Unknowingly, the Civil Rights Leaders Fostered Imperialism

Religion and Slavery

The Civil Rights Leaders Fostered Imperialism
Mining Africa

Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King were civil rights leaders. When the Negro of the United States of America was being persecuted by the racist Government of the time and her uncivilized people, the civil rights leaders stood where few dared stand. Frederick Douglass was biracial but to the whites of his time (and most of us today) any disturbance of that skin as a result of the union of biracial gametes automatically scrubs off the white component of the man.

The whites understood and treated him with the same respect they showered the thoroughbred Negro. His body was tortured and attempts were made to sabotage his mind. His soul was tormented as well as his spirit. Breakers tried to implant him with the complex required of a good slave but they failed. When he rose, he infected many with his emancipated spirit. For Marcus Garvey, the goal was to go back to Africa because the system was rigged against the Negros he tried to liberate.

Malcolm X preached preservation, by all means, and Martin Luther broke down structures with nonviolence. But one more thing the civil rights leaders also had in common is faith and belief in the religion of the imperialists. The four of them believed in the Gods of the conquerors, even though an argument can be made that the Nation of Islam or Islam­ – by extension, didn’t really enslave Africans in America at the time.


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Frederick Douglass was a good Christian despite the fact that Christianity was used as a tool in conquering the people at the time. In fact, many white preachers strongly believed that it was the will of God for Negros to be treated as tools. To these deluded Men of God, if the almighty wanted them to be at par with the Negros then he would have made it so. An unreasonable argument! Marcus Garvey’s mother named him Mosiah and just like Moses liberated the children of Israel in the Bible, he was to liberate the black people suffering all over the world.

Garvey moved around trying to liberate Negros and in each place, he found out that the racists had succeeded in making the black man feel inferior. To feel inferior was no longer considered shameful but a divine proclamation proving humans are better than baboons. While he was at it, he had Jesus beside him. He believed in God and did exploits in his name. His conviction stemmed from the fact that these white racists were not Christians in the first place. Were they Christians they wouldn’t have treated fellow human beings in such manner.

Garvey and the other civil rights leaders missed the point which was that the moment a belief in the Christian God is established, that very moment subjugation, bias and disdain for fellow man is entrenched. To begin with, the book is just like most holy books peddled around, like every other book that separates the unholy from the holy, creating a spiritual class war between the humans of the earth. The only difference is the level of packaging and marketing in the Bible.

The feeling of superiority against other humans was a biblical value. It was passed to the Jews, then the gentiles and the world that inspired racism had that superiority at its core. Garvey’s parents were sold the faith through the method of repetition and aggression. Some violence here, gentility there, you attack the mind and body to reorient the man and then you fatten the cow for slaughter. The Negros were first broken in spirit and then shown a portrait of love. You hold onto the peaceful Jesus even when there is a bullet flying around with your name on it. It was a great strategy and it worked to perfection.

Harriet Tubman worked with greater energy. She was nicknamed Moses for her skill in crossing many black people through the Underground Railroad. She was heroin and more than most, was at the front of the battle. Like Garvey, she loved God and was a Christian but again it was the same Christianity that messed up the Negro.

Malcolm X liberated himself and then tried to liberate the Negro. As a young man, he led a terrible life. Drugs, gambling, and theft landed him in jail where he met Elijah Mohammed who later introduced him to the Nation of Islam. In jail, he was rehabilitated and when he left he was a changed man. Equipped with a new history, awareness and new faith, he saw it fit to fight against racist powers and he did. He made trips to Mecca and toured with his master preaching liberation.

Again, he had a foreign religion guiding him. Because slavery was in the United States and had more coverage, it was easy to overlook what happened and was happening in the Arabic nations at the time. We often forget that not only was there a Trans Atlantic Slave Trade by Europe and America; there was also the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade by the Arabs and other Asians. The methods were similar. Religions, cultures, science, and technology were weaponized and Africa was exploited. If the Arabs believed in Islam and worshipped Allah, they added it to their arsenal and the convoy that brought the slavers brought the preachers.

If the Trans Atlantic Slave Traders carried guns, they also carried the Bible and other weapons of mass destruction in their convoy for assimilation. And for the Arabic trade, the Koran and Islam were dipped into the stomach of many African societies with weapons as ally. While the slavers broke the people down and corrupted the chiefs, the missionaries picked them up, brainwashed them and gave them false tools to survive the ordeal. While Malcolm disdained the white slave-owners, he mingled with the slavers who exported the brothers he was fighting for.

North Africa was already conquered by the time and the owners of the house had become strangers. The colored ones were treated as outcasts even though they carried the seed of the soil. The goal of the religions sold to our forefathers and the civil rights leaders was simply to control. To control how they think, to control how they act and to control what they think about and act upon. This has been the goal for centuries. The faith has remained intact and despite the fact that religion is flawed, let’s be honest, it still works.

The Gods of the Bible and Koran are obviously not omniscient as claimed by their worshippers but like mental placebos, they have given the people that call on them reasons to live. After many years of mental programming, any new program written with the name of God is given illogical bearing. If we fail, it is because God is testing us, if we succeed it is the duty of God. It looks more like a well thought out scam and our abolitionists caught it. This is proof that anything can be useful. Anything! It doesn’t have to be good or bad to really work.

Martin Luther was in the same boat. The son of a preacher, he later became a preacher, and then one of the greatest speakers in history. He was for nonviolence and God was always on his lips. But the truth is that God had nothing to with it. The Christian God didn’t liberate the African people and in fact, if there is anything his existence did, it is to embolden the position of the imperialists and racists. Slavery was sold with guns and the Bible. This approach was close to perfection and it did achieve the aim it set out to achieve, which is, perpetual servitude to the mind that birthed it.

Whether we like to admit it the Papacy influences the lives of over one billion Catholics worldwide. The Pope controls how the citizens of member nations respond to issues and how these citizens respond to issues affects their nations. There are also troubling questions. When will a Black African become the Pope? If this God is so good and picks the bests of the best to lead, how come we are yet to get the best of the best from the second largest continent in the world? Is it possible that this God has an ulterior motive? Another idea that may be troubling is that the rites and traditions and the idea of this God is probably a political tool that wouldn’t be nice to go into the wrong hands.

Luther Preached to people in the name of the same God that was used to chain them. He preached about love even though the Bible has enough evidence to the contrary. So, the point of this whole thing is that our civil rights leaders, our heroes, while fighting for us, indirectly and unknowingly helped to spread the vision of the racist imperialists that ruined the black race. We were helped but we were also placed in a spiritual coma. Our bodies were given the illusion of control but our minds were taken away from us. Our idea of right and wrong were smashed into each other and we can’t really tell what exactly is right or wrong.

We were asked to fight against slavery but on another hand, we were asked to accept the racism and slavery in the Bible. We were asked to be calm and meek but we were also asked to embrace the violence and egocentrism laced in the holy books. The result is that our sense of right and wrong was stretched to meaningless and this translated to our lifestyles. We are now a people with dual meanings. We want to get both the tail and head of the coin at one roll and it has led to disasters. Obviously they meant well. Obviously, they wanted us to be in the stars. Obviously, they were on our side but the truth is because we have been too far away from each other, because we have been too far away from our history, because we have been too far away from our identity, what we think was/is for us was/is actually against us. the records are there.

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