Powerful Countries Are Evil Countries

Most Countries Are Terrorist Organization II

Make no mistake about it; the most powerful countries in the world are the vilest and terrorists countries. In fact, since the period Before the Common Era and this very moment, the terrorists have been the countries that have the most power. When the Egyptians had it Before the Common Era, they took slaves, tortured them and killed anyone they deem unworthy of existence. When Alexander the Great had power, he conquered all of Asia and left his bloody footprints on the sands of time. In the time of Julius Caesar, conquering nations without provocation or threat was a sign of greatness and Rome’s greatest general destroyed everything he laid his terrible hands on.

France was the most powerful nation in the time of Napoleon and blood was upon the face of every enemy who challenged one of the most tactical generals in history. In the early twentieth century it was the Fuhrer of the Third Reich, Adolph Hitler, who tortured the world with his new demigod status. Then there was his brother Stalin. You can pick any year in history and the result will be same. Pick any century, any year of the century and try to write down a list of the most powerful countries at the time. I assure you that the troubles you will find in that period, if you do a thorough analysis, are the handwork of the powerful countries in that year and century.


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We can look at today’s America for evidence of this destruction. While America’s economic growth is on geometric scale, the peace is further stretched. Racism is peaking, white supremacists are rising and the confederate flags are sparkling again. The less powerful countries are more peaceful and fewer problems arise from their interactions with other countries. America can easily invade any country irrespective of UN’s position (who is exactly is the UN) and wreck havoc and Russia can do the same thing. The terrorism in the world today is a result of the actions of these evil countries who have sworn to control other independent countries and decide how they run things.

China can do as they please in Hong Kong and nobody will do anything about it. This is all a product of power. Power is a consuming fire that cannot be controlled. It has no end, no limit and always seeks for more. No level is enough. Satisfaction is never attained and can hardly be attained and once one possesses power, it pushes them further to covet more. Like Maslow’s theory, its satisfaction often dies once the goal has been reached necessitating new pursuits.

Even after helping the natives to destroy the Middle East and stealing oil and other natural resources, the powerful countries like America who invaded her still find it hard to leave the place. Even after killing Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein they are still looking for more. Power can be in many forms but the vilest form, as we have seen in the hands of America and Russia, is military power. With that power, others like Political power can be gained as can be seen with the British and the countries they colonized.

Power blinds people to reality. It is common to see defenders of the myth known as ‘One Nigeria’ come up with some of the most ridiculous arguments in trying to defend the existence of the British experiment. I am neither for nor against this British experiment called Nigeria but if there is anything both the exponents and opponents of our existence need, and sometimes, even if erroneously, think they are pursuing, it is peace and justice. The argument coming from the orifices of the One Nigerianists is that we need to stay together because we have the numbers and we need numbers to be powerful and we need to be powerful to influence things and we need this influence so that we can decide the destiny of other countries like the United States of America, Israel, Germany, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, etc., did and are still doing.

Power and not even peace, which a better choice is the property of their argument and it gives you more conviction that majority of us are still primitive. The existence of Nigeria, for them, is tied to the potential of Nigeria and the forced unity the evil British foisted on the heterogeneous nations still remains what it is…a unity of strange bedfellows. Simply, for these Nigerians, Nigeria has to exist because it has the numbers to dominate other smaller countries. For them, it is all about domination and control and even though in all of history it has been shown that the most powerful are the most evil, this is their idea of greatness.

One of the many reasons most Nigerians, both the One Nigerianists and other anti-patriots, hold for the continual existence of One Nigeria is because of the financial stamina of Nigeria. A country of over 150 million people with a market size so large anything, no matter how counterfeited, original, expensive, cheap, strange and ridiculous will sell. There is a market for fake memory cards and there is also a market for very expensive and original ones. There is a market for second hand clothes also known as Okrika, another large market for Belgium or second automobiles and appliances and a market for new stuff.

You can also buy human heads if you need one and private parts come in all sizes. These markets are a huge magnet for the Nigerian people despite the fact that they hate their own country. The lust for financial power has dried all appetite for inner peace, which is the most important commodity. Why is this so? We know that so many people own businesses outside their country and do just fine. We also know that the economy of most countries is grown by memorandums with other countries but we also know Nigeria. We know that once we split, this market that trades all things, this market that gives us better value than the peace our new homogeneity ought to provide, is more controlled, more contained and because we are respectively primitive, we will give the new foreigners the Ghana Must Go treatment. We prefer to slander and kill each other but wouldn’t want to split because of the size of our financial power. In essence the power we get from staying one is responsible for our terrorism.

There is another source of power countries get that is often overlooked. Christianity is for the Vatican, Rome and Jerusalem, Islam is for Mecca and Saudi Arabia, Judaism is for Israel and Jerusalem, Buddhism is for China and Hinduism is for India. Because most people take their religions and denominations as the most important of things, they often give them maximum respect and power and this power in the hands of master tacticians is a great tool for control and terrorism. If we analyse the number of wealth taken away from people into the hands of the countries that control the religions they belong to we will see a great imbalance in the quality of life.

For example, Catholics all over the world donate money for the Holy See and this money is plunged directly into developing Vatican City. They may be from Haiti or Central African Republic but their little contribution, rather than uplifting the poor parishioners with the funds, is sent to Rome for the development of the ‘Church’ and ‘faith’. Basically, the most important reason for the existence of most, if not all, religious organizations in our world today, is to generate money for the people that created it and this wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t a power that guarantees control over the people. The attitude of the new generation of Pastorpreneurs in Nigeria today proves this point.

The church could have branches all over the country but the major development is done in the state of the owner of the Church. On the superficial level, this sort of mind control is not robbery but a deep look at it shows the most dangerous form of terrorism and power. Power over the mind! These programmers, after taking control of the minds of their victims, simply just have to ask for the doors of their bank accounts to be open and the trapped Aladdins just perform miracles. First, a man births a religious idea or doctrine and a religion was born. In the second stage he seeks for followers and acquires them with both brawn and brain. In the third stage, his followers become believers and made believers and the chain continues to grow. With this number and power, mental, physical and financial terrorism can be wrought with massive support. For example the Arabic Middle Eastern countries treating nonmuslims like scum.

By the power granted by the followers, a great number of persons who are of a different religion are subjugated, tortured terrorized and put in their place. Power has a way of corrupting a people or group and most associations in our world with power have shown to be corrupted. In Nigeria, there is evidence of a Saudi and Iran proxy war when we analyse the situation of the Shia. This power of religions and their owners over the conquered is evident in the behaviour of the conquered and mental terrorised faithfuls.

In Nigeria, our ignorance of the Israel-Palestinian war has made the Christians to choose Israel because of the illusion that they are Christians and because they are attacking their enemy while the Muslims detest America and will not hesitate to rejoice if 9-11-like events happen in America in tenfold. So, while the Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem pretend to be against evil, a thorough look at their activities will show that they are evil and the mental chains the substance of their respective faiths hold on adherents is a terrorism of the mind. Been under the influence of terrorists have made them terrorists. Someone could ask, what do we do with this knowledge? Simple! Protection! With knowledge you can protect yourself against manipulation. With this, you can begin to break these blunt structures erected to put us down and keep us in check. You can quit that subtle terrorism and erase that grin on your face when your enemies suffer catastrophes. With this knowledge, you can defend yourself against brainwashers and possibly, you can place the world in a better place.

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