Mortal Poet Blog is a blog focusing on the healthy development of humanity and safety of our environment. Here, positive change, justice and commonsense are promoted. I strongly believe that the world will be better if we talk about our faults, how to mend them and mend them. We have to talk about broken hearts and breaking acts and how to stop their existence for our healthy existence. We have to raise the awareness of the people in the areas of governance, culture, lifestyle and every other facet of human endeavour that threatens positive growth and development. 

As mortals, our time in this world is numbered. Each passing day draws us closer to our death. Each passing day also gives us opportunities to impart the world in great ways. To help the downtrodden in our society, to help in the promotion of right values that will make the world a better place and to uplift the minds of everyone around us. Mortal Poet Blog denounces bad influences and behaviours and prescribe ways to correct and improve. Getting people to act positively and more empathetic towards each other and our planet is the forte of this blog.