Benue Flood: Fellow Nigerians, Benue State Needs Your Support Now!

The home wrecking and life shattering floodings are here again. The Benue flood has recorded one death and injured persons are receiving treatment while some are still waiting for relief materials. The people have been emotionally broken. Nature has been eroded. And our government failed us again. They have proven once again their great admiration and love for failure. But this piece is not about the government’s incompetency. That lamentation will not solve anything here.

This is how you as an individual can help the victims of this Benue flood financially, emotionally and also methods and lifestyles that will prevent this from happening in your place of residence or any part of Nigeria or world you find yourself in. In July, Suleja, Niger State recorded 13 deaths as a result of the flooding that happened.

Over a hundred thousand people have been displaced across the 12 communities where the flooding happened. Farmlands and food barns were destroyed. According to Vanguard Newspapers, two(2) major bridges on River Guma at Tor Kpande and Mande Ortom were submerged as a result of the flooding.

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Eleven(11) bridges and culverts were visibly submerged, while some 90 huts and houses were destroyed, with about 350 persons rendered homeless in the area. Tse-Adorogo, the governor’s village, Tse-Igba, Tse-Akor, Tse-Terzar, Tse-Abi, Tor Kpande and some villages on the stretch between Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi and Gbajimba, the local government council headquarters, were the worst hit.

The last time we experienced flooding was in 2012. Thirty(30) of our Thirty-Six states were affected in the last flood and a total of 363 deaths were recorded. 2.1 million persons were displaced. Adamawa, Taraba, Plateau, and Benue states were the worst hit that year. NIMET, Nigeria’s Meteorological Agency foretold the flooding.

They warned that the year will experience a killer flood. They predicted the possibility of irregular floodings and erosion in coastal and riverine areas. They urged the federal and state agencies to make awareness and reduce the impact this could have on the people. The information they provided was not properly used by the government and we got chaos in return. But this is not about the government.

So, here is how to help the victims of the recent Benue flood. Prayer and wishing people well is good. But helping people is prayers and wishes answered. Let those who can help financially help financially. If you can’t help financially you can help share this with those who can. Here is how to help them financially.

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If you are in Benue or intend to help the Benue Flood Victims Support group with relief materials, you should go to
Number 2 Gordon ESA Street, Off Atom Kpera Road, Ankpa Quarters, Markudi Benue State. If you are coming from any part of Nigeria, through bus, your final stop is Wurumkum Roundabout around Peace Mass Transit, Benue State Transport, New Nyanya, Good Is Good Motors and other parks. It is just a few meters away from Benue State University. At that place you could get an Okada rider or a bus to take you to Ankpa Quarters. If a bus, you should look for a bus going along Federal Medical Centre Markudi. You should also ask questions at this point because the road is crooked.

If you are in Abuja, you should locate
Panorama Gardens, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja. If you are coming from Nasarawa axis you should stop at New Nyanya under bridge. You’d find some taxi drivers either along the road or in the park. Look for a bus going to Wuse or Berger. Once at Wuse or Berger, you should look for a bus heading to Wuse Zone 3. Then the driver should handle the Panorama gardens location. From Niger Axis, you first drop at Zuba if on a cab and take a direct bus going to Wuse or Berger.

If you are not close but wish to help them, you should send some money to
the Account Name: Community Links and Human Empowerment Initiative. Account Number is: 2017036058. You can call the phones numbers to make any confirmation or investigation: +2348076267728 or +2348036887584. The bank name is First Bank of Nigeria, FBN.

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Now, let’s see how to help them emotionally and psychologically. We may be far from these persons but because the world is now a global village, they could still be touched either positively or negatively by our actions. All those bad habits, comedy and insensitive memes we dole out to catch fun must not be displayed. Using our handles on social media to show support to these victims is really important and therapeutic. There’s a boost in the life of people when they know they are not alone. They could be uplifted or marred by a public reaction to an event or occurrence. Any attempt to make mockery of that sad event must not be promoted.

Our celebrities have been impressive this time around. They’ve rallied round to support the victims of this flood. That’s great. Another people who should move en mass to help the people are the Churches and Mosques. Because religion plays a great role in the lives of Nigerians, it has gained the power to control the minds of a large portion of us. How our religious leaders and our churches act in times like this could strengthen or weaken us further. The big churches and her leaders should make donations, if they are not already doing so, and ask their rich members to do so. The heart is at peace when persons and bodies it loves and placed trust in, gives it a positive touch.

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Here is what we can do to prevent events like the Benue flooding from happening again or minimize their impart. While floodings could be a result of excess rainfall, our attitudes towards nature and our environment could increase the likelihood of flooding happening.

Individuals must start by curbing the attitude of throwing garbage through their car windows while driving or in a bus. Drivers should attach a trashcan in their vehicles where passengers can dispose their trash into. The different agencies regulation road transportation should also mandate this.

The Vehicle Inspection Officers must enforce this in satisfying a personal car or public transport vehicle for travelling. People should also avoid thrashing the ground and roads while walking as these things pile up and often clog the roads and sewage. You can’t be fighting and helping flooding at the same time.

You can’t be empathetic to flood victims and still help floods happen.

Individuals must also clean up their gutters. Our gutters and canals must be free of dirt to prevent flooding. When the gutters are filled and sewage-impassable, the rains, dirty waters, etc., simply look for another path to take. The waters don’t stop flowing because you blocked the channels. It simply looks for another channel to take. Most often, this channel involves our homes.

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You should always make sure waterways are clean and safe from any material that could obstruct free movement. Houses should not be built along sewage channels. Building a house along a sewage channel is another thing that could get your home flooded fast. Before you buy that land or build that house, make sure it is not obstructing free movement of sewage or a water channel.

Teach your children, loved ones, etc., how to swim
. We must cultivate the attitude of helping our children and loved ones learn how to swim. This prepares us for any mishap that could happen as a result of excess rainfall or any problem involving excess water. A swimming lesson or a school where swimming is taught is relevant here.

Don’t underestimate the value of that swimming class or whine too much on the money that could be used in learning swimming. If you don’t have money you can locate a friend, neighbour, or colleague who can teach you and/or your children for free. It is never too late to learn swimming. The likelihood of more lives getting saved is achieved when more people can swim.

As we donate and help the victims of this flood, we should also help to prevent this from happening again. Our attitudes to trash and sewage must be worked on. We must show that we care. When that passenger throws the dirt on the road, you can educate him or her on the damage it would cause everyone on the long run.

What do you think?

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