausa, the Igbo and Fulani and even the Igbos and Igbos, the Yorubas and the Yorubas, the Tivs and the Tivs, the Nupes and the Nupes, we are that messed up in the head. There is nothing like they hate us but we love them. We all hate each other. The violence in Okota was taken to very high tribal lengths and the fools who partook in the exercise acted like it is a product of that event. One Yoruba fool commenting on the matter said that it is time to chase Igbos out of Yorubaland while the Igbo fool he was going back and forth with told him his people own Lagos. In the last election, we saw similar garbage fell out of the mouth of the Oba of Lagos. He threatened to drown Igbos who vote otherwise in the Lagoon and on the streets troublesome Igbos wore T-shirts that read ‘I want to drown in the lagoon’ in response.

The land called Nigeria today was conquered by hate and was built with this hate at the core. Nigeria was joined by hate, with hate and for hate. Nigeria was funded on hate, by people who hated each other and for people who hated each other. A snake doesn’t give birth to a goat but the foolish thing is that we’ve been expecting such miracle even though we are slightly spiritual. There is usually the question of who owns Lagos? Is Lagos a ‘no man’s land’ like some Igbos and Nigerians insinuate? Who built Lagos? Simple. The Yorubas own Lagos and any contrary opinion is a product of ignorance. Lagos was the former capital of Nigeria until the late eighties and the foundation for her success, like the ports, airports, were built and allowed by the Federal Government. Lagos is not a no man’s land and it became what it is today because the Federal Government of Nigeria made it so. Simple.

It is not logical to assume Igbos developed Lagos when no eastern state has reached her level. Lagos is like today’s Abuja. While the Gbagyis own the place, it became what it is today because it was made Nigeria’s capital. Resources from all states went down in making it beautiful. This is the plain truth and I am not purposely trying to sit on the fence. This is usually a dangerous argument to make because tribalists hate to hear any of these. But isn’t this idea of ownership crude and uncivilized? That is a topic for another day.

Another fallout of the elections is the taunting of beggars by people who feel ‘there people’ made a mistake voting Buhari. On a rational level, voting for a man who increased the level of poverty in Nigeria is not smart at all. You also have the right to use your money how you deem fit but taking video recordings of Northern beggars asking for alms is something else entirely. It is an insult to them, an injury to them and an insult and injury to humanity. They are already down and dancing around them while they hum their songs in their native language is not in any way human. Even children who have no say in the election are ridiculed by these people who think they know better but it doesn’t just end there. The videos are shared on their social media handles and they get likes, shares and comments applauding them for doing well. The other Northerners on social media saw these things, took note and are now working on a perfect revenge.

Since the coming of the Social Media the hate in Nigeria got a bigger platform for infestation. They were those who were still pure but thanks today to the giant strides on the media, zombies have created more psychotic patients. A mad man who only had 50 views now has millions. A crazy woman whose only fans were family members now controls Nigerian twitter. The intention of these new cameramen is to mock them but how does it make anything better? Will it make the selfish Northern leaders change the Almajiri system that has worked for decades? When we succeed in ridiculing and despising them, the lines of divide gets even wider and our hope of escaping this purgatory gets bleak. Stop making videos, sharing them or encouraging those making them. It wouldn’t cure the hate in you or heal the wound the defeat created in you.

Lastly let’s take a look at Christianity and the Christ life it asks of members. Even if you don’t subscribe to the faith, the life of Jesus Christ is admirable and worthy of emulation. Most of the Nigerians doing the mockery are the so called Christians whose lord and personal Saviour helped the sick and uplifted the life of the downtrodden. They read their bibles daily and most of them were in church yesterday. They prayed this morning and asked the father for forgiveness. Some had the videos in their phones this morning when they said a prayer. A voice spoke to them in one of those moments of self-disgust but the video was still not qualified to be registered as sin in the spirit. All these were possible because something bigger lived in their lives. The hate they had for those Nigerians was bigger than the love they had for whatever God they believed in. The unfortunate thing is that, on the beggars’ side, the feeling is mutual.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.

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