It Is The Turn Of China To Enslave Africa

The recent visit to China by African leaders is another attempt at enslaving their future and that of, if we are lucky, just ten generations. Actually, the visit was spurred by enslavement in the sense that if they were not enslaved already, they would have seen that no country outside the continent, especially one from the continent that hates the black skin more than any other, wants her progress.

African leaders have treated history like an ostrich and the familiar outcomes are permanently on replay. It is not news that Black Africans are victims of racism in Asian countries and China has not shown to be any better. We have been passed around like a worthless bitch( sorry I can’t apologize for this word) and after each turn, our punishers leave enough scars that afflict us with catastrophic amnesia.

We are tricked into a deal but it always turns out we are the only host in the symbiotic relationship we agreed on. The right description for the China-Africa relations is Master-Slave relations. The Chinese Government know that African leaders don’t value their people. They know that the majority of the men representing various countries in Africa today are selfish, thoughtless and mental slaves. In Nigeria for example, the Chinese Companies around mistreat the Nigerian workers and pay them dead salaries.





Your Chinese boss in Nigeria will treat you badly and when you take the matter to the authorities, the authorities will still treat you like an idiot in your own country. The same thing is seen in almost all the Lebanese and Indian-owned companies. China knows this and they know that a psychotic greed runs in the system of these lifeless men, hence the call to enslave totally. In their country, they treat us with disdain, in our country, they also treat us with disdain with the consent of the men who should be protecting us.

The history of our enslavement is filled with similar stories. We were living our different unique lives in different societies and were growing internally. The only way to be in charge of what happens in any home is when the people of that home fund and build it themselves. A couple whose marriage was sponsored will cede some level of their power to the man that sponsored it. We knew this.

Our forefathers knew that self sufficiency is directly proportional to self reliance and they resisted every form of dependency. Then one day the British came. No… Before that, in Northern Nigeria, Othman Dan Fodio came and brought Islam to the people. They had Kings reeking of corruption and he told them he was sent to liberate their gory souls. The masses fell for it, their kings were dethroned, and he built a Caliphate on their land and a tyrannical monarchy was established.

When the British came, they brought the Bible and some technology, telling us we were lost souls, crude and uncivilized. They had guns with which they ruined other peoples lives and homes but they called the ruined uncivilized and backward. They had fought wars to control nations and killed millions through their actions and inactions but the message was that our mode of dressing, approach to life and our unwillingness to create chaos in quiet nations, to dominate and control them, to use guns—a modern technology, made us uncivilized and we needed some make up.

Civilization was a state of mind and behavior but they tied it to technology and science. They were savages but we were peaceful farmers and merchants who simply strived to be happy. Not only did these people dominate us, they despised us. They called us Monkeys and even John Locke, with all his intelligence, proved that sophistication is not civilization. They came with a Bible and stole the body and mind of our continent. Dan Fodio came with Islam, the British came with a Bible and till this day these two religions are still relevant in our lives. Anything can be a weapon, even a good message.

We moved from been slaves to becoming accessories to slavery. They built trains but the trains they built was to ease the transport of our goods they stole. They thought us English but the education was to show dominance and help them control us easier. Today, new generation Nigerian parents think teaching their children only English is a sign of sound education. How can teaching anyone just one language, when you can teach the person two, be a sign of sound education? Slavery! China’s goal is to replace the British and America in our lives.

Loan, Aids and Grants are the new forms of Slavery. Financial means are today the easiest means to enslave. When a man is financially trapped and his empty pockets torn, the ability to think things through, the ability to be a stable person, becomes more difficult and in that moment he can willingly measure his slavery garments himself and give to several masters. He borrows and borrows until he gives up something to walk freely. His bruised ego also bruises his super ego and a walking corpse plagues the system and society.

China knows this, America knows this, Britain knows this and they are using it judiciously. The only people who don’t seem to care, irrespective of their knowledge of the new slave system, are the African leaders. Zambia is lost to China. Djibouti is next. The fact that the Chinese come with their own people is another problem. They have got an enormous work force and they take them wherever they build their companies. The death traps they leave for the citizens of the place. Their salary don’t just put the worker into financial burden but also a mental asylum that creates self esteem issues. The difference between the Chinese and European financial colonialism is that the Europeans and Americans use you and pay you well but the Chinese, Indians and Lebanese use you and destroy your financial life.

In Suleja Niger State, as at November 2015, Oceanic Bakery owned by a Chinese paid 9000 Naira per month to their Bakers who toil all day to make high quality foods. They work from Monday to Sunday and from 7am to 4,5 or 6pm as the spirit leads. No holidays. No leave. No respect. And on top of that insults upon insults. What this does to the body of the workers is lighter than what it does to their mind. A man who knows his worth and understands value can have his body broken but his healthy mind will restore his broken body and keep him in control. Same cannot be said even when the body is healthy but the mind broken. You are better broken to this neocolonialists. That is what China wants. Wealth over health. Slavery over morality. Retrogression over progress.

While we collect the loans we are loaning out our future and never to be gotten back. While we accept Grants from China we are granting them the rights to subjugate and enslave us. This has been the goal of all powers that once controlled the world. This is the method of the current powers that control our world. They lie their way into your country and your selfish leaders with poor sense of history and sense of self and low IQ, work together with them to ruin their people for peanuts.

While the United States of America penetrate and destroy Middle Eastern countries by pretending to be fighting dictatorship, China is penetrating and destroying Africa by pretending to help in infrastructure. In Nigeria and all over Africa, where electric power is still a mirage, Generator Sets are used to power the homes. In Nigeria and all over Africa where the roads are bad, the people employ the services of motorcyclists to get to locations vehicles can’t get.

Almost all the Generator Sets in Nigerian homes are from China. Almost all the motorcycle are from there too. So, in whose interest will helping us develop be for China? Why will a selfish man who uses you as a source of income offer you a permanent solution to income problem? China stands to gain nothing if Africa starts working and expecting them to oversea such project is naive. What will happen to China if every country in Africa achieves constant electricity is that there Generator Sets will become irrelevant in our continent.

When we have auto industries they will stop sending down their motorcycles here. When we achieve optimum leadership their grants and loans will not be needed and they will have no say in our affairs. When these happen they can’t enslave us. This is not genius or super intelligence but commonsense.

Before Dan Fodio, men have been using that formula to control and enslave others. After him the British used it to enslave Nigeria and most part of Africa. The Arabs enslaved us with it. The Americans enslaved us. Now China is looking like our next Master while we are looking like already broken slaves.

The world today is like the Trojan War. In the mythology of the legendary Achilles, the Greeks sent the gift of a Trojan Horse to the gate of the city of Troy. It was magnificent and a daunting piece of art. The people saw it, fell in love and carried it into the gates of the city despite the fact that the Trojan War was on. In fact, it was seen as an extension of peace. They never knew that inside that beautiful horse was a battalion of Greek soldiers waiting for their moment. They didn’t know they just opened victory doors for their enemies and long time foes. At night, these Greek soldiers tucked in the cabinet, ripped the Trojan Horse apart, crawled out, took positions and attacked the inhabitants of the city and Troy fell.

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