The Only Country In The World Where Cows Are More Important Than Human Beings

One handsome albino called the country a zoo, but let’s be honest — a zoo has order, a zoo has sets of rules, zoos house well fed animals, more inportantly, no cows and logically speaking and thinking, it is not an apt description. No wonder the handsome albino has gone AWOL and the manimals who abused his animal rights pretend ignorance. One of her late heroes called this place a ‘mere geographical expression’ and if immortals matter and their words gold, and the people understand legacy, it is either they believe him or they are confused. I think they are confused in their belief of human deities. One powerful President with a spaghetti styled hair and an obsession for words like ‘least’, ‘most’ and ‘yuge’, had called her continent a shithole, and even though the expressions of her current President emanate from familiar mines, the tag ‘shithole’ would have looked better as an exclusive property of that small man in Aso Villa always in company of pigs.

In the eighties, the home of the Afrobeat Legend, Fela, was shifted to the prison yards simply because he spoke of the leader turned God, who said ‘my people are useless, my people are reckless, my people are criminals’, the leader who overthrew a Democratic government to fight ‘kworoption’, the same man who has shown cows enough love to get the citizens of Nigerians, to the standards of his body language, surprisingly jealous. “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”, said another of this country’s heroes.

The Small Man and His Cows

Etched on one of this country’s currency is the face of this man who is neither Nigerian nor believes in Nigeria and we on the other side, who see through his mischief are the ingrates and unpatriotic souls. He was right about every thing except one – this country is not a nation but the conglomerate of nations forced to exist by one selfish Brit. He was wrong about the ‘new nation’ but about the fate of this new entity, nothing can be farther from the truth. He only forgot to add that in this new place, the lives of cows will be more valuable than those of these conquered people. So, while in the Southern part of Nigeria, when a human dies, a cow is killed, the transhumanist system he created pursues the notion that humans should be killed when cows die. In the past three years we’ve seen a strong statement indicating that cows are more special than the humans of Nigeria. This is the future that progressives wanted.

Before I’m accused of blasphemy and burnt at the stake or forced to swallow poison like Socrates, here is my evidence. About three years ago, the era the god of the Zombies was made President, there was an attack by Herdsmen, who are Fulanis, in Nimbo, Enugu State and we saw the loss of hundreds of human beings. Their offence according to their attackers was that they rustled and butchered their cows. To mourn the cows in peace, they needed human heads as sacrifice. Up to this very moment no one has been hanged for that. No group has been proscribed. Nothing was done to pursue, to recover or to penalize those responsible for that madness. And when the little man at the top did speak, he spoke of herdsmen from Libya using Gaddafi’s arsenal to create a path.

Nothing was done about this herdsmen. Nothing was done to these foreigners who come to Nigeria with their cows to wreck the place. Nothing was done to protect Nigerian lives afterwards. How the small man in Aso Rock came about the Libyan story is something that came out of a legion of Beelzebubs. The owners of the cows were not blamed. The killer herdsmen who did damage were not really blamed…simply saying they came from Libya is nothing. The cows continued wandering under foreign protection and killings were still going on.

In Benue State, early this year, some Herdsmen, who are also Fulani, under the umbrella of MACBAN, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, killed over 73 persons simply because, according to their spokesman, over 1000 cows were stolen. As is the case, the small man in Aso Rock did nothing until the insults(Trust Nigerians, this is only weapon we really have and we give it out freely) started pouring and he had go play to the gallery. He ordered the IG of Police to relocate to this place, which he didn’t do, so as to fight the crime and catch the perpetrators. The perpetrator was not hidden. He appeared on TV and Radio, and it was even on one of these media, the BBC precisely, that he owned his crime. Nothing was done to him because he was fighting for a cow.

Just a little conspiracy theory for you. In 2015, the current IG of Police was still the commissioner of Police of Kano State. He was in charge of providing security for the state during the election and here is the main gist. The Presidential election had an additional One million people against the National Assembly election in Kano State and the INEC Commissioner in charge of this state, had his wives, children and himself burnt in an arson after the election, according to reports. One wonders how an election that happened the same day and time will provide such gap in results. Besides the Nigerian Police around that day and time who would have had the gut to permit or perpetrate such foul play? Maybe it wasn’t foul play after all.

Some months later, he was made AIG, Assistant Inspector Of Police, over 30 AIG’s retired, DIG’s retired and eventually, he was made IG. After the herdsmen attacked Benue State, he insisted, even without any investigation, that the herdsmen were not responsible until the herdsmen through a Press Briefing(call it whatever you like) let him down. The cows were protected again and their owners were preserved and encouraged. The small guy in Aso Rock with a bitter heart again spoke of countries like Libya but nothing of the cows and headers who admitted madness. That’s like your dad telling the compound the thieves that broke the doors are from the outside after you’ve admitted in public, without rebuke from him, to being the specialist that worked on the doors.

In Plateau, about 300 cows are responsible for the destruction of lives and the villages around. The people are cursed with a Governor who doesn’t know how to apply disgust or where it can be useful. His mind is like that of a broken robot. But what can he do? What can any man do when the small man in Aso Rock seems interested in the project. Even though this story has been taken down by Premium Times and the Journalist sacked, like Farooq Kperogi, on Facebook, observed, until the Nations Newspapers, the source of the PT story, denies it, the story captures their default response. On a logical note, we don’t need any acceptance or denial from these special breeds to mould our thinking in that form.

While some Nigerians kill cow to celebrate the dead, other Nigerians kill Nigerians to mourn dead cows. Maybe we are the confused ones and need start seeing things how they ought to be. What if we are the cows and the cows are the citizens of this country? Just think about it with Animal Farm as reference point. What if this otherworldly universe is the true nature of things in our corporeal universe? The small man in Aso Rock blames the opposition for the killings by the men who protect the cows. The small man in Aso Rock tacitly, but overtly for some of us with an average brain, supported the herdsmen who did the killings.

Just Because Of Cows

The small man in Aso Rock didn’t blame himself, his service chiefs, his small mind, his biased self, his extremism, his tribalism or his incompetence for the killings. It seemed like he treasured the cows and the cowboys and even though in his meeting with lady justice, the killing of men as retaliatory measure is a good karma, admitting that the retaliatory act itself, even though useful, is immoral, is immoral itself. Treachery. His body language agrees that killing cattle rustlers is just and fair, and that killing is not really a nice thing to brag about in public, but this body language also suggests that admitting that killing is bad in public, is immoral. Confused. The small man has about 150 gay cows that have refused to go heterosexual in 12 years, and maybe he sees better than we on the other side.

Maybe this is another brand of transhumanism and our brain cells have not replicated well enough to permit such type of thinking. About ten states have been mapped out for the grazing of cows in Nigeria so we won’t be trapped under the spear of the men from Libya grazing on our land. Stupidity beats logic in this country and that is why cows are the numero uno. Why is there no program to heal the minds of those destroyed, the families of those killed by these foreigners before creating these ranches for their murderers? Why prepare tables in presence of one’s enemies when healing hasn’t taken place? Why not treat every hurt and grievance equally? Simple: because not everyone is a cow or have a cow’s brain. In order of importance, we have the cows and then…other Nigerians. Pieces.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.