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A Short Review of The Work Of Manimals

You have them on the street–the splinted skull of the dying little boy flooding the place with juice. You see them at nightfall when the soul of man communes with the soul of demons. That little boy whose parents were murdered grew up and became a murderer. That little girl whose uncles murdered her parents grew up and sold her paths to a careless world. Her younger brother sells drugs while she is trading with her contours. You see them in the house of God planting, sowing and glorifying the rogue whose words was made life.

The Work of Manimals are the bodies of beasts and savages beautified by the mummified human spirits that worship them. These are the works of a savage few controlling the lives of the majority with the consent of the majority. Zombies supporting their internment by a few men whose powers cease to be if they choose to deny them protection. The Manimals are everywhere. You’d see them in the mosque, in the church, in holy shrines wearing holy garments but they are not what they seem like. Theirs is the holiness of a pig.

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What sort of review were you expecting, reader? You wanted me to plunge balls of men oozing of excrete in my mouth and speak of salvation? You prefer I suck the filter fingers of a filthy world so you can download this book? Because I want to pass the message I must drink so much soured milk to last you a lifetime of peace? Do you think I am here to put Daddy Freeze to shame? The same peace you are having and still complaining of SARS. The same peace you had and people were killed by robots for simply being stupid. Yes. Simply being stupid. When did stupidity become a crime here?

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This is the evil cycle. But what is in a review? A bunch of words written to attract an inhuman and a human to the party of empathy? A bunch of jargons written in voodoo language to appease and make a blind man read? A hype man projecting the man beyond and underneath contents his content contends is not my thing. This is like your conscience speaking your native language in a hazy language. Don’t blame me too much. This is how it feels like looking at The Work of Manimals. Uneasy. Unnerving and a bit of that thing the vast majority of people we call normal love to call weird.

The Works of Manimals are inhuman. When the human part of a man is less utilised the animal in him overlies that great human side and we have a Manimal. When a man succumbs to the dictates of the insatiable body over reason, he ceases to be called a human being and then transmutes to a Manimal. When a man allows the animal in him greater control, leaving out the spirit and soul in decision making, he creates chaos in the system and we have today’s world. You simply have to look into the eyes of that little boy Alan Kudi to understand these words. Some people reading this only need to look into a mirror to see the features.

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I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour.

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